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Allpack Pill counter machine you have been waiting for.Real-time counting and 99.99% accuracy guarantee you won't miss a pill.Cost effective and maintenance-free counting machine is here.

Allpack Pill Counter Machine

Allpack pill counter machine is an intelligent counting and bottle filling machine,it is widely applied for capsule,tablet or different sizes and shapes of products,like gummy,candy,nut, softgels, opaque capsules, bicolour capsules,transparent capsules,empty capsules,opaque softgels, bicolour softgels, transparent softgels, seamless softgels, uncoated plain tablets,candies,sugar-coated tablets,film-coated sugar tablets,multilayer tablets,herb medicine,pills into bottle containers.It has been widely used in medicine, industry, chemical industry, food and other industries.All Allpack pill counter machines can be used independently, and can also form a linked production line with other supporting equipment such as bottle unscrambler, desiccant inserter, capping machine, sealing and labeling machine.Allpack pill counter machines can be applied to different products without changing the mold. They have high recognition rate, fast response speed and simple operation. The use of man-machine interface touch screen, international photoelectric control system and other configurations make the machine run stably and reliably.


Allpack Pill Counter Machine Popular Applications

Cheese stick counting
Gummy candy counting
Strip bag counting
Prefabricated food counting
Fast food counting
Chinese Zongzi counting
Mixed nuts counting
Red dates counting
Fresh food counting
Travel pack toothpaste
Capsule essence counting
Nutrition packaging counting
Tablets&pills counting
Strip packaging counting
Tablet candy counting
Seed counting
Laudry beeds counting
Commemorative coin counting
Button counting
Industrial pin counting
Blood collection needle
Medical instrument counting
Softgels counting
Capsules counting

What Do You Want To Count?

Allpack Pill Counter Machines

Allpack APC-2 Desktop Type Chewing Gum Chocolate Candy Electronic Counting Filling Machine

Allpack APC-2 semi automatic counting machine is a semi-automatic counting and bottle filling machine for candy, gummy , soft gummy, seeds and nuts. It is mainly used in herbal, food and chemical industries.This machine consists of electronic counting device. Put bottle by manual work, count and fill gummy automatically. It adopts CCD induction technology which makes differentiating rate high, responding speed fast, and counting accurate. It is not necessary to change any template if changing filling quantity. And it is also easy to change kinds of filled.

High speed photoelectrical technology

Counting and bottle filling is fast and accurately

Machine is small, easy to use, clean, and maintain

Allpack APC-2A Automatic Intelligent Electronic Tablet Pill Capsule Counter Counting Machine

Allpack APC-2A pill counter machine is widely used for counting and packaging round,oval ball,special shapes,capsule,tablet,pill,candy,chewing gum,bead part.Its feeding speed can be controlled by vibration frequency, adjustable.With special electric eye protection device to ensure accurate counting.Lay off side by side to make collecting operation easier. Y-type positioner can adjust the position to fit all kinds of bottles.A key to turn on and off, simple operation. The machine is equipped with fuse, safe and reliable. The number of counted tablets can be set at the range of 0-9999.

Equipped with vibration governor

Intelligently, simple and convenient

Easy to use and high counting efficiency

Allpack APC-4 Desktop Gummy Pill Counting Machine Screw Nuts Counting Machine Sachet Candy Counting Machine

Allpack APC-4 pill counting machine adopts international vibration type channel feeding, oscillator stepless speed regulation, touch screen PLC intelligent control, optical fiber sensing probe counting, system self-test, automatic stop, and other advanced technology.The machine is made of stainless steel and designed according to international standards, and it is a newest model counting machine. It can be bottled, boxed and bagged, especially suitable for research institutes, new small nutrition plants and health care plants.This counting machine is a small size desktop type counting machine with reasonable design, compact structure, easy to use and high counting efficiency.

Multi-stage vibration is suitable for different materials

Height-adjustable discharge port

Simple operation&high productivity

Allpack APC-8 Fully Automatic Vitamin Pectin Sweets Gummy Bear Candy Pill Counter Machine

Allpack APC-8 pill counter machine its working principle is under the driving of the vibration, the pills pass through the regulating valve below the material container, moving forward in order and fall into counting tunnels. When the pill reaches raster holes, the counting photoelectric will produce a pulse signal and counting. The signal is grouped into the left and the right, accumulated and sent to the PLC. When the set quantity is reached, the flash board will close. At the same time, the bottle to be filled is already in its position. The funnel cylinder board opens, and the counted pills fall into the bottle.

