A03 Manual paste liquid filling machine



A03 manual filling machine adopts the piston to the liquid, paste, such as material for 5-50g quantitative filling, the agency is compact, easy to operate, measurement precision, the body and material contact parts made of stainless steel and poly fluorine has wear-resisting, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, can be filling liquid, fluid food,lubricating oil, shampoo, paste, liquid material, with functions of paste filling one.

Especially suitable for the daily chemical industry, small and medium-sized enterprise or the department of pharmaceutical preparation in hospital, laboratory and other units of small dose of filling work. Can also be used to have quantitative filling, sealing the hose is the ideal paste liquid filling equipment.


 Model A03 Manual paste liquid filling machine
 Filling range 5-50kg
 Hopper capacity 10L
Filling accuracy ±1%
 Total weight 13kg
 Dimensions 290x290x722mm


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