New Version Semi-automatic capsule filling machine CGN208-D3



High configuration cgn208-d3 type capsule filling machine is a new efficient equipment based on cgn-208d model after reaearch and development:easier more intuitive and higher loading in capsule dropping,U-turning,vaccum seperation in comparsion with the old type.

The new type of capulse orientating adopts column pill positioning design,which shortens the time in the replacement of mould from original 30 minutes to 5-8 minutes.


This machine is one type of electricity and pneumatic combined control,PLC and touch screen control,automatic counting electronics,programmable controller and frequency conversion speed regulating device.

Instead of manual filling,it reduces lablor intensity,which is the ideal equipment for capusle filling for samll and medium-szie pharmaceutical companies,pharmaceutical reaearch and development institution and hospital preparation room.


Mold changing time 5-8 Mins
Working Capacity 25000-25000Pcs/hour
Size of Capsule 000#, 00L#, 00#,0L#, 0#, 1#,2#, 3#, 4#,5#
Power Supply 380v 50Hz 3PH 4.0Kw
Compressed air 0.03m³    0.7 Mpa
Vacuum pump 40m³/h
Overall dimensions 1140×700×1600 mm
Weight 580Kg


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