SP-2 2 Nuzzles Lab Supository Filling Machine



Working principle:

SP-2 type suppository filling automatic production line has a stable and efficient preheating mold, heated mold, molding, belting, canned, frozen, sealing bolt all production processes such as complete system process, grain production capacity of 3,000-4,000 / hour.


One-time molding suppository for embedded type filling, filling accuracy + / – 2%, filling material barrel has electric heating insulation system, the top is equipped with a uniform mixing machine in order to make drugs, drug by high precision in VAT filling pump into the filling head, a drug through the other end of the cycle to rest after filling material barrel filling again next time.

Cooling to finalize the design

The suppository of the whole filling and filling is entered into the cooling box, the cooling box is equipped with a cold water unit, and the cooling air is cooled through the condenser in the cooling box to the suppository in the cooling box.

Sealing shear:

After cooling, the solid supposit enters the sealing area: preheating mold (preheating), sealing die (sealing), marking die (marking), (marking), hob (top), count cutting.


  1. The SP-2 automatic suppository production line is suitable for the production of suppositories with special shapes such as bullet head, torpedo shape and duck bill, which can meet the production of various suppositories. (mold specifications can be opened according to the specific requirements of customers)
  2. PLC programmable control and man-machine interface operation, easy operation, convenient adjustment, accurate temperature control, smooth operation.
  3. Temperature sensor and microcomputer control system are used to achieve high precision temperature control.
  4. The liquid storage tank is made of 316L stainless steel with proper volume, heat preservation, heating function and accurate temperature control. The tank is equipped with a stirring device to ensure the homogeneity of the liquid in the barrel at any time. The liquid storage tank is connected with the filling mechanism through the pipe, and the medicine liquid is insulated and circulated to ensure the fluidity of the liquid and satisfy the need of filling.
  5. With the insertion type linear perfusion mechanism, the location is accurate, no medicine, no wall; Single grain measurement 0.5-5ml, filling error plus or minus 2%.
  6. Continuous cooling design, after infusion, the suppository shell can be fully cooled, and the liquid solid transformation can be achieved.
  7. Continuous strip, continuous sealing, sealing process batch number self-printing; Seal should be well sealed, with neat appearance, with a good rate of not less than 98%.




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