Medium Speed Suppository Production Line(Linear)



Working Principle:
SP- 7L linear type full automatic suppository production line has a stable and efficient suppositories preheating mold, heated mold, molding, belting, canned, frozen, sealing bolt all production processes such as complete system process, grain production capacity of 8,000-12,000 / hour.


It will be rolled up (PVC, PVC/PE) into the forming area by the preheated mold, the heating die, the mold, the blow molding and the bubble forming. The triangle-knife cutting edge (cutting edge) and the dotted line.


And one-time molding suppository for embedded type filling, filling accuracy + / – 2%, filling material barrel has electric heating insulation system, the top is equipped with a uniform mixing machine in order to make drugs, drug by high precision in VAT filling pump into the filling head, a drug through the other end of the cycle to rest after filling material barrel filling again next time.


The whole irrigation and drainage install suppository into cooling box, external cooling box is equipped with water chiller, cooling air through the condenser cooling box for cooling cooling box suppository.

Sealing and shearing:

Be cooled solid suppository into the sealing area: preheating mold (hot) and the sealing mould (sealing) – code mould (lot number) – hob (clip above) – > count shear.


  1. SP-7L type automatic suppository production line is suitable for the production of special shape such as bullet head, duck mouth shape and other shapes, which satisfies the production of various suppositories. (according to the specifications of the mould according to the requirements of the customer)
  2. The equipment adopts PLC programmable control and man-machine interface operation, simple operation, convenient adjustment, accurate temperature control and smooth operation.
  3. The temperature sensor and microcomputer control system are used to achieve high precision thermostatic control.
  4. The storage tanks are made of 316L stainless steel, which is suitable for heat preservation, heating and accurate temperature control. The tank is equipped with a mixing device to ensure the uniformity of the liquid at any time. The reservoir can be connected to the bottling organ through the pipe, and the liquid can be kept in circulation, ensuring the liquid of the liquid and satisfying the filling demand.
  5. Adopting the insertion type line filling mechanism, the position is accurate, no drops, no wall. A single dose of 0.5 to 5ml, the filling error plus or minus 2%.
  6. Continuous cooling pattern, the suppository casing can be fully cooled and the liquid solid conversion is achieved.
  7. Continuous tape, continuous sealing, sealing process batch number self-printing; The sealing should be well sealed, with neat appearance and no less than 98% good quality.



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