Vertical Packing Machine SN-60CJ



Four edge sealing packing machine, liquid packing machine is applicable to: food, medicine, chemical and other industries in the paste, liquid packaging.


1. The four edge sealing

2. It can automatically complete bag-making, measuring, blanking, sealing, cutting and counting. At the same time, it can configure the functions of printing batch number according to customers’ requirements.

3. Advanced PLC microcomputer controller and stepper motor are adopted to control the bag length with stable performance, convenient adjustment and accurate detection

4. Select intelligent temperature controller, PID adjustment, to ensure that the temperature error range is controlled within 1℃.


The bag size :Width: 30-150 mm Length: 30-180 mm

Production capacity:30-60 bags/min

Measuring range:3-150 – ml

The total power:220 v / 50 hz / 1.9 KW

The weight:400KG

Installation dimensions(LENGTH × width × height):900 * 700 * 1700 mm


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