Fastjet A400-40Si micro character inkjet printer


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In some applications, the customer’s product will be small and the printed content will be much. For example, printing 2 lines of content on a 3 mm X 6 mm connector surface. This means that the height of each line of words cannot exceed 1.5 mm, considering the need for some empty positions. The actual coded word height cannot exceed 1 mm. The original 60 micron nozzle printer clearly did not meet the requirements. Because the 60 micron nozzle machine can only print a minimum of 2 mm word height. To this end, we have prepared a 40 micron nozzle solution for you.


Advanced performance:

The original ink viscosity detection and liquid level detection technology ensures high-definition print quality of the machine, and it is more suitable for anti-migration ink and yellow ink than similar machines.

The fully anatomically designed nozzle design completely solves the problem of nozzle clogging that has always existed in the industry and reduces the user’s use cost.

The design of the magnetically controlled non-contact high-voltage switch completely avoids machine failure caused by poor contact after long-term use.


Maintenance is simpler and inspection is easier:

The circuit system is separated from the ink system to avoid accidental damage to the machine during maintenance and use.


A drawer-type ink system makes maintenance easier:

Direct operation of the ink system by a single valve and pump closure makes it easier to determine machine failures and eliminate unnecessary maintenance costs.


Perfect function, convenient and durable:

The automatic cleaning of the nozzle ensures that the machine will operate stably for long periods of time.

The unique 34 dot matrix design is suitable for customers in different industries to meet the requirements of various logos.

Spin-on ink addition system, plug and play, no need to replace the ink tank, saving consumables.

Support data transmission, and can form a complete automated identification system with other electronic devices (such as weighing instruments, computers).

Dedicated print fonts and print modes can be tailored to customers with special requirements.

WYSIWYG, drop-down Chinese menu, easy to operate, always maintain excellent coding quality.




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