MT-50D Semi Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine with Coder


  • Semi-automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine is ideal equipment for semi-automatic labeling of household chemicals, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, and the round bottle in the other light industry products on the packaging.
  • This machine is suitable for round bottles of various sizes and the production of small quantities of many varieties. This machine can be used in stand-alone label only.
  • HP-241G Color ribbon coder is a table type semi-automatic machine with motor and touching control by limit switch and with small volume, which can be suitable for matching with the vertical filling packing machine and used for printing the date of production and batch in the industries of food, beverage, medicine etc.
  • This machine adopts hot stamp ribbon instead of liquid ink.
  • It can print clear words on any packing materials with the features of simple operation and convenient maintenance.


  • This machine has a reasonable structure, reliable performance and simple operation with optical detection and accurate labeling.
  • 1.It applies advanced labeling agencies to ensure that the labeling accuracy
  • 2.It has bottle label for variety of specifications with strong adaptability.
  • 3. Label light sensitivity is adjustable. For label backing paper of different transmittance, it could compare and adjust the sensitivity and compare and make the best adjustment to the label of different lengths to ensure the normal feeding and smooth and accurate labeling.
  • 4. All agencies, including the rack, and feeder, barrier boom and fastener adopt stainless steel and aluminum materials, which never rust or produce any pollution. It ensures GMP environmental requirements.


Model MT-50D
 Accuracy +-0.5mm
Speed  20 – 40pcs per minute
Available Bottle OD 32 – 150mm
Label Width


26 – 150mm


Label Length


28 – 180mm
Label Roll ID




Max. OD of Label Roll




Power Supply 220/110V 50/60Hz




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