Tablet Counting Machine: The Complete Buying Guide in 2022

Tablet counting machine has a great importance while making different medicines in pharmaceutical industries. It helps you count the tablets in a very less time with high accuracy.

If you are looking for a high quality tablet counting machine, this blog will help you choosing the right one based on your industry demand. You will get to know all the necessary details about tablet counting machine.

1.What is a tablet counting machine?

Tablet Counting Machine

A tablet counting machine is a kind of machinery that is widely used in pharmaceutical industry for counting tablets. It is used in counting tablets, pills, soft and hard capsules and coated tablets. High degree sensors fitted in the machine accurately counts the number of tablets in a very less time.

Tablet Counting Machine-1

A Tablet Counting Machine

An amazing feature of a tablet counting machine is that it counts the tablets of different sizes and shapes. This machine has also been used in other industries like food industry, chemical industry and agriculture industry.

2.What are the benefits of tablet counting machine?

Electronic Tablet Counting Machine

Electronic Tablet Counting Machine

Tablet counting machine has the following benefits:

Less chances or error:  There are very low chances of error while counting the tablets through tablet counting machine. It gives high accuracy with less than 1% chances of any mistake.

Works very fast: It works very fast. You can your desired goal in a very less time.

Cost effective:With this machine, there is no need of workers to count the pills by hand. Labor cost is reduced in this way.

Very easy to operate:Advanced technologies are used to develop such machines. They are very easy to operate.

Numerous models:Numerous models are available in tablet counting machines. You can buy according to your need.

3.Explain the applications of tablet counting machine?

Automatic Tablet Counting Machine

Automatic Tablet Counting Machine

Tablet counting machine has applications in different fields. They have importance in many other industries not only in pharmaceuticals. This machine has the applications in following sectors:

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Food industry
  • Healthcare department

Pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical industry

 Tablet counting machine has been widely used in pharmaceuticals in counting different types of pills. This machine helps in counting tablets rapidly with a very less chance of mistake and your pills remains safe from any damage.

Chemical industry

Chemical industry

Chemical reactions require accurate amount of chemical. Any minor changes in the products lead to disaster. So, table counting machine is also used in chemical industry for counting chemicals concentrations.

Food industry

Food industry

In food industry, different food supplements also need to count. So, tablet counting machine is also used in this industry.

Healthcare department

Healthcare department

Healthcare products also need to count, so this machine is also used by this department.

4.What are the main types of tablet counting machine?

There are three main types of tablet counting machine:

  • Manual tablet counting machine
  • Semi-automatic tablet counting machine
  • Fully automatic tablet counting machine

Manual tablet counting machine

Manual tablet counting machine

This machine needs a professional operator to run and have made of old technology. It consists of some handheld devices which need to be run by employs.

The accuracy of counting by this machine is good but lower than the advanced machines. When the machine runs, it makes a very less noise.  It is convenient for small batches and is easy to use.

Semi-automatic tablet counting machine

Semi-automatic tablet counting machine

The semi-automatic tablet counting machine employs both manual and automatic transmission and streamlines functions based on requirements. It is very much similar to fully automatic machine but somehow need supervision in some matters.

Fully automatic tablet counting machine

Fully automatic tablet counting machine

The equipment in this type are fully automatic, no need of any operator. It counts the pills with 100% accuracy in a rapid way without need of any operator.

Latest technology has been used in designing this type of counting machine. It is super-fast in its functions and count up to thousand pills per minute.

5.What are the main parts of a tablet counting machine?

Tablet counting machine consists of five main parts:

  1. Vibrating feeder
  2. Counting system
  3. Bottle feeding system
  4. Control system

Vibrating feeder

Vibrating feeder

Vibrating feeder helps in feeding the tablets through vibration.

Counting system

Counting system

As the name shows that the counting system counts the number of tablets fed by the vibrating feeder.

Bottle feeding system

Bottle feeding system

The bottles/containers need to be filled by bottle feeding system.

Control system

Control system

The control system contains in built cameras which detects the damaged products and don’t allow their filling.

6.Explain the working of tablet counting machine?

tablet counting machine-2

Latest tablet counting machine work automatically managed by microprocessors. In case of manual machines, it has two main parts: A feeding unit and an electronic counting unit.

Tablets are placed in a feeding hopper, vibration starts and tablets start vibrating in a rotary glass disc. The tablets are then dropped in an electronic counting unit with photo detectors that serve as a sensor for counting the tablets.  

7.What things you keep in mind when buying a tablet counting machine?

Always use the user friendly design: Before buying any tablet counting machine, make sure that it has a user friendly design. It should be easy to use.

Make sure it is suitable according to your need: It is very important to think before buying that is it suitable for your needs or not.

Go for latest technology: Always go for modern designs with latest technology. It will save your time and labor cost.

Always check the warranty: Always buy those machines with warranty. In case of any damage you can replace your machine.


Tablet counting machine has been using in various industries. It has tremendous advantages in pharmaceutical industry in counting tablets. If you are looking for a high end tablet counting machine, ALLPACKCHINA is providing the best machinery in the market. They have all the latest designs with new in built technology. Do contact us anytime if you need a user friendly tablet counting machine.


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