CH-10 Slot Type Mixer




CH-10 slot type mixer is used for mixing powder or paste material, so that the heterogeneous materials are mixed evenly, which is characterized in that the horizontal groove type single slurry mixing, mixing slurry for the shaft, easy to clean. The contact parts are made of stainless steel. The homogeneous mixing of heterogeneous materials is carried out by the rotation of the pulp leaves in the feed tank. The groove and the blade of the round mixer can be operated reversely, and the efficiency is higher and the mixing is more uniform than that of the common trough mixer.


Trough capacity(kg) 10
Spindle speed (r/min) 24
Mixing cycle(min) 5-20
Main motor (kw) 0.25
Dumping motor (kw) by hand
Net weight (kg) 40
Overall size(mm) 600*280*450


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