Bottle Sealer: The Complete Buying Guide In 2023

Bottle Sealer

Are you tired of the product spillage packed in bottles? Do you want to get rid of this malady? That’s great! Finding right sealing machinery at right time can tackle every minor issue of your business but it is sometimes tricky as you have to be attentive and fully understand the entire mechanism of equipment.

Don’t Fret! This ultimate faq guide is going to display you a bottle sealer along with its working principles, major classifications, applications and many more. You just have to stay hooked and thoroughly analyzed this informative review!

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    1.What Is A Bottle Sealer?

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    A bottle sealer is an automatic device that is used for the closure of bottles mouth. The sealing may by in form of an induction, wax or capless sealing. The main purpose of any bottle sealer is to keep the air or other external elements away from getting into the bottles so they cannot deteriorate the quality of products.

    The most popular bottle sealer is an induction sealer which seals the containers through its effective electromagnetic field. It is a non-contact sealing procedure which ensures the product as well as an operator safety to its fullest.

    2.Why Should It Necessary To Use A Bottle Sealer?

    A question may arise in your mind about the significance of a bottle sealer which could grab your attention. So following are the main reasons due to which a bottle sealer should be your priority:

    To avoid leakage

    avoid leakage

    No doubt you are giving your best to perfectly pack your goods in beautiful jars but what if this beauty is spoiled due to leakage? This problem will ultimately lead you to think about a bottle sealer whose hermetic sealing can prevent your bottles from spillage.

    To Preserve Quality

    Preserve Quality

    Another important factor which would compel you to go for a bottle sealer is its attribute of preserving the product quality. Its stringent sealing strictly prohibits the inclusion of any external elements which ultimately preserve the color, taste and fragrance of packed material.

    To Get Economical Solution

    Economical Solution

    Bottle Sealing technology is not only fast and easily manageable but is also cost effective. It eliminates the necessity of labor and consume less energy hence it saves money.

    To Extend Shelf Life

    Extend Shelf Life

    The use of a bottle sealer prolongs the shelf life of your goods by shielding products from outer obstructions like moisture, light, dust etc. Thus, you can keep them for a longer period.

    To Increase efficiency

    Increase efficiency

    Dealing with excessive amount of production is not an easy job and especially when the products are of sensitive nature. A bottle sealer enable you to better manage your manufacturing capacity by enhancing the efficiency level of bottle sealing.

    To Satisfy Customers

    Satisfy Customers

    Bottle sealer help you in branding your products. The safe rigid sealing will ultimately lead to customer satisfaction. It thus increases the trust of buyer, maintain your good reputation and also they would admire your services rather than complaining.

    3.Describe The Operational Principles Of A Bottle Sealer?

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    Mechanism of action of a bottle sealer can be understand by looking into the following points:

    Set the parameters for your bottles on which they would be processed accordingly like pressure of heat, height of coil, timing of stay for each bottle. Once the configurations are determined just switch on the plug and the machine will start operation.

    Each bottle is carried by a conveyor belt where it stops for a while until the induction coil initiate electromagnetic force on foil. The foil is located either inside cap or in some cases without cap.

    The constant electromagnetic waves melt the sealing material stick on bottle opening and create a strong barrier. After the completion of sealing, conveyor start movement; discharge the sealed container and take unsealed under sealing head.

    4.How Many Methods Are Used For Sealing Bottles?

    There are many ways through which bottles of various sizes and shapes are sealed.. Among them the most popular are explained in below tables:

    No Induction Sealing
    1 Definition An induction sealing is the most popular method used for bottle sealing. It is the process through which thermoplastic materials are joined together by induction heating.
    2 Working Principles It works through electromagnetic force which formed as a result of electric current. The energy is transferred into aluminum foil which is located inside the bottle cap and melts it so the material can be stuck to bottle’s neck.
    3 Application Its application area is vast as it is used in every small to large manufacturing firm including medical, chemical, food and cosmetics etc.
    4 Example Example
    No Shrink Sealing
    1 Definition Shrink sealing is referred to shrink wrapping where thick plastic film is applied over finished bottles to prevent them from dust, moisture and cap breakage.
    2 Working Principles The object is taken by conveying device where it is wrapped with packaging film according to machine’s specifications and then passed through the heat channel after which shrinkage of film is achieved.
    3 Application It is commonly used in electric industry, beverage industry and food industry.
    4 Example Example-1
    No Conduction Sealing
    1 Definition Conduction sealing is the famous method utilized for sealing non-screw bottles through heated plate to preserve the sustainability of products.
    2 Working Principles The process of conduction sealing is very slow as the plate takes time to heat up. When temperature get reached to desired degree the plate is pressed over foil and eventually meltdown it on bottle mouth.
    3 Application This method of sealing bottles is often applied in pharmaceutical, beverage and food companies.
    4 Example Example-3
    No Wax Sealing
    1 Definition Wax sealing refers to the dipping of bottles into heated wax so the air or pollution can be kept away from getting into the bottles.
    2 Working Principles The mechanism of wax sealing begin when bottles are manually poured into machine where neck of bottles are embedded in machine slots.The sealer then rotates the bottles constantly in pool of wax. After the completion of process air cooler cool the wax and bottle is discharged.
    3 Application The most prominent use of wax can be found in wine industries and juice industries.
    4 Example Example-4
    5.What Are The Components Of A Bottle Sealer? 

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    Different components of a bottle sealer are separately explained below for your easy understanding. These are:

    Power System

    This is principle part of machine which gets the electric supply and transfers it to other parts of machine to start the mechanism.

    Control System

    It comprised of control panel where all the parameters for operation are fixed. It gets your command and deliver forward according to which machine executes the whole process.

    Sealing Head

    This fundamental piece of sealing is located on top of machine which performs genuine function of dealing.


    Inverters of the machine get electric supply and transformed it into electromagnetic energy.

    Induction Coil

    The induction coil is situated inside the sealing head which give enough warmth to aluminum foil to form hermetic sealing.

    Conveyor Belt

    This component play crucial role in stabilized mobilization of bottles from one end of machine to another.

    Cooling Device

    Cooling framework consists of the cooling fans which are located in the interior of machine to cool down the abundant heat within sealer.

    6.What Are The Types Of A Bottle Sealer?

    Types of a bottle sealer can be divided into two categories; on the basis of nature and on the basis of function. Both are separately explained below in detail:

    Bottle Sealer-4

    Types On The Basis Of Nature

    Fully Automatic Bottle Sealer

    Semi-Automatic Bottle Sealer

    As the name indicates, this machine is self reliant with super fast performance and greater capacity for processing bottles of various shapes and sizes. This one of the perfect solutions for large scale industries where thousands of bottles are sealed everyday.

    Working Principles

    This machine can work within production line or as a separate machinery. In case of attachment to the production line, containers are first filled and capped by the machine and then delivered to sealing machine. Here the actual process of sealing happen when machine generate electromagnetic energy for the formation of hermetic sealing.


    Components of the machine are sealing station, guard rails or motor, wheels, control system, detector, air regulator, emergency stop and induction coil.


    This machine is one of the perfect solutions for large scale industries where thousands of bottles are sealed everyday. Industries like pharmaceutical, food, chemical and cosmetic industries are taking the services of this innovative machine.

    Semi-Automatic Bottle Sealer

    Semi-Automatic Bottle Sealer

    Semi-automatic bottle sealer is almost similar to automatic bottle sealer but its capacity is lower which makes it ideal for driving smaller units of containers with seamless flow. A minimal intervention of a user is needed when there is time for placing bottles in sealer.

    Working Principles

    It is a separate machine without any direct connection of production line. Bottles with various shapes and sizes are placed into the machine for which its height can be manually adjusted. Once the setting is done, power button of machine is switched on. Sealing process is then started and after the completion of sealing time for each bottle, sealer is stopped and bottle is taken out manually.


    Some of the key parts of this machine includes power station, bench top induction sealing area, stainless steel stand, sealing head and control panel etc.


