Shrink Wrap Machine: The Definite Buying Guide In 2023

Wrapping of products and materials is now commonly done in all manufacturing industries. Various types of wrapping machines are being used in the modern world. This buying guide will answer all your queries and assist you in purchasing the best shrink-wrap machine according to your production capacity. Take the most of it!

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    1.What Is Shrink Wrap Machine?


    Shrink wrap machines are used to shrink film or plastic foil on products by applying heat to them. Machines are highly automated which makes the wrapping process much easier.

    Shrink wrap machines are available in manual, semi-automatic, and automatic operational procedures and can fit in any industry depending upon its production requirement. Packaging, food manufacturing, transportation, pharmaceutical, medical, agricultural, chemical and media industry using shrink wrap machines.

    2. What Are the Industrial Applications of Shrink Wrap Machines?

    Shrink wrap machines have a wide range of applications. Some of the industries that greatly apply shrink wrap machines in their processes are

    • Packaging Industry


    The packaging industry is one of the most prominent industries that are using shrink wrap machines in their processes. Bags, cartons, pouches and boxes are easily wrapped using these machines to secure the product from any damage during transportation, reduce its space consumption and protect it from any environmental influence.

    • Food and Beverages Industry


    Bottles, food products, trays, and other items that are produced in the food and beverages industry are wrapped using a shrink wrap machine. It has an ideal application in these sectors because the product produced here requires a high level of sensitivity and care.

    Contamination, bacterial attack, and fungus influence can be eliminated in food products if it is properly wrapped using shrink wrap machine.

    • Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry


    Medical products and instruments are potentially secured from moisture, humidity and other environmental factors when wrapped with shrink wrap machine. Medicines and medical equipment require greater concern as they are directly related to human life.

    This is why the airtight packaging of products helps the product remain in their original state. It provides regulus support to products to maintain their chemical composition.

    • Agriculture Industry


    Shrink wrap machines are used in both phases of an agricultural process. Medicines, seeds and fertilizers in their initial stage are wrapped using shrink wrap machine to provide sustainable plant growth.

    Afterward, when the field gets ready, the byproducts of it are also wrapped using these machines. All fruits, vegetables and eatables are wrapped to ensure product safety for a longer period.

    • Chemical Industry


    Chemical and cosmetic products are also related to human skin which is why their preservation and contamination are necessary. The shrink wrap machine follows both objectives and keeps the chemical in its initial form for a greater period.

    3. What Types of Shrink Wrap Machines Are Available in the Market?

    In the modern world, shrink wrap machines are classified on the bases of their working procedures and construction. By working principle there are three types of shrink wrap machines:

    a. Manual Shrink Wrap Machine


    A manual shrink wrap machine involves direct operation by the operator. From product feeding to heating, all the work is done by the operator.

    b. Semi-Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine


    In a semi-automatic shrink wrap machine only, the product is fed by the operator using the rollers. Then all the work is done by the system.

    c. Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine


    The automatic shrink wrap machine is completely operated by the system. The product enters the system through a conveyor and then the system does the shrinking process.

    S. No Machine Type Production Capacity


    Wrapping Quality
    1 Manual Shrink Wrap Machine 5-10 / min Irregular and Average
    2 Semi-Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine 15-20 / min Good
    3 Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine 30-50 / min Perfect and Precise

    All these three types of shrink wrap machines just differ in their production capacity and quality of products, the rest all the things are common in all.

    With respect to physical appearance and method of wrapping, there are four types of shrink wrap machines.

    d. Single-Reel Shrink Wrap Machines


    In a single-reel shrink wrap machine, only a single reel of film is used. It is stretched to maximum length according to the size of the product and then cut before its application on it. The film is properly wrapped on all edges of the product and its edges are cut. Later the sealed product enters the heat shrunk and here the film gets shrinks on the product.

    e. Twin-Reel Shrink wrap Machines


    In a twin-reel shrink wrap machine, there are two rolls of film that work simultaneously with each other and provide robust packaging of products. Products with greater dimensions like pallets, boxes, cartons and doors are wrapped using this type of shrink wrap machine.