Photoelectric detection device

Multi-stage vibration channel

Accurate counting,no omissions

APC-B8 Tabletop Capsules Gummy Tablets Pill Counter Machine

Allpack APC-B8 adopts vibrating feeding and rotary cutting design, the feeding speed can be adjusted infinitely for manual bottle placement.The inside of the machine is equipped with a dust suction channel, which can be connected to a vacuum cleaner to absorb dust.With photoelectric sensing technology, the particle precision is over 99.7%.The number of grains and the number of bottles is integrated into the touch screen, which is easier to operate and has a low failure rate.There is the vibration board to separate and organize counting object.

Automatically count another bottle after counting one bottle

Vibration feeding design

Fast counting and stable operation

APC-12 Fully Automatic Vitamin Pectin Sweets Gummy Bear Candy Pill Counter Machine

Allpack APC-12 pill counter machine is a high-speed visual counting machine adopts a high-speed line scanning CCD camera to scan, identify, capture and collect images, and use a high-speed processing chip to complete real-time image processing to quickly and accurately identify the quantity of materials. Breaking through the traditional method, the flow of goods is transported by the whole stack in a single-layer tiled state, without being divided into a single channel, and the whole stack is counted through the imaging area when it falls.

Accurate Counting

High Throughput

Diverse Product Compatibility

APC-16 High Quality Multi Channel 16 Lane Electronic Automatic Pill Counter Machine

Allpack APC-16 pill counter machine adopts internationally advanced vibrating multi-channel blanking, computer control, dynamic scanning counting, automatic bottle feeding, photoelectric sensor control and other advanced technologies. It is designed according to GMP standards, and the operation interface is displayed in LCD English. Equipped with system self-checking, error prompting, fault alarm automatic shutdown and other safety protection intelligent devices, It is a high-tech material counting and filling equipment integrating photoelectricity.

Accurate Filling

Consistent Fill Levels

Minimized Cross-Contamination

APC-24 Automatic Gummy Bear Capsule Grain Counter Pill Counter Machine

Allpack APC-24 pill counter machine is special for counting tablets, soft gelatin, hard capsule and chewing gums, Cod liver oil,etc. This machine adopts 24 sets imported counting sensor for counting with 24 Guiding Way and two head. The advantage of the machine is no need change mold when you change the counting object, only adjusting the counting table height by easy adjust wheel. The machine comes with touch screen operation control for convenient running. The machine also has A high degree of intelligence, with no bottle is not the number of self-fault detection alarm and many other control functions.

Suitable for counting all kinds of objects

German standard count sensor

100% counting accuracy

APC-32 Particle Gummy Grains Seeds Chewing Gum Candy Pill Counter Machine Bottling Machine

Allpack APC-32 pill counter machine is widely used for tablets (including abnormal tablets), capsules, gels (including abnormal gels, transparent gels and opaque gels) pills and most solid granules.Using our own original high anti-dust sensor technology, the machine works accurately with good stability in heavy dust conditions.Feeding evenly with quiver, special patent filling part, no breakage of the material.No bottle will not count and fill. Automatically remove bottles of filling abnormalities and a certain size broken tablets. 

Multi-stage vibrating blanking device

Precise sensor for bottle

No bottle ,no counting

APC-48 Automatic Electronic Pill Gummy Candy Vitamin C Tablet Counter Counting Machine

Allpack APC-48 pill counter machine adopts the most advanced technology of electronic counter. It can be used for counting and packing tablets (including special-shaped tablets), hard capsules, soft capsules (various forms of transparent and opaque) pills and other solid particles in the range of 3-12 mm. Bottling, packaging and bagging. Fully in line with the requirements of GMP, especially suitable for research institutions, hospitals, new small pharmaceutical companies, health care products factory. 

Uses a 3-stage adjustable Vibrating Platform

48 channels vibrate and discharge materials evenly and smoothly

High degree of intelligence

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