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Become ALLPACK Distributor

Allpack provides all kinds of packing or pharmaceutical machines that can suit your various industrial production needs.

If you have an enthusiasm for packaging & pharmaceutical machines and are ready to make an effect on your country’s local economy by providing them with amazing packaging & pharmaceutical technology and solutions, please feel free to contact us!

Additional Support Services for You To Be Our Distributor

  • Direct one-on-one connection, quick response, and outstanding sales support
  • Adaptability in terms of interfacing with other automation services
  • Showroom machinery receives a special discount
  • 1 year spare part availability warranty
  • Assistance with displaying our items at trade exhibitions
  • 2D prototyping is included in the quotation
  • Availability for factory visits with your customers
  • Continuous R&D based on your input
  • 100% video technical support
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