NF-120 Fully Automatic Plastic Tube Aluminum Filling Sealing Machine



This machine can be used for filling cream and liquid materials, and it is characterized with firm filling and high precision of dosage. The three functions of filling, sealing and batch embossing can be completed automatically. It’s widely used in pharmacy, daily chemical, food, chemical industries, (e. g., ) pharmacy cream, hair color, toothpaste, leather oil, glue, nanp-epoxy adhesive etc.

With the design, manufacturing, assembly, debugging, as well as main parts and materials being fully in accordance with GMP requirements, the automatic tube filling & sealing machine produced by our company has such features as smooth and flat surface, free of dead corner, being innoxious and non-smell, free of pollution, easy cleaning, and easy maintenance and servicing.

The compact structure, simple and convenient operation, the machine is applicable to the demands of users from the industries such as medicine, food and daily chemical industry etc. The machine can smoothly and accurately fill various paste, ointment and viscous fluids etc. materials into the tube. Hot air heating will be carried out inside the tube through the heating head (made in Switzerland) and the operations such as sealing and batch No. printing etc. can be finished for plastic tubes and composite tubes. The highest production capacity of the machine can reach different customer’s requierment with an error of filling volume not more than 1%. The equipment is a kind of filling & sealing machine used to carry out internal hot air heating for plastic tubes and composite tubes through the operations of touch screen.


  1. The tube is automatically pressed into the tube holder. The elastic tension type tube holder is adopted to guarantee the consistent sealing height. The automatic color mark adjusting systems by stepping driving tube holder is adopted for oval tubes or other special-shaped tubes. Adopt mechanical transmission mode filling system ensuring the stability of loading capacity.
  2. The internal wall of tube adopts hot air sealing and the external wall of tube adopts cooling water circulative cooling, which can beautiful sealing effect. The fan is adopted to discharge the poisonous gas produced during the heating outside the room. After the sealing, the wind cooling system is adopted to prevent the heat from being conducted to the ointment.
  3. Automatic completion of filling, sealing and batch No. printing in one machine. Provided such functions as automatic supply of a tube to a worktable of machine, automatic tube blowing (clearing), tube color mark automatic adjustment in a holder and automatic filling and sealing.
  4. Speed shall be adjustable by inverter. The production capacity can be realized and control automatically. The code mechanical hand print the code automatically in the request position. Human-machine interface with direct display and control.


Model NF-60 NF-80 NF-100 NF-120
Use Plastic tube,aluminium tube,laminated tube
Speed 30-60 tubes/min 50-80tubes/min 80-95tubes/minute 80-120tubes/minute
Filling volume 5-250ml 5-250ml 5-250ml 5-250ml
Filling accuracy ±1% ±1% ±1% ±1%
Tube diameter 10-50mm 10-50mm 10-50mm 10-50mm
Tube length 50-210mm 50-210mm 50-210mm 50-210mm
Air pressure 0.6Mpa 0.6Mpa 0.6Mpa 0.6Mpa
Motor power 1.1kw 1.5kw 1.5kw 2.2kw
Heat seal 3kw 3kw 6kw 6kw
Overall dimensions(LxWxH) 1800x850x1980mm 2200x1220x2080mm 2300x1350x1800mm 2950x1310x2300mm
Weight 850kgs 1200kgs 1500kgs 3000kgs


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