Automatic Tape Dispenser:The Complete Buying Guide In 2023

With the increasing population of world, industries and factories are now focused on producing products with higher precision, quality, and greater productivity. In this regard, they are opting modern technologies to fulfill their production requirements and deliver a presentable product to the customer.

Automatic tape dispenser is also one of the most liable products used for dispensing tape on cartons, boxes and plastics with uniformity and precision. They empower the industry to perform wrapping rapidly with sharp, fine edge cutting. Considering variety of automatic tape dispensers available in market manufactured in different parts of world, it might confuse the buyer to purchase a perfect automatic tape dispenser. We Allpack are providing you this complete buying guide for an automatic tape dispenser which can properly assist and guide you to purchase a compatible machine. So, read the complete blog to take the most of it.

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    1.What Is an Automatic Tape Dispenser?

    Automatic Tape Dispenser

    Automatic tape dispensers are one of the most regularly used items in any factory, industry or processing plant. It is used due to its rapid tape dispensing capability on packaging bags, cartons and boxes.

    An automatic tape dispenser is made up of plastic or metal material with sharp edge cutting tool for excess tape cutting. A single automatic tape dispenser allows the user to perform packaging with tapes of different size, shapes and widths which makes it very useful. It has the capability to cut tape in different ways and get adjusted accordingly.

    2.What Important Features an Automatic Tape Dispenser Shows?

    User Friendly

    User Friendly

    Automatic tape dispenser is very user friendly because of their operation. The machine assists the operator to one select the type of cutting and the length of tape that has to be cut. Rest the whole work is done by the machine itself in a precise manner.

    Fast Cutting

    Fast Cutting

    In terms of fast cutting, the loaded tape comes out of the dispenser as it gets powered. The operator pushes the desired length and the tapes comes out quickly. When the operator positions the dispenser on cartons or boxes, it presses the flaps down and quickly seal it to make it secure from opening during transportation.

    Cut to Pre-Set Lengths

    Pre-Set Lengths

    The key feature of an automatic tape dispenser is that it cuts the tape which is preset by the operator. The setting is done as per the requirement of box edges or by the desire of customer as well. Variety of options are available in an automatic tape dispenser to customize the setting of length of tape.

    Reduction in Movement

    Reduction in Movement

    An automatic tape dispenser facilitates the operator to minimize the number of movements to pack a box or carton and also helps in increasing the productivity of an industry. Through a research it has been gathered that by using an automatic tape dispenser, the productivity of an industry increases by 21%.

    Low Risk of Injury

    Low Risk of Injury

    As mentioned above, when the number of movements is decreased it automatically results in low risk of any type of injury or accidents.

    Far Less Fatigue of Operator

    Far Less Fatigue of Operator

    In an automatic tape dispenser, the maximum work is done the machine itself rather than by the operator. As a result, the operator gets a greater comfort zone and gets less fatigue in operation.

    3.What Are the Applications of An Automatic Tape Dispenser?

    Automatic Tape Dispenser-1

    There are number of industries that are busy in using these automatic tape dispensers because of its advance features and quality packaging. An automatic tape dispenser can be applied in all type of factories, industries, households and companies where packaging of boxes, cartons, bags takes place. The rolling feature of tape on the body of box makes it highly reliable for industrial packaging.

    Whether it is a food, processing, medical, pharmaceutical, courier or etc. all types of industries are now using automatic tape dispenser to get more better-quality packaging of products with fast output ratio.

    4.What Is the Working Principle of An Automatic Tape Dispenser?

    Automatic Tape Dispenser-2

    Like other dispensing equipment used in industries, automatic tape dispenser also has a simple operational procedure. The operation of an automatic tape dispenser is done in following steps.

    • Initially, all the parameters including electrical, tape roll, length setting, edge cutting and others are done in an automatic tape dispenser.
    • As the setting is done the roll of tape is filled with a new tape in a specific manner which is defined by the manufacturer itself.
    • As the operator finds all the things in favor, it pushes the numbered button from where it selects the length of tape take is to be used to seal a packet.
    • The machine is carried to the carton then and positions the place of taping and presses it down.
    • The dispenser than releases the tape automatically and on the other hand the cutting of edges is also done as it reaches to the length selected previously.
    • In this manner the tape bonds both the flaps of object with greater strength.

