Seasoning Powder Packing Machine: The Complete Buying Guide In 2024

Are seasoning powders really evoking the essence of memories in every corner of the world?

Its answer is ‘Yes’ if seasoning powder packing is perfectly done.

However, the seasoning powder packing machine is the game changer device promisingly bringing seasoning powder in your kitchen cabinet with freshness and appealing aroma.

Seasoning Powder

Today, you are going to explore the significance of the machine and how it helps you in generating profit by making a little investment.

We have designed this blog specifically for you all- because you’re at the right place and at the right time because here you can find all about seasoning powder packing machine.

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    1.What is seasoning powder packing?

    seasoning powder packing

    Seasoning Powder Packing

    A seasoning powder must be freshen and intact; a seasoning powder packing is referred in the packaging industry that ensures they are packed in several different formats for higher shelf life.They can be packed in pouches, sachets, jars, bottles in a specified amount and packed securely to protect them against contamination.

    The seasoning powder packing is mainly provided by essential labeling and meeting quality standards which  is helpful in maintain hygiene and effectiveness.

    2.What is a seasoning powder packing machine?

    seasoning powder packing machine

    Seasoning Powder

    A seasoning powder packing machine is an efficient device that helps in the accurate filling of seasoning products into each specific packaging type respectively.

    This machine is an advanced unit that brings the task of delivering, filling, sealing, and final labeling  by incorporating itself with other systems of facility in a smooth manner.

    How it brings so many functions? Its answer is ‘servo-controlled’ unit that promises you to provide all key functions with high precision and fast performance under close monitoring system allowing inspection.

    These hi-tech advanced properties of seasoning powder packing machine has made it greater popularity among various other packaging fields.

    3.Why do you need a seasoning powder packing machine?

    a seasoning powder packing machine

    Seasoning Powder Packing

    A seasoning powder packing machine is tool for your business success, this is well-noticed that as you grow your production, this machine helps in scaling up your production demands. There are several significant reasons why this machine is benefiting you. For example,

    Enjoy Ease of Usage

    Enjoy Ease of Usage

    Attractive seasoning powder packing

    Due to this property, it is considered as quite valuable to customers and manufacturer. A user- friendly and hi-tech machine that streamlining your packing procedures by minimizing your manual packing labor with greater productivity.

    Taking Less Space

    Taking Less Space

    Less space and more product

    If you examine the structural design of the instrument, it is definitely compact! Therefore, in your equipment space, it would be taking lesser space than conventional packaging machines. Now you can help maximum advantages with improved working area.

    Hi-Level Protection

    Hi-Level Protection

    Protective packing

    Seasoning powder packing machine is the safeguard of your valuable product. This is the tool that facilitates filling, sealing, and packing of product and keep them preventing against unwanted environmental factors such as light, temperature, and the most important ‘moisture’. So, you can get high quality seasoning powders.

    Hello to SkyRocketting Business!

    Hello to SkyRocketting Business

    High revenue

    This machine is giving you maximum freedom to make your packaging design ‘remarkable’. Because, it can make allow you to acquire customized shapes bags, fill various jars bottles, or pre-made pouches that makes you brand to meet opportunities of success.

    Easy & Fast Filling

    Fast Filling

    Greater productivity

    The machine performs an effortless and quick operating process. This is done very accurately and with fastest pace. Therefore, seasoning powder packing machine is not only hooked to easy and fast filling but also giving you accurate powder dosing that ensures consistent packing in every finished product.

    Shelf Appeal

    Shelf Appeal

    Boundless beauty

    Suppose your product is quite intact and packed in a sophisticated manner with high professional look, it will enhance your product market and attract many of its customers when viewing at the shelf of the market.

    4.Where can you implement a seasoning powder packing machine?

    Due to versatile properties of seasoning powder packing machine; you can find its applications in a broad range of packaging fields. Some of them are described below.

    Food and Beverage Industry

    Food and Beverage Industry


    Seasoning powders comes in this category where different types of seasoning powders such as red chili, turmeric, black pepper, garam masala, BBQs smoky spice, salts, and various range of other products are dealt with. You can install this machine to pack food and beverage products such as soda mix powders, flavoring drinks, instant coffee mixes, etc.

