Top 10 Band Sealer Worldwide: The Complete Buying Guide In 2022

As is well known,band sealer is an ideal equipment which can constantly heat-sealing products,because of convenient operation and fast speed,band sealer is widely used in various industries,you can say that it occupies a large proportion in the market.

However,as there are so many brands of band sealers ,do you know which brand you need to choose,which band sealer is proper for you?Well,this article is to list the top 10 band sealer manufactures over the world,you just need to read on to solve your confusion.





OK Sealer


Audion Packaging Machines





PAC Machinery




Thekkanath Technologies




Amar Packaging


Pearl Packaging



Company Background & Information

Plexpack Background

Plexpack,a company which applies itself to product packaging,has a long history origins from 1951. There are three divisions of Plexpack, Emplex-the pouch&bag sealing system,Vacpack-the vacuum&gas sealing system,and the Damark-the shrinkwrap&bundling system.

Key Products

Plexpack Continuous Band Sealer-1

Plexpack Continuous Band Sealer-2

  • Plexpack Continuous Band Sealer

Plexpack provides reliable and advanced band sealers,these machines can be easily operated because they are equipped with PLC touchscreen,they take advantage of stable working speed and good performance.

As the pictures show,Plexpack packaging machines have good and clean appearances,they can provide high-quality and high-efficiency sealing,which can meet your demand in a large degree.

Recommend Reason
  • Plexpack have a good customer service,it can provide you flexible customized solutions for your packaging need,they can  give a solution which is the most suitable for your requirements of all aspects.
  • Plexpack has a long history of over 70 years,and the company has developed a diverse,well-knowledged and experienced team,their team members all have over ten years experience,which makes the company to be professional and have leadership in this industry.
  • Plexpack has innovated and improved their products over these years,to ensure their products are high-quality and adapted to the development of technologies.
  • Plexpack provides free sample tests,which can make it convenient for you to compare with other packaging machines before you purchase one.

Company Background & Information

OK Sealer Background

As a matter of fact,OK Sealer is a division of OK International Corp,it is established in 1982,until now,it has already 40 years history.At the beginning,this is just a family business,as time goes on,it has developed rapidly,and now it is at the top status of sealing machine manufactures.

Key Products

OK Sealer Supersealer

OK Sealer Supersealer SB10/SB20

  • OK Sealer Supersealer SB10

  • OK Sealer Supersealer SB20

OK Sealer band sealers have adjustable electric pedestals,as a result,the height of the sealers can be automatically adjusted,which makes the band sealers be suitable for all kinds of bags.In addition,the band sealers are of high-precision,which can make the sealing process more efficient,largely improves the productivity.

Recommend Reason
  • OK Sealer provides the whole set customer service,from delivery to installment,and the maintenance of the machines,you don’t need to invest too much time and energy into the machines because the company will arrange up all things that needed to consider about.
  • As is mentioned above,the band sealers produced by OK Sealer are suitable for all sizes bags,the height can be adjusted,so that the machine makes it convenient for you to seal a large amount of different bags.
  • OK International is at a high status of the whole industry,this company is developed maturely,and the OK Sealer is a big brand which is enough to be trusted.
  • The band sealers of OK Sealer are designed to have long serve life and stable performance,and the components of the machines are constantly improved.

Company Background & Information

Audion Packaging Machines Background

From established in 1947 in Netherlands,Audion Packaging Machines has devoted itself to sealing machines manufactures,and after decades of development,it becomes a well-known brand of sealing machines.

Audion Packaging Machines has over 60 embranchments all around the world,not only in Netherlands,there is also a sale agency in the UK.

Key Products

Audion Packaging Machines D 549 Vertical Industrial Continuous Sealer

Audion Packaging Machines D 552 AHS ALL-IN Band Sealer

  • Audion Packaging Machines D 549 Vertical Industrial Continuous Sealer

  • Audion Packaging Machines D 552 AHS ALL-IN Band Sealer

The band sealers of Audion Packaging Machines have many benefits such as fast speed,adjustable height,fast warm-up time,simple operations and easily maintenance,etc.

And band sealers of Audion Packaging Machines have perfect quality and they are quite durable,they can be applied in a large range of industries such as food,pharmaceutical,electronics and many other industries.

Recommend Reason
  • The companyis concentrate on producing sealing machines,in other words,Audion is very professional in sealing machine manufactures since it has accumulated 75 years’experience.
  • The pedestal and conveyor of Audion band sealer are adjustable,which makes it more convenient for operators to operate the machine.
  • Moreover,the trade scale of Audion is large,it has covered more than 60 countries over the world,which makes the company can provide better services for their customers.
  • Audion advocates constant innovation and win-win co-operation,it doesn’t only provide a packaging machine to its customer,but also the packaging solutions.

Company Background & Information

Allpackchina Background

As one of the most professional packaging machine manufactures in China,Allpackchina is established in 2002,has a over 11 years history.Allpackchina has a complete packaging machine industrial chain,its packaging machines can benefit you in packaging and processing industries and daily life.