    5.What Type of Tape Is Used in An Automatic Tape Dispenser?

    Following type of tapes ae used in an automatic tape dispenser

    Water-activated tape

    Water-activated tape

    This type of tape is made up of pure paper and has a reinforce of fiberglass in it for making it strength full. An automatic tape dispenser has an activated feature with water for proper dispensing of water activated tape. For this a water heater is also installed in it that aids the adhesion of bounding tape.

    Scotch Tape

    Scotch Tape

    Scotch tape is the most popular type of tape used for binding purpose and is available in different sizes and lengths. An automatic tape dispenser incorporates with all sizes of Scotch tapes

    Double sided tape

    Double sided tape

    A double-sided tape is used where both the surfaces of the material are to be used for sticking purpose. These tapes are a bit expensive so with an automatic tape dispenser, proper dispatching of tape is performed and which creates less chances of waste.

    Fiber tape

    Fiber tape

    A fiber tape is usually used as a replacement of paper tape or in areas where patch holes are to be covered in dry walls. They are also best incorporated with automatic tape dispenser.

    Warning tape

    Warning tape

    Areas which are to bed cordon off used warning tapes to isolate their areas. Automatic tape dispenser can also be helpful is those areas for proper dispatching and clean marking.

    Kraft paper tape

    Kraft paper tape

    Kraft paper tapes are produced using the pulp of a tree or wood. They are famous due to their stickiness and are widely used for secure sealing.

    6.What Are the Types of An Automatic Tape Dispenser?

    There are four types of automatic tape dispensers in the current conditions and are used in different types of industries, factories and households. The types are as follow

    Automatic Tape Dispenser-3

    Semi-Automatic Tape Machine

    Semi-Automatic Tape Machine

    A semi-automatic taping machines are mainly used in small scale industries where small boxes or cartons are to be sealed. Fully programmed work is carried out in a semi-automatic tape dispenser which directly increases the productivity also the machines are economical in many ways.

    Working Principle

    Physically all the parameters of machine are set by the operator depending upon the required conditions and then dispensing of tape is performed on cartons or boxes. The tape is then dispensed on the box in a precise manner.

    Electric Tape Machine

    Electric Tape Machine

    An electrically controlled tape dispensing machines performs their task starting from dispensing to cutting of edges in a decent manner. They are completely automated and are used in large scale industries to make the process easy and productive. Automatic tape dispenser of this type keeps the human life and atmosphere both secure and user friendly.

    Working Principle

    The tape is dispensed over the carton in a short time which results greater productivity. The operator only has to demonstrate the length of tape to the dispenser, and it performs the task accordingly.

    Kraft Tape Dispenser

    Kraft Tape Dispenser

    Shipping of cartons is now mostly used in every part of world. This requires high level of security so that the cartons may not get open or damage during the shipping process. This is the reason why kraft tape dispensers are most famous among others in the whole world. The adhesive nature of Kraft tapes makes it irremovable and difficult to bend in any conditions. Only high level of sensitiveness is required while dispensing tape using a Kraft tape dispenser. It also has the same working Principle as others and has no difficulty in handling procedures.

    Definite Length Tape Dispenser

    Definite Length Tape Dispenser

    A definite length tape dispenser makes cutting of tape edge much easier. This process was one of the most difficult one in old ages as human error takes place in irregular cutting of edges. This type of machine has sorted out this problem and provides greater customer satisfaction.

    7.What Are the Main Components of An Automatic Tape Dispenser?

    Automatic Tape Dispenser-4

    The main components in an automatic tape dispenser are

    Display Screen

    A display screen is the front display of an automatic tape dispenser where are the operator gets its access. This is the panel where the options like start, stop, cutting length, pressure, Error indication and other are displayed and assists the operator to act accordingly.

    Tape Feeding Unit

    The most important part of an automatic tape dispenser is the tape feeding Unit where the dispensing tape is placed. A tape feeding Unit has a tape feeding shaft on which the tape is put down and a tape Inlet from where the tape exists the system.

    Pressure Roller

    Once the tape is placed it is important to control the pressure of roll dispensing according to the conditions. Therefore, a pressure roller is there which can be controlled by the operator


    An automatic tape dispenser has different types of sensors that indicates the flow of tape within the system and the exit length. Once the tape gets finished the sensors directly generate an alarm and gets the operator to the situation.

