Continuous Induction Sealing Machine / HL-3000A


1.HL-3004 is applicable to seal the plastic container or glass container made of n kind of material Remove the conveyor it can equip production line t an equip with bottle neatening machine, bottle parting machine & bottle rejecting machine as well The machine is suitable for sealing all kinds of plastic and glass bottles, tightening the bottles with compound foil and conveying with convey belt to go through the inductor,then create high-temperature instantly which make the fleet and adhere to bottle opening to get sealed up.

2.Full stainless steel enclosure, digital display, artistic design.l split structure, easy to use.

3.Water cooling circulation system, keeping the power of components at a desirable temperature range for more reliable operation.l

4.Under/over-voltage protection, over-current protection, overheat protection, etc.

5.High sealing power, fast sealing, designed for high-speed process lines.


Voltage(V/hz) AC 220V/50 220/60
Power(w) 300
Seal diameter (mm) →15-60 or 50-121
Sealing speed(Bottles/m) 0-300
Size for main body(mm) 1800×420×1450
Gross weight(Kg) 75
cooling mode Water-cooling
Appearance Stainless steel
Packing size(mm) 1315×702×664


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