Best Multi-functional Solid Processing Machine

  • Minimal Noise
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Capable For Working 24/7

Solid Processing Machine

Allpack offers various high-quality -solid processing machines that include: tablet coating machines, sifter machines, granulator machines, drier machines, crusher machines, capsule polishing machines, bin mixers, and bin blenders. These machines can do the operations such as coating, screening, granulation, drying, pulverizing, mixing to solid materials, they are used to process  various products such as spice, grain, sugar, salt, herb, wall paper, lime, mushroom and so on.  The solid processing machines of Allpack are designed compact, they have high production capacity and low energy consumption, can process material quickly and effectively. All of these machines are compliant with GMP requirements, are widely applied in food processing, pharmaceutical, chemical, mineral, and agriculture industries, etc. 

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