    Electrical Components

    Electrical components like power cord socket, switches and fuses are there for handling the electrical section of an automatic tape dispenser. The fuses are also used to secure the system in any unwanted circumstances.

    Blade Set

    When the desired take exits the system, blades are used at the outlet of automatic tape dispenser to cut the edges of tape. These blades are sharp and of best quality and is also one the reasons why thy customer gets attracted to an automatic tape dispenser.

    8.What Are the Common Errors and Its Remedies That Occur in An Automatic Tape Dispenser?

    Automatic Tape Dispenser-5

    1 Problem in Powering On Problem in the electrical unit of dispenser Check the power cord that it properly supplies the power or not

    Unplug the system and then plug it back

    Reset the surge protector

    2 No proper dispensing of tape Insufficient tape quantity or improper placement of tape Check whether there is a tape or not

    Check the proper placement of tape

    Verify the pressure roller that is it working properly

    Check if there is any blockage within the system

    3 No sufficient tape dispensing Inadequately gummed tape prevents tape bonding inside dispenser Check the brushes of dispenser and water tank if it’s a water activated tape.

    Remove the excess glue from the brushes.

    4 No proper adhere of water activated tape Moistened of tape and no permanent bonding on surface. Check the adhesion of tape.

    Check the brushes of dispenser and water tank if it’s a water activated tape.

    Check the operation of heater.

    9.How to Choose Right Type of Automatic Tape Dispenser?

    Automatic Tape Dispenser-6

    Following are the method to choose right type of automatic dispenser

    Tape Thickness

    Cartons and boxes of different sizes, material and weight are available for packaging purpose in industries. With respect to that, the manufacturer has to decide that what type of automatic taping dispenser is required and what taping material will be applied on those particular cartons. This is the key factor to chose the right type of automatic taping dispenser. To choose a right type of dispenser according to their taping thickness is as below

    S.NO Automatic Tape Dispenser Taping Material Thickness


    1 Semi-Automatic Tape Machine Water-Activated Tape

    Kraft Paper Tape

    3.5 – 8.5 mil
    2 Electric Taping Machine Scotch Tape

    Warning Tape

    2.0 – 3.5 mil
    3 Kraft Tape Dispenser Kraft Paper Tape 6.5 – 8.5 mil
    4 Definite Length Tape Dispenser Double Sided Tape

    Fiber Tape

    Acrylic Tape

    Warning Tape

    Scotch Tape

    1.5 – 16 mil

    The thickness of a tape is measured in mil and its measuring is equal to one thousandth of an inch.

    Production Volume

    Information related to total production volume plays a vital role in choosing a right automatic tape dispenser as it provides the complete dynamics of an industry. With help of that the manufacturer can choose a best suitable dispenser to fulfill its requirement. Dispenser that allows multiple tape sizes and thickness are always a best choice to buy.

    Electric tape dispensers and definite tape dispensers are best choice for companies that pack bulky and heavy boxes.

    Shipping Volume

    Volume of shipping is one of the concerns a manufacturer thinks before choosing an automatic tape dispenser. Having a manual, semi-automatic or automatic tape dispenser depends on the number of cartons packed in an industry. The tape core diameter and tape width are considered at priority

    S. No Dispenser Type Tape Core Diameter


    Tape Width


    1 Manual Tape Dispenser 3 in 1 to 3 in
    2 Semi-Automatic Tape Dispenser 1 to 3 in 1 to 18 in
    3 Automatic Tape Dispenser 1 to 4 in 1 to 5-7/8 in


    Selecting a right dispenser also depends on how much maintenance cost it takes. Dispenser with less maintenance requirements are more ideal to select and it can reduce production downtime and can be economical.


    In modern world, quick and reliable sources are highly appreciated by many manufacturers to produce quality products and ensure customers satisfaction. Many industries are busy in using automatic tape dispensers and tend to buy the most suitable one according to their production setup. Logistics and shipping are also the end concern for them. Where number of manufacturers are busy in producing these automatic tape dispensers, we Allpack also produce variety of option related to it. This buying can assist and guide you regarding an automatic tape dispenser and if still there is any confusion in your mind you can contact us or visit our website.

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