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Allpackchina Bin Mixer  is suitable for mixing of dry granule materials for pharmaceutical,chemical,foodstuff and other industries.

Based on importing,absorbing and digesting the new technology of foreign countries,all Aipak bin mixers featuring simple structure,compact structure,high mixing efficience,small occupation area,lower power consumption.

High mixing speed and good mixing effect,the mixing uniformity rate can reach over 95%,inner of all Aipak bin mixers are of new type sealing structure,during mixing,it is free of pollution,with convenient operation and maintenance.

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Bin Mixer: The Complete Buying Guide in 2022

When you are working with dry products such as powder, it will be a tough task for you to mix multiple dry ingredients.

To achieve this kind of tough task Bin Mixer is introduced into the industry and it became a worthy equipment to solve many mixing problems for different industries such as pharmaceutical etc.

You are going to learn many important aspects about the bin mixer in this article from basic to advance so, keep reading & stay with us to get handy knowledge about bin mixer.

Bin Mixer

Bin Mixer

A bin mixer is an advanced and efficient machine that is used to ensure the uniform and thorough mixing of powders or granules.

This machine mixes the materials that needs to be mixed in two way; firstly the material gets mixed by tumbling within the bin and secondly it gets mixed due to rotation of the tilted bin.

Bin Mixer-1

Bin Mixer

A bin mixer can prove to be very beneficial for your business. It can help your business in different ways. Some of the advantages of the bin mixer are described below.

Reduces Expenses

The bin mixer can cut down your expenses hugely. It does this in a couple of different ways. You do not need to hire more employees because it does a lot of work on its own.

Secondly, the bin mixer is not a very expensive machine so you do not have to invest a huge amount for buying it.

Efficient Mixing



The bin mixer ensures that the material you are going to mix in it gets thoroughly mixed together. Thorough mixing is very important especially in case of the pharmaceutical industry.

This is because improper mixing of the active pharmaceutical ingredient(s) with the excipients can lead to dosage error leading to over dose or under dose which can prove to be hazardous to patient.

Ensures Safety

The bin mixer ensures the safety of the operator. It is designed in such a way that there are almost no chances of accident.

Even after all the safety measures an accident occurs, the bin mixer has an emergency stop button which can be pressed to stop the working of the machine immediately.

Highly Productive

Highly Productive

Highly Productive

The bin mixer is a very productive machine. It can do a lot of work in a very small time. You can mix a huge amount of powders or granules in it within a few moments.

In this way it increases the overall production of your industry leading to increased sales and an increased income.

Easy to Use

The bin mixer is really easy to use. It has a control panel that can be used easily. This control panel monitors all the functioning of the bin mixer.

You do not need to hire a highly paid operator to operate this machine for you. In this way, it reduces your expenses and saves your valuable money.

Boosts Profit

Profit Boost

Profit Boost

A bin mixer boosts the profit of your business. By increasing the income and cutting down the expenses, it increases the profit of your business which can help you grow your business.

Versatile Machine

The bin mixer is a very versatile machine. It is used in many different industries to mix many different materials. Because of this quality, you can use your bin mixer to complete a variety of tasks.

Easy to Maintain

The bin mixer is a very easy to maintain device. It just requires regular cleaning and timely repair of the damaged parts. The bin mixer does not require high maintenance.

Long Lasting

The bin mixer, if taken proper care of, can serve your business for a long time. This adds value to this machine because you only need to invest once and then you can use it for a really long time.  

Pharmaceutical Granules

Pharmaceutical Granules

A bin mixer has a wide range of applications. Some of the important applications of the bin mixer are discussed below.

Used for Enhancing the Efficiency of Mixing

The bin mixer is used to ensure that all the ingredients that you want to mix are properly and accurately mixed together.

Used for Preventing the Chances of Cross-Contamination

The bin mixer is widely used for mixing the ingredients when the cross-contamination is an issue. You do not need to worry about cross-contamination while using the bin mixer. 

Used for Faster Operation

Fast operation

Fast operation Image

The bin mixer finds extensive application in the areas where you need fast mixing of your ingredients. The bin mixer has this unique property that it can mix a huge amount of ingredients in a few minutes.