    Pharmaceutical Industry

    Pharmaceutical Industry

    Powdery product- picture courtesy: Huhtamaki

    You have seen various medicines available in powdery and granulated forms. This is mainly packed by a seasoning powder packing machine. This machine is of high significance when you’re dealing with products require for making of tablets, syrups, capsules, etc . side by side, after preparation medications used for topical layering such as anti-biotic powders, coricosteriods powders, granaulated compounds, all of them are packed by using a seasoning powder packing machine.

    Chemical Industry

    Chemical Industry

    Chemical powder- Picture Courtesy: multiwall kraft

    The packing of chemicals included magnesium, charcoals, organic and inorganic salts, neutral salts, and several other compounds that are granulated or non-granulated in nature are safely and precisely filled and packed by a seasoning powder packing machine. as this machine offers safety at its maximum, therefore, it is mainly required by chemical industry.

    Cosmetics Industry

    Cosmetics Industry

    Cosmetic powder- picture courtesy: pouch direct

    Mainly all famous cosmetics industries such as Lo’real, Madora, and other are linked with manufacturing of cosmetics that are powdery in nature. We assure you that a seasoning powder packing machine is the one significant device is used in every types of manufacturing and packaging industry for the beautiful and accurate filling and packing of products like dusting powders, hair colors, shimmers, face masks (mud mask), charcoal mask, etc.,with highly consistent results.

    Nutritional Supplements Industry

    Nutritional Supplements Industry

    Nutritional supplements- Picture courtesy: new mountain merck

    A seasoning powder packing machine is used in nutritional supplements industry for the packing of energy drinks, protein powders, adult formulations, infant formula milks, nutritional & vitamin supplements, trace elements etc ensuring an accurate dosing.

    Agricultural Industry

    Agricultural Industry

    Agricultural powder- Picture Courtesy: forest super food

    You can’t ignore an agricultural industry when it comes to packaging of products. This industry is dealing with granulated and non-granulated substances such as fertilizers, pesticides, crop boosters etc and are packed by using of seasoning powder packing machine.

    Cleaning Products Industry

    Cleaning Products Industry

    Cleaning powder- picture courtesy: power of 4

    There are various powder substances manufactured products used for cleaning of your surroundings. The cleaning industry mainly dealing with detergents, floor cleaners, carpet cleaners, tiles cleaners, anti-fungal and anti-mold products and various other formulations that are packed by using non-other than a seasoning powder packing machine.

    5.What are the working steps of seasoning powder packing machine?

    The working principle of a seasoning powder packing machine is described in the following basic steps:

    working steps of seasoning powder packing machine


    This is the first step; you can feed the seasoning powder into the machine’s hopper either manually or using a feeding unit.


    The machine is facilitated by a dosing unit which is equipped in the filler. The dosing as it name shows is meant to deliver an accurate and precise amount of seasoning powder for each packing type. There are two types of dosing fillers, volumetric(pre-determined concentration using volume measurement)and gravimetric or gravimetric (weigh and fill by gravimetric force).


    Once dosing is achived, the amount of seasoning powder is filled inside the packaging materials. It could be jar, bottle, pouch, sachet, or a container.


    The packaging material is secured by lid, using another integrated unit. In case of pouch, or sachet, a single machine is capable of sealing packaging material by using heat or ultra-sonic pressure over the edges of the pack.


    The final step, here you can collect the product either by directly from the machine exit or by a conveyor.

    6.What are the parts of the seasoning powder packing machine?

    A seasoning powder packing machine is composed of simple structure; each of the component of the machine is responsible for significant processing without it you cannot avail ideal packing for seasoning powder. Described below figure of seasoning powder packing machine is very helpful in understanding of each component and its function. Let’s have a look at them.

    parts of the seasoning powder packing machine

    Allpack seasoning powder packing machine

    Hopper: this is kind of a storage tank that holds bulk quantity of seasoning powder before it is subjected to the filling process. This is mainly designed with an auger unit which is used to rotate or swirl the seasoning powder for easy pouring and transferring down to the unit.

    PLC Touchscreen: using a touchscreen allowing you easy entery of data inside the machine, for example, number of pouches, jars, or materials to be filled, velocity of filling, speed of conveyor etc.,the touchscreen interface is also useful in the management of technical problems and general maintenance.

