LT-II Magnetic force pump liquid filling machine



The machine uses high-precision micro-magnetic pump speed and pump working time to determine the filling volume of new filling equipment ump hed t6.corrosion-resistant, widely used,almost all flowable liquid can filling
Pump head and motor imported from.Japan,time adjuster international brandOmron,other components of well.known manufacturer, reliable performance longlfeFully functional, you can manually, foot intermittent filling, adjustable time interval


Apply to oil, washing liquid, acid liquid, filling high etchant’s structure is simple, easy to operate.


Model YT-I Magnetic force pump liquid filling machine YT-II Magnetic force pump liquid filling machine
Rated voltage AC 220V/土5% AC 220V/±5%
Maximum power 4ow 8ow
Weight 14kg 18kg
Error 士1.5% 土1.5%
Maximum flow / single pump >3L/min >3L/min
Machine size 400×400×240 mm 520x400x240 mm
Package Size 430x430x270 mm 550x430x270 mm


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