Thermoforming Machine:The Complete Buying Guide In 2022

Product and material safety has been the first priority of manufacturers globally. Thermoforming is one of the processes which are used in this regard. Plastic sheets are heated at a certain temperature and placed on the top of packing. This helps the product remain safe from the atmospheric conditions and microorganism.

But what is the process of thermoforming and how it helps to keep the product safe? What are thermoforming machines and components present in it. This article will resolve all your queries regarding thermoforming machines and their applications. What are the benefits of thermoforming machine to global world and their selection procedure? So, take the most of it.

1.What is a Thermoforming Machine?

Thermoforming Machine

Thermoforming is a process in which a plastic sheet or film is applied on a product through proper heating and molding process. In the modern world, this process is carried out using a thermoforming machine. This machine ensures proper placement of film to cover the product with high precision and accuracy.  

Manufacturers use thermoforming machines to secure their products that they can last for a longer period and avoid any cross-contamination or microbial attack. A thermoforming machine itself carries all the processes which make it more economical. Packing of different widths and sizes can easily be adjusted in a single thermoforming machine and has enough capability to reach higher productivity.

Commonly, industries that deal with plastic products use thermoforming machines but they are also available in medical, food, agriculture, domestic goods, retail, automobile interior, chemical, electronic and other industries to ensure lid or cover on products.   

2.What are the advantages of using a Thermoforming Machine?

Advantages of Thermoforming Machine

Some of the benefits that we can get from a thermoforming machine are



A thermoforming machine is mostly made-up of stainless steel which makes it highly durable and reliable. The machine lasts for a longer period and can easily be moved from one place to another due to its light weight.

Product Shelf life

Product Shelf life

The most important factor of a thermoforming machine is that it extends the product shelf with keeping its nature same. The shelf life of product increases and all the external microorganisms are blocked to enter which can contaminate the product.

Low Setup Cost

Low Setup Cost

Thermoforming machines have a low setup cost which makes it so beneficial for the manufacturers to afford. The machine gives high productivity that it returns its investment in a very minimum duration of time.



The quality of packaging stands the most important benefit of a thermoforming machines. Each product is packed identical and in a highly precise manner.



Different sizes of film can easily be adjusted in a single thermoforming machine. There is no restriction of size, material and width which makes the machine unique in nature.

External Parameters

External Parameters

Thermoforming machine requires no extra external parameters for its operation like temperature, pressure or electricity. It can easily operate on low pressure and achieves its desire temperature on which it is set to be



High level of automation is there in a thermoforming machine. Machine can give an output from 20 to 200 packets in a minute which makes it so efficient. Manufacturers can easily purchase their desire machine according to its production requirement as there are number of options available.

3.What are the components used in a Thermoforming Machine?

Components of a Thermoforming Machine

Main components of a thermoforming machine are

Components of a Thermoforming Machine

Main Control Panel

Main Control Panel

The control panel allows us to monitor, control and regulate all the parameters involved in thermoforming process like power supply, temperature, pressure, vacuum pressure and conveyer speed etc. It is present on the body of a thermoforming machine and can easily be seen there.

Roller Feeding Unit

Roller Feeding Unit

The foil or packing material is supplied from this roller feeding unit and it is adjusted according to the material width. It is essential to note the movement of this roller as it can cause poor thermoforming if not supplied properly.

Oven or Preheater

Preheater or an oven is the initial component in a thermoforming machine. It heats the sheet and stretches it according to the shape of product to ensure easy molding.

Mold Assembly

Mold Assembly

When the sheet or film gets heated it enters the second stage where thermoforming molding units are present. These units are responsible for easy manipulation of plastic sheet according to the size of product. Both the male and female molds press the sheet and make the desire lid, tin or cover.

Pickup Platform

As the material is completed the products are then taken off by a pickup platform and collected at the end.

Scrap Removal

During the thermoforming process the sheets that are of no use or are scrap are removed by the scrap removal unit. The scrap is then recycles and used as a thermoforming material.  

4.What types of Thermoforming Machines are available globally?

Types of Thermoforming Machine

Depending upon the operation, there are three types of thermoforming machines available in global market.

Mechanical Thermoforming Machine

Mechanical Thermoforming Machine

In a mechanical thermoforming machine the sheet or plastic after heating is clamped in a molding unit and pressed by both male and female mold. In this type the products produced are much well defined and of high quality as compare to other two types.

Vacuum Thermoforming Machine

Vacuum Thermoforming Machine

In a vacuum thermoforming machine, the stretching of thermoforming plastic is done using a vacuum system on molds. Air is evacuated from the surface to achieve vacuum effect. This also is a great advance form of thermoforming but limits where the vacuum pressure is not obtained.

Pressure Thermoforming Machine

Pressure Thermoforming Machine

As the name explains, pressure is used for stretching of material in this type of thermoforming machine. The upper and lower side of the mold contains air pressure that stretches the heated material to achieve high quality and precise design.

5.What is the working principle of a Thermoforming Machine?

Working Principle of a Thermoforming Machine

Working Principle of a Thermoforming Machine

The working principle of a thermoforming is quite simple. Following are the steps involved in a thermoforming process.