    The process is much quicker and gives stronger results when compared with a single-reel shrink-wrap machine. Medium and large-scale industries apply this type of wrapping machine in their production setups

    f. Side Seal Shrink Wrap Machines


    When forming a loose tube around the product is to take place, a side seal shrink wrap machine is always an ideal one to be used. They provide an accurate length wrapping and seal each corner of the product with greater precision.

    The heat tunnel in a side seal shrink wrap machine tightly packs the product and blocks any type of entrance of microorganisms.

    g. L-Sealer Shrink wrap Machines


    An L-sealer shrink wrap machine is named due to the presence of two backward-arranged sealing bars in the system. Both the bars form an L shape with each other and the shrink film is folded on them. One of the edges of the shrink film is for crease forming and the rest three sides are used for sealing purposes. After wrapping of shrink film, the product proceeds to the heating tunnel. It gives tight, fit, and robust packaging of the product which make them durable and eco-friendly.

    4. How Shrink Wrap Machine Work?


    Shrink wrap machine offers tightly wrapping of plastic film on products. It has a common working principle for both manual and automatic operations but the only difference is in the handling and controlling process. The operational processes of both manual and automatic shrink wrap machine are as follow

    a. Manual Shrink Wrap Machine


    • External parameters involved in the process including power supply, device maintenance, cleaning, gun heat temperature and pressure checked and set to standard value.
    • Manually film reel is stretched onto the surface of the product and is properly wrapped with it. Heat at standard temperature is applied to shrink the film on the product surface.

    b. Semi-Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine


    Semi-automatic shrink wrap machines follow an intermediate working principle as compared to both manual and fully automatic machines.

    • Initially all external parameters including power supply; device maintenance, cleaning, heat and conveyor speed are set to standard.
    • The product is fed by the operator onto the moving rollers and sent to the system. Manually wrapping of shrink film is done and then proceeded to the system.

    c. Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine


    •  Like manual shrink wrap machine, all the external parameters including power supply, device maintenance, cleaning, heat, and conveyor speed are set to standard.
    • As the parameters are set, the process of product feed takes place. The product is placed on the conveyor belt or rollers and then it enters the film dispensing area.
    • Here the film is wrapped on the product automatically. As the wrapping gets completed, the product enters a controller chamber where heat is applied to it and the process of shrinking is carried out.
    5. What Are the Main Components of a Shrink Wrap Machine?

    While working on a shrink wrap machine, a few components play their important part are:

    Components present in different types of shrink wrap machine

    S.NO Components Manual Shrink Wrap Machine Semi-Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine
    1 Power Supply yes yes yes
    2 Controlling and Monitoring Panel no yes yes
    3 Film Roll yes yes yes
    4 Heating Chamber no yes yes
    5 Heating Gun yes no no
    6 Micro Knife no yes yes
    7 Shrink Film Material yes yes yes
    8 Silicon Strip no yes yes
    9 Rollers no yes no
    10 Transit Unit no yes yes
    11 Conveyor no no yes

    Some of the common components in all types of shrink wrap machines are:

    • Power Supply Unit


    A power supply is present in each shrink wrap machine either manual or automatic. This is the main component of a shrink wrap machine that is used to operate the machine is the power supply unit. In some machines, the power supply unit supports input power from 24V to 440V which makes it reliable to use in any part of the world.

    • Controlling and Monitoring Panel

    Controlling and Monitoring Panel

    The controlling panel is mostly present in an automatic shrink wrap machine as in a manual system all the parameters are controlled and monitored by the operator himself. Parameters, activities and controlling of a shrink wrap machine are done through this control panel.

    A control panel contains push buttons, variables, switches, fuses and potentiometer that are used to control the activities in shrink wrap machine. Conveyor speed and heating temperature is also changed from this control panel.

    • Silicon Strip


    A silicone strip is used to seal wires present in a shrink wrap machine due to its continuous contact with the machine’s body. This strip is important because the up-and-down movement of the sealing bar can cause trouble to the wires.

    Machine and material safety can also be ensured by applying silicon strips.

    • Micro Knife


    Manually the operator cut the excess material but in an automatic machine, it is done using a micro knife. As the shrink film gets wrapped on the product the excess film is cut using this micro knife.