    This equipment is ideally suitable for firms with medium size production volume. House cleaning itemslike detergent, healthcare industry and daily necessities items are prepared by this machine in their relevant manufacturing firms.

    Manual or Portable Bottle Sealer

    Portable Bottle Sealer

    This bottle sealer is quite easy to use with durable simple structure. Its operating procedure is solely depends on operator. People use it in their houses to get benefited from its qualities. Moreover, its compact design adds up to the convenient portability.

    Working Principles

    This machine is hand driven, bottles are placed near machine or over the body of sealer. Induction coil is tightly pressed over the mouth of container. After few moments when sealing is achieved, the induction coil and bottle are separated manually.


    It consists of few components such as power supply system, cable for connection, induction coil, temperature control system etc.


    Presence of this machine can be traced in houses, stores, small scale home based businesses like producing pickles, sauces, honey and personal care material etc.

    Types On The Basis of Functions

    Ampoule Bottle Sealer

    Ampule Bottle Sealer

    Ampules are glass bottles mostly used to store the liquid drugs. This machine is basically designed to automatically seal these ampules of glass which are filled with vaccines or chemicals. The ampules are particularly used for those drugs which we use once and throw it away.

    Working Principles

    The sealing of ampule can be achieved through few steps. They come from sterilizing unit and positioned upright on conveyor belt. Here these apules are properly gas flushed in order to eliminate the presence of oxygen. After gassing, they are moved ahead where liquid filler fills the ampules through needle bevel upto desired level. Then the heating stage comes which temper the opening of glass where it gets soft and the final sealing occurs.


    This automatic equipment is comprised of filling station, transport system, control panel, stainless steel belt, plunger, pedal switch, volume sensors, rotary pumps, needle bevel, sealing station, and exhaust fume extraction.


    This machine has great significance in medical industry due to its safe, easy and fast performance. Moreover, industries associated with production of drugs and toxic substances like that of pharmaceutical and chemical industries are also utilizing this equipment on large scale.

    Crimp Bottle Sealer for Vials

    Crimp Bottle Sealer for Vials

    Crimp is formed by the combination of light metal and aluminum foil. It is used as a cap for bottles containing injection fluid or vaccines. The reason behind its importance is its easy unsealing, efficiency and precise mode of sealing. For this purpose crimp bottle sealer has been employed into the field.

    Working Principles

    Parameters for sealing are properly settled before starting machine and hopper is loaded with sealing material. When machine is switched on, the transport system take the vials from filling station to sealing station. Sealing material is picked up by the machine and delivered onto the bottles’ mouth. After that, vials are placed under the crimping rollers which swiftly release pressure upon bottles neck and crimp the aluminum foil, thus completes lasting seal.


    Its major components can be described as the stainless steel frame, crimping rollers, vibratory bowl table, fiber optic sensors with PC feedback, programmable servo automatic changeover devices, motor, guard rails, lubrication system, touch interface control system, pneumatic system and interlocked power switching system.


    This type of bottle sealer is particularly designed to carry the task of laboratories, medical and chemical industries. For instance liquid of injection, chemicals, laboratory samples and other similar things are stored in vial bottles.

    Screw Cap Bottle Sealer

    Screw Cap Bottle Sealer

    This type of bottle sealer is used for containers having screw caps. It places full seal on bottles and keeps the pathogenic contaminents completey away from bottles. It can be also utilized for branding your products along with the actual process of sealing. Thus, the machine is more flexible with adapting itself to various shapes of bottle caps and increase the production output.

    Working Principles

    The process of screw cap sealing require you to first load the caps in the bowl for caps. As this machine is the part of production line so bottles directly come from filling station through star plates. The conveyor motor helps their movement and place them under machine where sealing material is applied on bottles. After that, caps are accurately positioned and screwed tightly. Meanwhile, the sensors detect the sealing of bottles and additional process of labeling is done at the end.


    A screw cap bottle sealer consists of different parts such as main frame, sealing head, bowl for caps, star plate, electrical control panel, chute for cap delivery, product height adjustment screw, product transmission system, conveyor motor, sensors and AC drivers for cooling.