Used for Mixing Powders and Lubricants

The bin mixer is a very versatile machine and so its use is not restricted to dry powders onle. It is widely used to mix powders into the lubricants.

This process is very important in industries such as the pharmaceutical industries where excipients and the active pharmaceutical ingredients are sometimes in different states.

Bin Mixer-2

Bin Mixer

The working of a bin mixer is not very complicated. It is a simple machine that is very easy to use and operate.

You need to follow a few simple steps to operate your bin mixer. These steps are described below.

Filling of the Accurate Amount of Ingredients

The first step includes the filling of the accurate amount of the ingredients to be mixes into the bin mixer.

You should take the capacity of your bin mixer into account before deciding the amount of ingredients that you are going to put in the bin mixer. Then, simply fill the exact amount of ingredients in to the bin mixer.

Setting the Mixing Time from the Control Panel

The next step after the filling stage is the setting of mixing time. In this step, you are required to set all the parameters carefully according to your needs.

These parameters include the mixing/blending speed and the time of mixing or blending.

Starting the Bin Mixer

After you have set the parameters of the bin mixer, you are required to start the machine. Upon starting, the bin mixer starts its functioning according to the parameters set in the control panel.

Stopping the Machine

After achieving uniform mixing, you have to stop the bin mixer.

Discharging the Product

Before the whole process is completed, the last step is discharging the final product of the mixing from the bin mixer.  

These are the few simple steps that describe the simple yet efficient working of the bin mixer.

Bin Mixer-3

Bin Mixer

A bin mixer is made up of many components which work together to ensure its smooth and efficient working.

Some of these components along with their brief explanation are described below.

The Rotation Counter

The rotation mixer is the most important part of the bin mixer because it performs the basic and the most important function of mixing in the bin mixer.

This is the part of the bin mixer that rotates the blending or mixing containers for thorough mixing.

The Light Guard

This part of the machine plays a very important role of increasing the speed and efficiency of the bin mixer.

The light guard ensures high quality mixing by using the infrared radiations. These infrared radiations are used for flash mounting on the walls of the container for ensuring the GMP finish.

The Operation Control

Bin Mixer Control System

Bin Mixer Control System

The PLC system is used in the bin mixer for making it an easy to use device. This system helps you control all the working of the bin mixer easily.

The control system has a touch screen interface that gives you access to all the operations of the bin mixer. You just need to get some basic knowledge about operating the PLC control panel.

The Laser Guard

As discussed earlier, the bin mixer ensures the safety of the operator as well as the ingredients or the materials in the blending container. This important function is done by the laser guard.

The laser guard is located just above the floor level. It is a very sensitive part of the bin mixer that can detect the entry of any person or the foreign/outside particles in to the bin mixer.

It must be noted that the machine stops working automatically when any person or the foreign/outside particles are detected. This prevents any damage to your product or the operator.

The laser guard also has an alarm that automatically rings when the safety of the operator is at risk. In this way the bin mixer ensures the safety of the operator.

The Clamping Bars

A bin mixer machine, as we already know, works by rotating the blending container. The rotation also produces vibration in the machine that may cause damage to your bin mixer. Therefore, there is a need to keep your bin mixer during its operation.

This crucial task is done by the clamping bars or the clamping stands. These bars or stands keeps the bin mixer intact during the whole process so that it does not get damaged.

The Blending Container

Bin Mixer Container

Bin Mixer Container

The blending container is the part of the bin mixer that holds the materials during the whole process of mixing. These containers makes sure that the products do not spill our or get wasted during mixing and that they get mixed thoroughly and perfectly.

The blending or the mixing containers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, each of them are used for different purposes.

These are placed on the rotation counter which rotates them for mixing purposes.

Bin mixers are available in different sizes and shapes. Each type of the bin mixer has their own working capacity and specifications.

Some types of the bin mixers available in the market are described below.

The V-Type Bin Mixer

V-Type Bin Mixer

The V-Type Bin Mixer

As the name indicates, this bin mixer has a V shape design. This design makes this bin mixer very convenient to use and also increases the overall efficiency of the machine.

Two different materials are introduced in to the machine from different sides and the final product is collected from the bottom. This machine is very efficient in mixing powders and granules.