    Filling Nozzle: a narrow tube like structure which is used for precise filling of the seasoning powder into each packaging material. the filling nozzle design ensuring you that the powder is safe from wastage and prevents dust formation so user can also be safe against progression of respiratory problems such as sneezing, tearing, or inhaling, etc.,

    Motor: machine mainly drives all functions by generating energy which is mainly done by a motor and is equipped rare parts of the machine. This motor helps in the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy and you can enjoy filling tasks smoothly.

    Conveyor: the packaging material from outside comes inside and in contact with the machine by the help of the movement of conveyor belt or chain. This unit is useful and time saving that bring uniform and consistent flow of containers without chances of jamming or falling.

    Base: this is the foundation which supports the overall parts of the machine and ensuring intact standing and promising operation without generating shakiness or vibration in the equipment.

    7.What are the packaging types for seasoning powder?

    The seasoning powder packing machine offers distinct packaging types to you and the options are given below:

    Sachets & Stick Packs

    Stick Packs

    Picture courtesy: natural spice packaging

    Sachet and stick packaging are considered as the popular choice worldwide for packing of seasoning powders due to few significant reasons. Firstly, they’re very cost-effective for you and secondly, they’re available as single serving and travel side so you can enjoy your favorite seasoning powders everywhere.

    Bottles and Jars

    Bottles and Jars

    Bottle and jars

    You can count these packaging types as the most traditional way which helps you in the dispensing and storing of seasonging powders. It is an excellent way to prevent your product from moisture and other unwanted factors hence improving greater shelflife.

    Blister Packs

    Blister Packs

    Blister pack- Picture courtesy: foodnetwork

    This is newly and advanced type of seasoning powder packing where a tamper evident blister packaging offers precise filling and mainly used in professional food making areas. Each pack or portion of blister packaging is offering you precise and accurate portion of seasoning powder, so your dishes turned to highly expert cuisines.



    Seasoning powder cans

    These are circular or square shaped containers with resealable caps and lids. It can accommodate bulk quantities of the seasoning powders. They are metallic or plastic in nature.

    Shaker Bottles

    Shaker Bottles

    seasoning powders shaker bottles

    Bulk shaker containers are usually seen on the dining tables or in the restaurant setting. These containers come with a perforated lid for convenience in seasoning powder sprinkling. They are best when it comes to controlled pouring.

    Pre-made Pouches

    Pre-made Pouches

    Pre-made pouches

    Due to innovation in flexible packaging, premade pouches for seasoning powders are usually seen on aisles. Seasoning powders are easily poured out from the flexible pouches. They are resealed with ties or zippers.

    8.What are available types of seasoning powder packing machine?

    There are many available types of seasoning powder packing machine, let’s have a look at them.

    Auger Seasoning Powder Packing Machine

    Auger Seasoning Powder Packing Machine

    Allpack auger seasoning powder packing machine

    This is mainly designed to treat packing of powdered materials where an auger rotation facilitates filling of products inside the packing type. The auger rotation mainly helps in the dispensing of pre-determined and accurate measured quantities of substance. This is capable of working alone or can be integrated into the other units of the systems.

    This machine is useful in the filling of jars, bottles, containers, pre-made pouches with seasoning powder effectively.

    Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) Seasoning Powder Packing Machine

    Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) Seasoning Powder Packing Machine

    Allpack Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) Seasoning Powder Packing Machine

    This is the most popular and versatile addition in the packing world of seasoning powders. I used term ‘versatile’ this is because, it can not only pack the powder but helps in the creation of sachet or packaging bags simply from the strip of a film.

    You can call it as vertical film forming and sealing machine as the entire working steps from film unwounding till final exit takes place in a vertical manner.

    Horizontal Form Fill Seal (HFFS) Seasoning Powder Packing Machine

    Horizontal Form Fill Seal (HFFS) Seasoning Powder Packing Machine

    Allpack Horizontal seasoning powder packing machine

    This is similar to the VFFS seasoning powder packing machine except for its orientation of working which is mainly based on a horizontal format. Yes, this machine can also form, fill, and seal the packaging material but following cross-sectional or horizontal format of working.

    If you’re running a high production line and expecting more or greater output; this is the machine of choice for you.

    Stick Pack Seasoning Powder Packing Machine

    Stick Pack Seasoning Powder Packing Machine

    Allpack single lane and multi-lane stick pack seasoning powder packing machine

    If you want to design seasoning powder packing following a narrow stick shape packets, then this is the machine for you.

