Automatic Strapping Machine / KZ-8060/D


·KZ series high-table automatic strapping machine adopt film,durable, efficient KZmechanism as the main bod)y, human-machine interface, PLC and fully digital manipulation to ensure easy size changeover and stable running.

·Due to special design of strapping and withdrawal rack, more straps are applicable and packing cost is lowered greatly, Oifremaintenance, firm strapping highspeed and long use life. It can be a single-unit operation or equipped onto the production line.

·KZ/D-series is suitable for light objects.

Automatic Strapping Machine -6

Automatic Strapping Machine-12

Semi automatic Carton Sealer-20

Automatic Strapping Machine-11

Product Detail:


Voltage (V/Hz) AC 380/50220/60 3Phase
Power (w) 1000
Max.Strapping Size (LxH)(mm) 800*600
strapping Speed (seclcycle) ≤2.5
Strapping Force (V/hz)(N) 25-700 (Adjustable)
Height of Table (mm) 750
Width of Strap Used (mm) Plastic strap 9-15, thickness 0.5-1.1
External Dimensions (LxWx H)(mm) 1400×620×1470
Net Weight (kg) 240


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