Top 10 Global Crusher Machine Manufacturers:The Definite Guide In 2024

As is well-known,crusher machines are widely used in pharmaceutical,construction and many other industries,they bring large convenience for industries.There are many different types of crusher machines,such as impact crusher machines,cone crusher machines,jaw crusher machines,mobile crusher machines,etc.

Well,with so many kinds of crusher machines to choose,do you know which one is proper to you?And how can you purchase a high quality crusher machine?Now,look at here,you will find the list of the top 10 global crusher machine manufacturers,you will learn different aspects of these manufacturers and then make your own decision.

Rank Manufacturer Headquarter
1 Metso Outotec USA
3 Superior USA
4 EAGLE Crusher USA
5 Allpack China
6 Keestrack Belgium
7 Hewitt Robins UK
8 Sandvik Switzerland
9 Rubble Master Austria


Headquarter: USA

Company Background & Information

Metso Outotec was founded in 1933,it is a company that provides equipment for aggregate,mining and metal industries,it provides comprehensive equipment,technologies and services for customers,so it is widely recognized by most of people.

The company has 15,000 employees in over 50 countries in the world,which means that it is a large scale company.

Key Products

  • Nordberg® NP1415™ Horizontal Shaft Impact Crusher Machine
  • Nordberg® HP200e™ Cone Crusher Machine

Nordberg® NP1415™ Horizontal Shaft Impact Crusher Machine

Nordberg® HP200e™ Cone Crusher Machine

Recommend Reason

  • Metso Outotec has distributors in 45 countries in the world,and it has many employees in different countries,so the company can provide equipment and services for more and more people,if you want to buy machine or other equipment from the company,it is very convenient.
  • Metso Outotec aims to realize sustainable modern life,so it comes up with solutions which are sustainable and flexible,which can help customers in long-term.
  • Metso Outotec has high reliability,the company insists on innovation and development,it aims to become the first choice of its customers and the company always makes efforts for this goal.

Headquarter: USA

Company Background & Information


TEREX was founded in 1933,it is an international manufacturer of processing machines and aerial work platforms,the products of this company are widely used in construction,mineral,material management,recycling,maintenance,resources development industries and so on.
The company manufactures its products in North America,Europe,Australia and China,and then sales these products to the whole world.

Key Products

  • C-1554 Cone Crusher Machine
  • J-1280 HybridJaw Crusher Machine
  • IC-110 Impact Crusher Machine

C-1554 Cone Crusher Machine

J-1280 HybridJaw Crusher Machine

IC-110 Impact Crusher Machine

Recommend Reason

  • TEREX provides strong supports for its customers,from machinery,to parts,and then the service,the company will always help customers in the whole cooperation period.
  • There are many sub-brand of TEREX,these brands provide different types of equipment,which can meet different customers’demands,and the scheduling of resources is very convenient.
  • TEREX possesses many skilled and professional employees,who design and manufacture processing machines and ensure these machines are high grade,therefore,you can always trust the quality of TEREX’s equipment.


Company Background & Information


Superior was established in 1972,the founder created this company after he produced portable crushing,washing and conveying equipment.This company provides a variety of processing machines such as crusher machines,washing machines,vibrators,conveying parts,portable plants,etc.

Superior devoted itself to the processing industry,and it gained good reputation because of its efforts.

Key Products

  • Liberty Jaw Crusher Machine
  • Cone Crusher Machine

Liberty Jaw Crusher Machine

Cone Crusher Machine

Recommend Reason

  • Superior always provides effective and rigorous solutions for customers,to quickly solve their problems,and the company keeps on integrity management,it is believable,many customers prefer choosing this company.
  • The employees of Superior are responsible and experienced,also,they always get professional training,to improve their skills,as a result,they can manufacture better processing machines which have higher market competition.
  • Superior respects its customers,the company’s original intention has always been to solve problems for customers,and it keeps good cooperation relationship with customers all the time.

Headquarter: USA

Company Background & Information

The history of EAGLE Crusher can be dated back to the early 1900s,the company has gone through a long time.The company’s main business is to manufacture and supply impact crusher machines,cone crusher machines,jaw crusher machines,portable crushing and screening plants,hammermills,conveyors,etc.

This company always provides innovative and excellent machinery and high quality after-sales services.

Key Products

  • 2036 Jaw Crusher Machine
  • 3242 Jaw Crusher Machine
  • 3260 Jaw Crusher Machine

2036 Jaw Crusher Machine

Recommend Reason

  • EAGLE Crusher provides complete lines of processing machines which can solve more problems for customers then a single machine,therefore,this company is a good choice for people those who are in heavy-duty industries.
  • EAGLE Crusher is a member of many associations such as AED,AEM,CDRA,HCEA,IAAP,IMAA,NSSGA,OAIMA and so on,which means that this company cooperates with many other international companies so  that it has abundant resources.
  • EAGLE Crusher has good professional ethics,it promises that it will protect customers’information,therefore,this is a company which is worthy to trust,you can choose it with confidence.

Headquarter: China

Company Background & Information

Allpack has a 12 years’ history,it is a world famous manufacturer and exporter of pharmaceutical,processing and packaging machines,it provides a variety of processing machines such as crusher machines,mixers,grinders,slicers,sifter machines,R&D machines,granulator machines,mills,these machines are all world class and they are practical for customers.