The Vertical Mixer

The vertical mixer is very versatile type of bin mixer which is used to mix a variety of materials of different states such as solid in to liquid, solid in to solid or liquid in to liquid.

High productivity is another feature that adds to the value of the vertical bin mixer. Uniform and efficient mixing is achieved by the application of spiral blade present inside the bin.

The Laboratory Bin Mixer

Laboratory Bin Mixer

The Laboratory Bin Mixer

This type of bin mixer is used for small scale mixing. This finds a vast application in the pharmaceutical industry where quick mixing with high efficiency is required.

The parameters of the machine can be easily set on the digital interface of the machine.

The Post Bin Mixer

Post Bin Mixer

The Post Bin Mixer

This is an automated type of bin mixer that is very fast and efficient in doing its operation. This bin mixer does material loading, mixing and blending and the finally unloading the product all by itself.

The post bin mixer has a very small size, so it is very easy to adjust. Another important feature of the post bin mixer is that you can easily modify the batch size.

The post bin mixer is used in food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemical industries due to its high efficiency.

The IBC Bin Mixer

IBC Bin Mixer

The IBC Bin Mixer

The IBC bin mixer is a special type of bin mixer that is especially designed for the pharmaceutical industry. This machine has a unique design that allows you to do quick loading and unloading of the materials in to and out of the machine respectively.

The IBC bin mixer can mix a large amount of powders or granules in a very short interval of time. This feature adds to the value of the IBC bin mixer because it can give you greater productivity than other types.

This is the reason that this type of bin mixer is used in industries where higher productivity is required.

The Double Cone Mixer

As indicated by its name, the double cone mixer has two cones in its structure. These cones are present at the upper and lower end of the double cone bin mixer.

The most significant feature of the double cone mixer is that it can blend granules and powders homogenously. The double cone mixer is extensively used in different industries for mixing purposes.

Bin mixer is a very versatile machine that has very wide range of applications. It can be used to mix different types of materials in different industries. Some of these are discussed below

The Pharmaceutical Industry

Capsule Powder

Capsule Powder

The bin mixer finds its most common application in the pharmaceutical industry. It is used to mix different granules and powders to be used for making tablets and granules.

It is also used for mixing ingredients of the liquid syrups and making suspensions and emulsions. The bin mixer allows uniform mixing of active pharmaceutical ingredients with the excipients.

The Food industry

The bin mixer is used in the food industry to mix different ingredients such as sugar grains, powders, liquids and other solids as well.

The Cosmetic Industry

Cosmetic Powders

Cosmetic Powders

In the cosmetic industry, the bin mixer s used to mix materials such as creams, lotions, face powders and nail polishes etc.

The Chemical Industry

The bin mixer is also extensively used in the chemical industry for mixing different types of chemicals in the form of powders, solids or liquids.

Selecting the right bin mixer is very important for your business because if you buy wrong machine, it will definitely cause financial loss.

Following the few points that you should consider while buying a bin mixer for your industry.


Always look for the bin mixer that has the speed and working capacity that matches the needs of your business. A compatible machine will give you optimal productivity according to your requirements.

Find the Best Price

You should always try your best to find the best price for your bin mixer. If you explore market carefully, you will find the best price. This will save you from getting over charged.

Quality Compliance

cGMP Compliance

cGMP Compliance

Make sure that the bin mixer you are going to buy has quality compliance approvals such as cGMP, CE and EN. These certifications are a guarantee that your machine is safe to use and has a good quality.

Never compromise on the quality and buy the best available bin mixer for your business. The bin mixer of high quality will give you better and efficient production that will increase your profit.  

Beware of Scams

While buying the bin mixer, make sure that the seller of the machine is trustworthy and has a good reputation. Beware of the online scammers and always look for the reviews before buying the bin mixer.

The ALLPACKCHINA bin mixer can benefit your business by cutting down your expenses, minimising the need for hiring labour, and ultimately increasing your profits. You should consider buying the ALLPACKCHINA bin mixer as it can prove to be a game changer for your business we are eager to assist you in any kind of help to achieve best quality Bin Mixer please do not hesitate & reach us Freely. Just make sure the machine is used properly and is taken good care of.

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