    It is used in places where high-output procedures take place in cutting time. Rather than cutting through ordinary knives or blades, this method is highly sustainable and quick. Thousands of products can be sealed using a single micro knife.

    • Conveyor Belts


    Products in automatic shrink wrap machines enter the system through these conveyor belts or rollers. The speed, length and tension capacity of conveyor belts is decided according to the weight of the packaging material and its size.

    • Heating Unit


    The heat tights the shrink material and holds the product tightly. The heat is produced by a heating present in a shrink wrap machine. It is important to control the heating temperature because it can damage the material if not properly applied.

    • Transit Channel


    This is also present in an automatic shrink wrap machine as the transit channel is usually at the end of a shrink wrap tunnel which is commonly used to place the micro knives apart from both ends. The knife installed in a transit channel then cuts the excess film and reduces wastage.

    In addition to these components, there are several minor components like breakers, fuses, sealing bars and etc.

     6.What Materials Are Used for Wrapping in Shrink Wrap Machine?


    Usually PVC, polyethylene and polypropylene films are used when it comes to the packaging of products using shrink wrap machines. The chemical composition of these materials provides them strength, quality, protection and reliability which is why they are ideal to be used for wrapping purposes.

    To provide sustainable wrapping of products and to keep the environment clean, some of the wraps that are considered in the modern world are

    • Compostable Material


    Keeping the internal factors like temperature changes, humidity, atmospheric pressure and oxygen levels of industries, manufacturing plants and homes in view, researchers have created compostable shrink wrap that can overcome all these factors.

    The recycling process of shrink wrap gets separated from other options and protects the environment from being polluted

    • Recyclable Material


    Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and Polyolefins are used as recyclable shrink wrap material due to their ability to be recycled easily. Industries collect all LPDE material from homes, industries and other places and recycle them in very less time.

    This type of shrink wrap is ideally used in hospital and pharmaceutical equipment wrapping.

    • Biodegradable Material


    The most important factor while packaging through any type of material or machine is that it should have the ability to decompose harmful microorganisms. These microorganisms can waste food, medicine and other products and also can directly harm the human life associated with them.

    7. What Benefits Shrink Wrap Machine Provides?

    There are numerous benefits of shrink wrap machines that its customer or buyer can get. Some of them are

    • Product Safety


    In current scenarios, industries are bound to deliver products with no defects or quality-related issues. This means a high level of product security measures are required to ensure product safety while packaging and then transportation. Shrink wrap machine is one of the most suitable ones to ensure 100% safety of the product as well as the material.

    • Productivity


    Shrink wrap machine performs wrapping of products in no time, as a result, the productivity of the industry gets increased to a distinct level. Manually packaging can be compromised and productivity as well. But Shrink wrap machines have now increased productivity by 50% of the previous one.

    • Inventory management


    Shrink wrap machines support in the handling of inventory and managing it. Shrinking of products allows less consumption of space while packaging

    • Power Saving


    Shrink wrap machines are operated on low voltages that are easily available everywhere. The power requirement of these machines lies between 110 to 220V. This makes the machine save power consumption to a distinct level. Also, with the greater amount of productivity that a shrink wrap machine offers; the cost invested in power becomes minimum.

    • Sustainability


    Another unique advantage that a shrink wrap machine offers is “sustainability”. Shrink wrap machine operates at a greater productivity rate and are reliable on for longer period. The rate of investment done of these machines is returned in short interval of time and remains profitable afterwards.