    It is mostly utilized in medical industries, food Industries and beverage industries for the packaging of syrups, tablets and juice bottles etc.

    Capless Bottle Sealer

    Capless Bottle Sealer

    Capless bottle sealer is a sort of induction sealer which directly applies the hard silver foil on bottles instead of placing any caps. Capless bottles are easy to open and the sealing material is adhesive rich and can be reseal.

    Working Principles

    Its process is not similar to that of usual induction sealing machine. It involves the direct application of aluminum foil instead of cap or sealing thread. The machine punches the bottles through exerting pressure so that aluminum would cover the external of bottle. Induction coil heat up the sealing material for creating strong airtight sealing.


    The main parts of machine includes power inverters, inductor sealing coil, digital touch screen display, PLC control system, cooling system, conveyor belt, induction head, inductor sealing coil, electric power supply system and sealing system.


    Most of the milk products like butter and cheese are sealed without caps. Same as various beauty products and medicines are processed by capeless induction sealing machine. It indicates that cosmetic industry, dairy industry, confectionary industry and drugs processing industries are employing this machine on large scale.

    Plastic Bottle Sealer

    Plastic Bottle Sealer

    Plastic bottle sealer is an automatic machine employed to seal the containers with only plastic composition. Its basic type can be known as an induction sealer as it seals the covered plastic bottles.

    Working Principles

    The filled bottles of plastic are transported by conveyor belt. They are stably positioned under sealing station where electromagnetic radiation melts down the sealing material. After cooling, strong sealing is formed and bottles are properly sealed by the machine.


    The structure of plastic bottle sealer is composed of stainless steel frame, sealing head, conveyor belt, temperature controller, induction coil, control panel and electric power supply.


    Industries like food, pharmaceutical, lubricant, oil and pesticides are frequently using this machine because they are usually concerned with the bottles of plastic nature. This in turn enhance the value and applicability of machine.

    7.Differentiate Between Bottle Capping And Bottle Sealing?
    No Factors Bottle Capping Bottle Sealing
    1 Definition Bottle capping refers to the process through which various types of caps are accurately placed on filled bottles or containers. Bottle sealing is innovative way of sealing jars through non-contact process via electromagnetic field.
    2 Procedure The method of capping is simple where machine use spinning discs for gripping bottle’s caps and tight them through rotation. Unlike bottle capping, this procedure is little bit complicated as the induction coil generates invisible electromagnetic force  on aluminum foil which get heated and adhere to the bottle neck.
    3 Speed Bottle capping is fast process but requirement of parts change in case of new size caps affect the efficiency and cause delay. Contrary to bottle capping, it has fast speed as there is no requirement of parts change for different types of bottles.
    4 Applicablity Application of bottle capping is vast as it can process containers of various texture including plastic, metal, glass etc. Although bottle sealing gets reputable position in many industries but its applicablity is only confined to bottles with plastic and glass structure.
    5 Sample Bottle Capping Bottle Sealing
    8.Highlight The Prominent Entities Where A Bottle Sealer Is Mostly Used?

    Application of a bottle sealer is not limited but extremely vast. From household to large production companies its importance and presence can be traced:

    Beverage Industry

    Beverage Industry

    Bottle sealer has a vital role in beverage industries as it provide pilferage free sealing which eliminates the necessity of adding any preservatives for maintaining freshness.
    Dairy Industry

    Dairy Industry

    Not only milk but all other dairy products such as yogurt, cheese, buttercream are perfectly suitable to be sealed by a bottle sealer. They are by nature sensitive so require exact packaging through which their susceptibility could be maintained.