Key Products

Allpackchina FR-770I Band Sealer

Allpackchina FR-770I Band Sealer

  • Allpackchina FR-770I Band Sealer

  • Allpackchina FR-770I Band Sealer

Allpackchina band sealers can be used to seal all kinds of heat-sealing materials,the machines adopt electronic constant temperature control and the conveyor can automatically deliver the materials.

The Allpackchina band sealers are small in size,they doesn’t occupy too much space,so they are suitable for small working place.Besides,the machines are designed to be operated easily,you can use it without any professional knowledge.

Recommend Reason
  • Allpackchina provides 7/24 technology support and 12 months warranty,you can contact them whenever you have problems about the packaging machine,they will resolve your problems at once.
  • Before the packaging machine is delivered to you,allpackchina will make a complete test to the machine to ensure that the machine which is sent to you is high-quality.
  • Allpackchina have special logistic delivery system,they can send the packaging machine to your address in time.
  • Allpackchina has over 11 years packaging machinery experience,they are quite professional,and their packaging machines have passed full set of certificates such as CE,GMP and so on.

Company Background & Information

PAC Machinery Background

As one of the leadership of packaging machine manufactures,PAC Machinery has over 60 years history,developed to today,it already have a large range of industrial chain and divisions.PAC Machinery provides flexible packaging solutions to its customers,it aims at providing unique services and help its customers to be successful.

Key Products

PAC Machinery Audion D545 AH Continuous Horizontal Band Sealer

PAC Machinery Audion D552 AH Continuous Horizontal Band Sealer

PAC Machinery Audion 555 Vertical Band Sealer

  • PAC Machinery Audion D545 AH Continuous Horizontal Band Sealer

  • PAC Machinery Audion D552 AH Continuous Horizontal Band Sealer

  • PAC Machinery Audion 555 Vertical Band Sealer

PAC Machinery continuous band sealers have a common advantage that they can control the heat-sealing temperature accurately through their equipped witch button and displayer.And the conveyor is designed to be adjustable,you can change its angle and height to fit different bags.

Recommend Reason
  • PAC Machinery have a large range of industrial chain which includes food,medical,chemical,pet and many other industries,and there are many packaging machine categories,which means that you have many equipment choices if you choose PAC Machinery.
  • Besides,PAC Machinery has many product expertswhose experience is abundant ,they can effectively help you to choose appropriate packaging machines.
  • PAC Machinery provides strong technical support,they will give you professional guidance after your machines are installed.
  • The most valuable reason is that PAC Machinery has developed a tool which can demonstrate the working process of machines,it means that,no matter where you are and no matter when is the time,you can see how your products are packaged by their machines,which makes bilateraldiscussion more convenient.

Company Background & Information

PackRite Background

PackRite is located in Worthington, Ohio,the USA,since from 1938,PackRite has begun to focus on heat-sealing and material-handling machines,it provides high-quality,high-efficiency and high-productivity packaging machines.

Because of the over 80 years history,PackRite has accumulated much experience and its products have been applied in many different industries such as candy,food,coffee,military,medical and so on.

Key Products

PackRite Band Sealer-1

PackRite Band Sealer-2

  • PackRite Band Sealer

PackRite band sealer has a lot of benefits,for example,it is very durable and it is no easy to be downtime,in addition, the speed of PackRite band sealer is very fast,and it is suitable for sealing diverse products.What’s more?PackRite band sealer is easy to be operated and highly automatic.

Recommend Reason
  • PackRite is created at 1938,so it has a very long history,in other words,it is reliable for customers.
  • The machines which are produced by PackRite are high quality and easy to be maintained,which can give customers good usage experience.
  • PackRite offers one-to-one and customer-friendly service,this company will help you when you have problems about the machines.
  • PackRite focus on the production of sealing machines,until now is more than 80 years,and the company improves its sealing machines constantly,which can ensure its professional degree in this industry.

7.Thekkanath Technologies

Thekkanath Technologies

Company Background & Information

Thekkanath Technologies Background

Thekkanath Technologies is a sister company of Naveena Zeal Technologies which is established in 2000,until now it has 22 years history,and there are over 50 sealing machines produced by this company.As a matter of fact,the founder of this company is a well-knowledged person whose career in packaging machine manufacture is long.

Key Products

Thekkanath Technologies Continuous Band Sealer Machine–770 SS

Thekkanath Technologies Continuous Band Sealer Machine–770 MS

Thekkanath Technologies Best Industrial Band Sealer FR1100 V

  • Thekkanath Technologies Continuous Band Sealer Machine–770 SS

  • Thekkanath Technologies Continuous Band Sealer Machine–770 MS

  • Thekkanath Technologies Best Industrial Band Sealer FR1100 V

Thekkanath Technologies band sealers are ideal machines to continuously seal products,their structures are compact and they are easy to be used.Thekkanath Technologies band sealers can seal bags in a high speed,and they will display their perfect performance during the working process.