    8.How A Shrink Wrap Machine Differs from Traditional Wrapping Technique?
    1 Working Principle Shrink wrap machine applies highly systematic pattern to first wrap the film on a product and then shrink it to make the packaging stronger and unbreakable. Stretch wrapping techniques can directly be applied on products and uses are not reliable. Human or machine simply implies wrapping material and then the products are allowed to transport.
    2 Application Hospitals, food manufacturing plants, cosmetics and chemical sectors widely use shrink wrap machine to ensure better product safety. Any type of material in any industry can be wrapped using a stretched wrapping machine. Only the size of wrapping film should be according to it.
    3 Productivity An identical and precise high-level production can be achieved using a shrink wrap machine It depends on the working ability of human or machine and give product with low quality.
    4 Impact on Environment Materials used in shrink wrap machine are environment friendly and produce no harmful gases. A stretched wrapping machine causes too much damage to the environment and ozone layer.
    5 Materials Composite, Biodegradable and Recyclable materials like LDPE, Polyolefin, sugar canes are used as wrapping films in shrink wrap machine Polyethylene, PVC and polypropylene are used as wrapping materials in these machines
    9. What Is The Difference Between Each Type Of Machine?

    Some of the differences between all types of shrink wrap machines are

    S.NO Factor Manual Shrink Wrap Machine Semi-Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine
    1 Automation All the process are carried out manually and requires human skills more than machines. Moderate level of  automation is there in a semi-automatic shrink wrap machine High level of automation is present in these types of machines
    2 Productivity Only 5 to 10 bags can be produced using manual shrink wrap machine Efficient productivity of more than 20  bags in a minute can be achieved This type of machine produces bags more than 50 in a minute
    3 Cost Machine are cheaper Semi- automatic shrink wrap machines lie in between normal ranges Automatic shrink wrap machines are a bit expensive but it is only a single time investment.
    4 Maintenance Greater maintenance is done due to direct involvement of human and human errors. Low level of maintenance is required in this type of machine Maintenance cost is reduced to a distinct level due to high level of automation
    5 Reliability Machine are reliable for low production setups Semi- automatic shrink wrap machines are reliable for low and medium scale industries Large scale industries use  automatic shrink wrap machines
    6 Handling Complete operation is carried out by operator The operator feeds the product and rest the machine does the shrinking process Complete process is carried out by the machine
    10.What Common Errors Are Found in Shrink Wrap Machine and How Are They Rectified?
    1 Jagged Seals * Low sealing temperature Maintain the heat to a certain limit unless clean sealing is gained.
    2 Angel Hair * Improper heating

    * Low clamp pressure

    Checking of sealing bar or wire that is it maintaining proper temperature or not. Also check the pressure of machine clamps.
    3 Improper Flat Films from Roller * Excessive storage temperature of machine Check the fuse and temperature of machine
    4 Extra Time in Sealing Products * Temperature is low or high Check the sealing temperature of the machine
    5 Dogs Ears * Dog ear line edges of wrapped product due to improper heating Maintain the heat to a certain limit unless clean sealing is gained.
    6 Splitting of Seal * Due to material wastage or product lost Check the quality of film and check all the parameters of machine
    7 Weak Sealing * Small and brittle sealing due to high temperature Check both the heating temperature and seal
    8 Ballooning Film * Blowing and expanding of shrink film due to entry of air into packaging Vent holes film can remove air from inside and provide proper sealing
    11. What Important Factors Are To Be Considered Before Buying Shrink Wrap Machine?


    Some of the factors that a buyer should consider before buying a shrink wrap machine are

    • Annual Productivity


    The manufacturer should consider the annual production rate of its firm and then decide what type of shrink wrap machine can be suitable for achieving those goals.

    • Reliability


    A machine with greater shrink wrap features can be more beneficial to buy as compare to those which are used only for single purpose. Versatile machines can be used for wrapping of different products also.

    • Machine Cost

    Buying a low-productive machine can be a poor decision and same buying a highly productive shrink wrap machine can cost a lot.

    • Authentication of Manufacturer


    With the increase in demand of shrink wrap machines, there are hundreds of manufacturers available in the global market. But only some of them produce high-quality shrink wrap machines. This is also an important factor to be considered before buying a wrapping machine.

    • Availability of local Supplier


    Having a local supplier of machines can be a plus to the buyer as they can directly contact them and visit their place to get more information. The problem in availability of spares and machine troubleshooting can be reduced to half if there is a local supplier available nearby


    With the increase in product packaging facilities, shrink wrap machine is also becoming an area of interest for many industries. But before buying a shrink wrap machine it is always important to have complete knowledge related to it. If you still find any difficulty or have some questions, kindly come to us.

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