  • Initially the sheet or foil present on the roller is feeded using a feeding unit to the oven or preheater.
  • Here the sheet is heated to a certain temperature that accurate molding of material can be performed.
  • The sheet is then sent to the molding unit where the sheet is stretched either mechanically or through vacuum or air pressure. The sheet gets adjusted to the shape of mould and then both the male and female parts force it to achieve the desire shape.  
  • The product is then supplied to the output unit through a conveyer system where it the cropping of extra mould is done and after then the packing process is carried out.
  • The process is too fast that thousand of products are formed in a day and also recycling of waste material is done.
6.What are the applications of a Thermoforming Machine?

Applications of a Thermoforming Machine

Thermoforming machines are used in variety of industries. There common applications are



Mostly thermoforming machines are used for making packaging materials. Packaging of eggs, fresh meat and fruits etc in thermoformed plastic trays and containers is done in these disposables units. Other that food items, medical, shipping and electronic equipments is also done in these products.



Seats, covers, folding and other transportation components are made using thermoforming machines.

Trays and Covers

Trays and Covers

Thermoforming machines are also used to make trays, covers baskets for food, cosmetic, chemical and other products replacing the traditional procedures.



Appliances in modern also have several parts that are thermoformed using thermoforming machines. Cloth dryers, computer television appliances and others are made through these machines.   


Trays used for seeding plants are made from thermoforming machine. They are reusable and allow better production of plants.

7.Which industry prefers Thermoforming Machine for their products?

Industries that prefer thermoforming machine for their products are

Food Industry

Food Industry

Most of the food items are packed and protected using thermoforming machines and its products. It restricts the atmospheric elements, ultraviolet radiations and other corrosive material to enter the product and increases the shelf life of products. No matter what type and size of product it is, these thermoforming machines are reliable for all of them.

Medical Industry

Medical Industry

Covers and protections of medical equipments are made using a thermoforming machine. These machines are used for high resistance impact of instruments, heat deflection, radiation blockage and low cost covers for medical things.

Automobile Industry

Automobile Industry

Panels, seating parts, bumpers, bed liners, air ducts, mats and doors are made using thermoforming machines. Both vacuum and pressure technology is ideal to form precise and high quality materials for automotive industry. Parts are made using acrylonitrile butadiene styrene and thermoplastic olefin as material of thermoforming.

Agriculture Industry

Agriculture Industry

Agriculture equipments and components including roofs, pots, trays and frames are made up through these machines. These components are ultraviolet resisting and also avoid any type corrosion.

8.What Are The Common Errors And Their Remedies While Using A Thermoforming Machine?

Thermoforming Machine-2



Problem Cause

Problem Remedy





Excess Moisture

Pre heat sheet

Heat from both sides



Uneven Heating

Check output power of heat

Usage of pattern heating



Heating too Rapidly

Distance between heater and sheet should be increased.

Decreasing heating temperature





Incomplete Forming


Insufficient Vacuum

Increasing number of holes in vacuum chamber

Diameter of vacuum holes if increased can resolve the problem.


Cold Sheet

Heating temperature should be raised.

Increasing number of heaters


Too low applied pressure

Increasing pressure of air.



Change in Color Intensity

Excess Heating

Reducing temperature of heater.

Short the cycle of heater


Insufficient Heating

Raising temperature of heater

Purchasing more efficient heater





Surface Blemishes


Hot mould


Reducing temperature of mould


Scratching of Sheet


Using polished sheet

Inspecting the handling of sheet


Poor Vacuum


Increasing hole area of vacuum

Checking inlet of vacuum


Rough Mould Surface


Polishing of mould to be done

Using aluminum mould can reduce this

9.What factors are to be considered before buying a perfect Thermoforming Machine?

Some of the factors that should be considered before buying a single chamber vacuum packaging machine are

Thermoforming Machine-3



Efficiency directly depends on the productivity of a manufacturer. It is always important before going for purchasing a thermoforming machine that the manufacturer should search for machines that can help them achieve their production targets. Machines that are economical and return their investment in no time are the one to be chosen at first.

Authentic Manufacturer

Authentic Manufacturer

Globally there are numbers of manufacturers of thermoforming machines but very few produce high quality machines. Before buying a machine the review of manufacturer should be observed with keen and the feedback of previous customers is a consideration.

Local Supplier

Local Supplier

Local supplier of machine is one of the most important benefits the manufacturer can get. It helps in dealing with them and to make sure their availability whenever required. Local suppliers can also be called for troubleshooting purpose and utilize their expertise.

Availability of Spare Parts

Availability of Spare Parts

Making sure of availability of spare parts is also one of the parameters to be considered. As it takes lot of time to import products from OEM so machines that are having locally available spares are better to be considered.


Thermoforming machines are highly beneficial in food, packaging, medical, automotive and other industries. These machines have brought a revolution in preserving food items and manufacturing reliable household items. When you are in search of efficient and productive Thermoforming machines, Allpackchina provides you number of solutions for that. These machines are economic as well as user friendly. You can go through this article and know all about Thermoforming machines. Feel free to contact us anytime or visit our website  for complete details.


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