Multi-function Tablet, Pill, Capsule Bottling Line (Medium-speed Line)



JF-A160-16 Grain counting bottling packaging linkage production line is made up of JF-A160 bottle unscramble, JF16 electronic counting machine, JF-C120 automatic desiccant inserter (cotton inserter or paper inserter). JF-D902 capping screwing machine, JF-2 induction sealer, JF-201 round bottle side face abler (coding machine)


1. Wide applicability, with our original anti-dust technology it can be used for tablets( including abnormal tablets), capsules,gels( including abnormal gels, transparent gels and opaquegels) pearls and most kind of tabloids
2. High-intelligentce: intelligent design of each machinewith interactive operating multi-language panel Can save10-20 kinds of different operating parameters and easy to loadfor different products. Self-diagnose, displays errors and makealarms. Well cooperation between each machine and in theWhole line
3. High efficiency. Take purposed to operate, easy tooperate, to adjust, to clean and to maintain. Low working cost,low maintain cost 3 workers will be enough to operate
4. Small in size innerpackingroom30 m max) and low cost inpower
5. Control system: adopting PLC and touch screen control


Model JF-A160-16
Applicable φ 20 pills, compatible with 000-5 capsules, soft capsules, φ 5.5- φ 22 plain tablets, special-shaped tablets, sugar-coated tablets
Output(bottles/min) 50-90 bottles/min (depending on drug type, size, drug specification, bottle quantity)
Power Supply 220v/50HZ
Power 4.5KW
Gas consumption(/min) 1
Net Dimension(mm) 10000*2500


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