Key Products

  • B Series Universal CrusherMachine
  • CSJ Series Coarse CrusherMachine
  • DS Series Dust Collecting High Efficient Crusher Machine

B Series Universal CrusherMachine

CSJ Series Coarse CrusherMachine

DS Series Dust Collecting High Efficient Crusher Machine

Recommend Reason

  • Allpack insists of customer-center principle,it respect customers’opinions,in the consulting and discussion steps,the employees of this company will make deep communications with customers,to come up the most suitable solutions.
  • Allpack has its own logistic network,no matter where you are,if you purchase machines from this company,it can deliver your machines to you as soon as possible,this is a highlight strength of Allpack.
  • Allpack possesses strict quality testing system and management,when customers purchase a machine,this machines will be tested by professional inspectors,when they can guarantee that this machine has no quality problem,it can be sent to customer.

Headquarter: Belgium

Company Background & Information


Keestrack was founded for over 25 years,it is a family-owned company,it mainly serves for engineering machinery industry,it provides crusher machines,tracked engine units,milling machines,tracked apron feeders,dust suppression,screens and others.
These machines are designed to simplify the working process of industries,and they are optimized in detail.

Key Products

  • R3E Impact Crusher Machine
  • B4 Jaw Crusher Machine

R3E Impact Crusher Machine

B4 Jaw Crusher Machine

Recommend Reason

  • Keestrack insists on innovation and solution orientationprinciple,and it constantly improve its ideas,to make the machines have higher quality,which can make them be more suitable for the changing market demands.
  • Keestrack aims to realize sustainable development in construction industry,so its machines are designed to be recycled,which is quite environment friendly,as a result,the company is highly recognized in this area.
  • Keestrack take importance of the communication with customers,it keeps positive discussion with its customers,listen to their requirements,so the company can design and provide machines according to real condition.

Headquarter: UK

Company Background & Information


Hewitt Robins has a long history which is up to 100 years,it is a manufacturer in heavy-duty industry,it designs,produces and supplies vibrating screens,feeders,crusher machines and foundry equipment for industries.The machines of Hewitt Robins have high strengths,high durability and high reliability.

Key Products

  • Hewitt Robins Jaw Crusher Machine

Hewitt Robins Jaw Crusher Machines

Recommend Reason

  • Hewitt Robins adds innovating and unique designs into its machines,let them can be used in tough situations,therefore,these machines are highly recognized by heavy-duty industries.
  • Hewitt Robins possesses professional knowledge,and its global influence has been increased rapidly,it has complete infrastructure,abundant resources and strong technical support,these are the reasons why people choose Hewitt Robins.
  • As is mentioned that,Hewitt Robins has existed for a century,in the past years,the company has accumulated much experience and it applies it into machines,which makes the machines have excellent performances.

Headquarter: Switzerland

Company Background & Information


Sandvik was established in 1862,it is an international manufacturer of manufacturing and processing machines,it aims to improve the production capacity of customers.

Sandvik established four main businesses,which make their research and development,sales and after-sales services separately,these businesses are:manufacturing and processing solutions,mine and rock technology,rock processing technology and material handling technology,with these businesses,the company can help more customers.

Key Products

  • CH840i Cone Crusher Machine
  • CS430 Cone Crusher Machine

CH840i Cone Crusher Machine

CS430 Cone Crusher Machine

Recommend Reason

  • The machines which are produced by Sandvik take advantages of good performance,high quality,safety,flexibility and high profits,having these advantages,this company becomes more and more well-known among industries.
  • The company has professional knowledge and it keeps innovation and development,it always comes up with advanced solutions,and it provides training service for customers.
  • Sandvik keeps good cooperation relationship with its customers,it is a good partner of customers,it provides a wide range of equipment for customers,to help them extend their businesses.

Headquarter: Austria

Company Background & Information

Rubble Master was created in 1991,until now it has been 32 years,the original goal of this company is to let more entrepreneurs can increase profits by mobile rubble recycling.The company mainly provides crusher machines,screen units and stockpiling conveyors to industries.

Key Products

  • MXJ1100 Crusher Machine
  • Mobile Impact Crusher Machine

MXJ1100 Crusher Machine

Mobile Impact Crusher Machine

Recommend Reason

  • Rubble Master takes importance of its core competition,that is,designing and developing crusher machines,and it constantly purchases other companies to enlarge its scale.
  • Rubble Master conforms to solution-oriented principle to design machines,and it customize specific solutions for customers,which can solve their problems more effective.
  • Rubble Master has a global distributing network,it has businesses in the range of the whole work,so it can provide machines and services for customers from different countries.

Headquarter: USA

TESABCompany Background & Information


TESAB was established in 1992,in the past 30 years,the company has devoted itself to provide all kinds of crusher machines for industries,for example,mineral industry.These years,TESAB has developed constantly,and its reputation in manufacturing high quality equipment has gotten higher and higher.

Key Products

  • 1412T Tracked Impact Crusher Machine

1412T Tracked Impact Crusher Machine

Recommend Reason

  • TESAB possesses a global distributor network,therefore,it can provide crusher machines for customers from all over the world.
  • TESAB provides all kinds of crushing solutions for customers,and supplies many series of crusher machines which are suitable for different crushing demands,these machines are recognized by most of customers.
  • TESAB insists of customer-center principle,and keeps open and honest attitude to cooperate with customers,it provides high quality customer services and gains many customers’satisfactions.


OK,now after reading this blog,do you have a primary knowledge of the top 10 global crusher machine manufacturers?Have you already have a choice among them?Well,take it easy,just follow your heart and consider carefully that which one is proper to you.And if you can not make your decision,you can contact us to ask for some suggestions.

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