Salad Packaging Machines In Allpack

Salad is the most common food for your healthy life especially for a diet way. Salads can be packaged in plastic bags or containers. Different packing ways, allpackchina offers different packing machines for your salads.

Allpack salad packaging machines offer you the safest, most labor-saving, most affordable, and most efficient solution for you. Allpack weighing packing machines are widely applied for weighing, and quantitive salad packaging. Thermoforming packaging machine offers you mold packaging in a safe container. Allpack horizontal packaging machine offers you plastic pillow bag packaging with high quality.

Weighing Packaging Machine

Allpack weighing packaging machines are designed to weigh a wide range of fruits and vegetables such as salads, lettuce, asparagus, celery, garlic, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, peppers, cucumbers, onions, etc. This weighing packaging machine works by first calculating the exact weight of an item or product based on data stored in its memory. This process is repeated until all items are correctly weighed and packaged accordingly.

  • Model: HLNV-1300
  • High precision, high efficiency
  • Safety protection, conform to firm safety

Thermoforming Packaging Machine

Allpack thermoforming packaging machine applies the heating process to mold different types of plastic materials and seal the different products in the packaging molds. You can get any kind of thermoforming packaging shapes by applying allpackchina thermoforming machines. This thermoforming packaging machine can continuously finish the procedure of film forming, product feeding, vacuuming, sealing, and cutting automatically.

  • Model: HVR-520A
  • Removable molds
  • Recycling device for waste film

Horizontal Packaging Machine

Allpack horizontal packaging machine is the ideal type for your products that must be packaged individually. It can automatically complete the whole process of feeding, bag making, sealing, printing batch numbers, finishing product output, counting, and discharging. This packaging machine applies photoelectric tracking technology which makes the digital input, sealing, and cutting position accurate.

  • Model: DXDZ-350B/DXDZ-350D
  • Accurate sealing and cutting position
  • Adjustable temperature, intelligent control

Tray Vacuum Gas Flushing Packaging Machine

Allpack tray vacuum gas flushing packaging machines can automatically complete the salad packaging process of vacuuming, inflating, hot-pressing sealing, slitting, and discharging. This tray vacuum gas flushing packaging and sealing machine is equipped with a photoelectric tracking system, and it can perfectly combine the plastic mold with the sealing film.

  • Model: HVT-450A
  • Removable molds
  • Applicable to industrialized package

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