Recommend Reason
  • Thekkanath Technologies band sealers are leak-proof,they can realize precise sealing,and their maintenance cost is low,which can save your budget.
  • The Thekkanath Technologies team members are dedicated and creative,they are aiming at provide international standard service to their customers.
  • The founder of Thekkanath Technologies persevere inkeeping products’ quality of all their active fields.
  • Thekkanath Technologies possesses many kinds of sealing machines,as a result,this company can meet various requirements from customers,to ensure customers can purchase the most suitable sealing machines.
  • Thekkanath Technologies sealing machines can largely improve your productivity capacity.

Company Background & Information

IMPAK Background

IMPAK is located in California,it has been established for almost 30 years,this company doesn’t only provide packaging machines,it also provides a series of packaging materials and oxygen adsorbers.IMPAK is a developing company whose purpose is to provide high-quality services and products to customers.

Key Products

IMPAK Horizontal Band Sealer - Left to Right - RSH1525-LR

IMPAK Stainless Steel Band Sealer - Right to Left - RSH1525SS-RL

IMPAK Vertical Band Sealer - Right to Left - RSV1525

  • IMPAK Horizontal Band Sealer – Left to Right – RSH1525-LR

  • IMPAK Stainless Steel Band Sealer – Right to Left – RSH1525SS-RL

  • IMPAK Vertical Band Sealer – Right to Left – RSV1525

IMPAK band sealers are full metal housing,they have beautiful appearances,these machines have solid state temperature control system,the temperature are in the range of 32-572º F / 0-300º C.And there is a special feature of IMPAK band sealers,this is,they have emergency stop button,which can ensure the safety of operators.

Recommend Reason
  • IMPAK receives sample requests,this company will provide sample for you if you have confusion about products,it is convenient for you to choose proper products before purchasing.
  • IMAPK packaging machines are widely applied in medical,food,animal hospital,multinational electronics manufacturers and many other fields.
  • IMPAK provides large range of sealing machines,and constantly updates and maintains them,to make these machines have good performance.
  • IMPAK provides customize service to meet diverse demands of customers,if you can not choose a satisfied band sealer from the on sale ones,IMPAK can customize one according to your requirements.

Company Background & Information

Amar Packaging Background

Amar Packaging is established at 1998 in Mumbai,India,its mainly businesses are production and exportation of various sealing machines.With good technical support,Amar Packaging possess advanced sealing machines which are equipped with modern technology,it is because this reason that Amar Packaging can reach today’s status.

Key Products

Amar Packaging Vertical Continuous Band Sealer

Amar Packaging Band Sealer

  • Amar Packaging Vertical Continuous Band Sealer

  • Amar Packaging Band Sealer

Amar Packaging band sealers are suitable for all types of bags&pouches,and the sealing length is unlimited,the sealing speed is very fast,the machines can seal 5-7 meters per minute.Amar Packaging band sealers are of reliable quality,the maximum bearing capacity of the conveyor is 5kg.

Recommend Reason
  • As one of the India’s leading packaging machine manufactures,Amar Packaging provides durable and long-lived band sealers,which makes it trusted by large quantities of customers.
  • Band sealers which are manufactured by Amar Packaging are in compact size, easy to operate,dimensionally accurate and energy efficient.
  • Amar Packaging have special quality control department,this department will test the original material and finished machines,to ensure the all products are conformed to international quality standards.
  • Amar Packaging offers one-stop solution and customize service for its customers.
  • The application range of Amar Packaging sealing machines is very large,which includes cosmetic,pharmaceutical,food and beverage,plastic,electronic,etc.

10.Pearl Packaging

Pearl Packaging

Company Background & Information

Pearl Packaging BackgroundPearl Packaging is founded in 2001 in India,it is a famous manufacture in packaging machinery,and the company doesn’t only produce packaging machines,it also export these machines.

With the abundant experience and leader ability of its managing partner,Amar Packaging has developed maturely in the past 20 years,and until now it is a trustworthy packaging machine manufacture.

Key Products

Pearl Packaging Band Sealer-1

Pearl Packaging Band Sealer-2

  • Pearl Packaging Band Sealer

Pearl Packaging band sealers have features like easy installation, high strength, compact design, fine finish and dimensional accuracy,and these machines are highly acknowledged on the market.And another advantage of Pearl Packaging band sealers is that they are produced by quality original materials so that they are quite durable.

Recommend Reason
  • Pearl Packaging possessa professional team which consists of engineers & technicians,research specialists,quality controllers,warehouse personnel and inventory coordinators.
  • Depending on its experience,Pearl Packaging is able to provide high quality packaging and sealing machines to the market.
  • Pearl Packaging is very focus on client satisfaction,their staffs keep friend attitude to their customers,which attracts a large amount of new customers for them.
  • Moreover,this company never satisfied with the status quo,it never stops steps of innovation and development,the company constantly does market researches,to fit the changeable requirements of customers.

In a word,these above are the top 10 band sealer manufactures all over the world,this article introduces them from different aspects,you can compare them based on the given information.Hope that this article can effectively help you,if you still have some problems about it ,welcome to connect us at any time.

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