Semi Automatic Strapping Machine / KZB-T


KZB-T table type semiautomatic strapping machine is used to strap small packages such as money, notes, parcel post,presswork and gifts etc. widely used in fields such as post office, office, bank, book store etc. lt is a kind of machine used for office supplies.

Product Detail:


Voltage (VIHz) AC 220/50 110/60
Power (W) 90
Max. Strapping Size(LxH)(mm) /
Strapping Speed (seclcycle) 1.8
Strapping Force (V/hz)(N) 10-100 (Adjustable)
Height of Table (mm) 250
Width of Strap Used (mm) Plastic strap 6-15(Adjustable)
External Dimensions (LxWx H)(mm) 665×335×200
Net Weight (kg) 18


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