Tablet Counting Machine SLJ-100




This machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, hospital, food and other industries to capsules, tablets, particles and other drugs or food for counting, bottling, bagging! The machine is small in size, light in weight, accurate in counting, simple in operation and simple in maintenance. It is an ideal special equipment for counting, bottling and bagging medicine or food such as capsule, tablet and granule. The machine adopts electromagnetic vibration, the bottle is not to the feeding port when the number of plate does not rotate, when the bottle is placed at the feeding port, the motor drives the number of plate rotation so that the drugs automatically enter the bottle; It is convenient and quick to change the counting plate of different specifications and models without any other adjustment. This machine is the most small, advanced, beautiful and economical counting bottling and bagging equipment in domestic counting machinery.


Scope of application Pill, pill, capsule
Count the number of plate holes 100 grains
Count range 1-100 grains/ time
production 10-20 bottles/min
The power supply 220 v, 550 w
size 60 * 50 * 70 (cm)
The weight of the 50kg


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