    This machine also increases the charm of kitchens as people give preference to pack the home made pickle and sauces in glass jars through a bottle sealer.
    Pharmaceutical Industry

    Pharmaceutical Industry

    Pharmaceutical industry is in constant need of a bottle sealer as the huge number of medicines produce everyday requires safe and protective sealing. By forming strong barrier it eliminate the fear of unwanted contamination and preserve the hygiene of tablets from initial packaging till the final discharge to customers.
    Nutraceutical Industry

    Nutraceutical Industry

    The demand for nutraceuticals is increasing as people are now more concerned to cure diseases by using medical food instead of expensive treatments. This is ultimately growing the need of a bottle sealer due to its fast, save and effective performance.
    Chemical Industry

    Chemical Industry

    Chemicals are by nature toxic and their spillage may cause greater injury. Thus, to combat this serious issue many interprises are utilizing a bottle sealer on larger extent.
    Pesticide Industry

    Pesticide Industry

    Pesticides can be found either in liquid or powder form which is used to keep the insects and mosquitoes away from crops, plants or rooms. They are made up of hazardous substances for which
    Automotive Industry

    Automotive Industry

    Suppliers from automotive industries highly praised the bottle sealer for its ideal sealing which enable them to keep their products in inventory for a longer period. For instance, engine oil, lubricant and petrolatum are accurately sealed by this machine to ensure full safety.
    Cosmetic Industry

    Cosmetic Industry

    Various types of lotion, creams and moisturizers can be often seen closed with aluminum foil liner. Moreover, for packaging of different cosmetic medicinal capsules, pills and syrups bottle sealer is the first choice of concerned industry.
    9.How Would You Sort Out The Issues While Using A Bottle Sealer?

    Bottle Sealer-6

    No Pitfall Causes Remedy
    1 Not Sealing There might be error in unit setting, capping is not correct or material for sealing is wrong. Make sure that setting of machine unit is error free, the bottle is well capped and material used for sealing is good of good quality.
    2 Incomplete absorption of Wax Insufficient energy supply or the coil is positioned incorrectly. Increase the timing of stay for each bottle so they can be properly sealed.
    3 Foil Corrosion The possible reasons are excessive amount of pressure or the increase in dwell timing. Reduce the temperature or pressure to suitable level along with correcting dwell timing.
    4 Partial or weak sealing  Coil is located very high or the conveyor speed is fast then power supply. Adjust the height of coil and slower down the conveyor speed.
    5 Inconsistent sealing results It happens when bottles are torqued uneven, cap is cocked or they are seated on rough surface. Torque the bottles correctly and also check the surface. In case of burrs change their place.
    6 Cap is extremely tight and difficult to remove Insufficient force from sealer, inaccurate coil height or the torque is applied excessively. Increase the power supply so melt the sealing wax completey. Also modify the coil height to suitable level.
    10.What Factors Are Important To Consider When Choosing A Bottle Sealer?

    Bottle Sealer-7

    Whenever you intend to buy a bottle sealer never ignore to consider the important factors which we have mentioned below:

    Bottle Sealer-4

    Ease of Maintenance

    It is one of the important factors to consider because the convenient maintenance of machine will assist you to easily operate the machine. It should be easy to clean along with simple mode of operation.


    Machine with ergonomic construction will ensure the comfortable working environment with easy mobility. So you have to go for one which is compact with minimal environmental pollution and low level of noise.

    Production Capacity

    The core objective of any enterprise to incorporate the automation technology into its firm is no doubt the desire to achieve high level of production. However, to get such fast processing equipment you are required to looking deep into the capacity of a machine which compliments your needs. For this automatic bottle sealer would be a good choice.


    The shape and size of bottles varies from product to product and similar is the case with industries that are at same time involved in producing different things. Thus, you have to be cautious to know whether or not the machine you are going to purchase is flexible enough to change the parts automatically in response to various sizes of bottles.

    Remote Support

    Always consider a reputable vendor for your machinery and ask him for remote support and customer service. Many times the damage of one part affects the entire system which requires sudden change of device. For this, it is preferable to look for a supplier with quick delivery for component replacement. 


    The essence of a bottle sealer cannot be denied rather its demand is growing in every sector. But selection any sealer will ultimately affect the quality and production level of your business. You have to carefully understand the prerequisites of each sealer. Allpackchina is a reputable supplier working since that can provide you the machinery of standard quality. Besides, if you are eager to learn more, there is no need to hesitate just click on the given link and approach us.

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