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Vertical Packing Machine SN-11 Tea Bag Packing Machine


Vertical Packing Machine SN-60CJ

Vertical Packing Machine SN-60CJ
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Vertical Packing Machine SN-169 Tea Bag Packing Machine




The machine is suitable for tea, herbal tea, health tea grassroots small particles inside and outside the bag, such as disposable packaging.


  • Paper WaiFeng consists of stepper motor control, bag length stable, accurate positioning;
  • Using the PID temperature controller, temperature control more accurate;
  • PLC control action of the machine, the man-machine interface display, easy to operate;
  • All parts contacting material of SUS304 stainless steel, ensure health of products;
  • Part of the working cylinder adopts imported parts, ensure the accuracy and stability.
  • This machine can complete the flat cutting, date printing, easy tear etc. Function.


 Model: SN – 169

Sealing form: three edge-sealing   measuring range: 1-15 g/bag   production capacity: 30 to 60 bags/min

The bag size: 50-75mm long; Wide 50-75mm.  outside bag size: 85-120mm long; 75-95mm wide

Label size: 25 x25 (length * width)  input power: 220 v / 50 hz single-phase   total power: 3.7 kw

The weight: 650 kg   appearance size: 1050 x700x1300 (length * width * height in mm)


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