    It is useful in the creation, filling, and sealing of the high production stick packs with single serving products. It is very popular choice for foods, medicines, and beverage industry as it can gives you an easy and individual product which is easy to use and highly secured for your product.

    There are two types of stick packing seasoning powder packing machine, single lane (medium production) and multi lane stick pack seasoning powder packing machine (larger production).

    Sachet Seasoning Powder Packing Machine

    Sachet Seasoning Powder Packing Machine

    Allpack sachet seasoning powder packing machine

    A small , flat, and single serving seasoning powder packets are mainly formed by using a sachet machine.

    This is commonly used in small to moderate businesses as it can give greater productivity but not than above discussed machines.

    You can use this machine if you’re mainly stick to astringent budget or running medium production needs.

    It works by forming, filling, sealing, and cutting of each sachet once it forms and gives you tremendous gateway for filling seasoning powders in no time.

    Pre made pouch seasoning powder packing machine

    Pre made pouch seasoning powder packing machine

    Pre made pouch seasoning powder packing machine

    This machine is particularly available for filling of pre made pouches that are also known as a pre-formed pouches. You can just fix the bundle of pre-made pouches in the magazine or rack of the machine where the grippers are responsible for picking pouch and inflators opened them one by one.

    A high blow and vacuum suction ensures that each pouch is fully opened so precise amount of powder is filled into each pouch and sealed air tightly at sealing station.

    Bottle and Jar Seasoning Powder Packing Machine

    Bottle and Jar Seasoning Powder Packing Machine

    Aipak seasoning powder packing machine for bottle/jar/container

    Filling of seasoning powders in bottles, containers, or jars are mainly achieved by using this machine which works by sensing the presence of packaging materials that comes in contact with it simply by help of conveyor.

    Once they’re reaches the filling nozzle, an auger filler dispensed precise concentration of seasoning powders into each container and it goes to the next machine once they’re filled.

    Blister Seasoning Powder Packing Machine

    Blister Seasoning Powder Packing Machine

    Allpack seasoning powder packing machine

    It is a specialized equipment used for packing of seasoning powder to distribute small quantities in a tiny and tamper evident cavities. The machine itself is responsible for make a small portion of the cavity where optimized concentration of spices can be settled and secured by upper layer of the foil making your product fresh and long lasting.

    9.How long seasoning powder can stay when treated with seasoning powder packing machine?

    Freshness of the seasoning powder

    Freshness of the seasoning powder- picture courtesy: feel good

    It is fact that seasoning powder will lose its crispness, fragrance, taste, and potency with the passage of time.

    Seasoning powder when treated with seasoning powder packing machine can last for about 1-3 years. They are generally used before 3 years to acquire maximum flavour and potency from them.

    Generally, the expiration period of seasoning powder is dependent upon their type, processing, and storage.

    Usually, seasoning powder stay fresh longer if they are less processed. Whole seasoning is longer shelf life than the ground seasoning powder.

    10.What are the main problems and solutions of seasoning powder packing machine?

    Seasoning powder packaging machine is state-of-the-art machine, yet it still faces some serious issues while running. These problems negatively impact the production quality and uptime. But there is a solution to every problem and the seasoning powder packing machine is no exception to the rule. Some common problems and their solution are:

    Inconsistent Seasoning Powder Feeding

    Cause Solution Image
    Defective feeding systems and filling nozzles.

    Dosing systems are not calibrated properly.

    Poor flow of powder.

    Replace defective dosing systems and filling nozzles.

    Properly calibrate the dosing systems.

    Use agitator and accurate storage hopper to boost the flow of seasoning powders.


    Inconsistent Seasoning Powder Feeding

    Picture Courtesy: JDAProgress

    Improper Capping

    Cause Solution Image
    Misalignment of caps on jars or bottles.

    Dirty caps or neck of bottles.

    Manufacturing faults in caps and bottles.

    Inadequate torque applications.

    Properly insert the caps on bottles.

    Clean the caps as well as necks of bottles.

    Use high-quality caps and packaging containers.

    Properly apply the torque on the caps.

    Improper Capping

    Picture Courtesy: PMMI ProSource

    Failure in Film Tracking

    Cause Solution Image
    Film feed system is not aligned.

    There are blockages on the film path.

    Align film tracking systems according to manufacturers instructions.

    Clear the blockage present in the film feeding path.

    Failure in Film Tracking

    Picture Courtesy:

    Poor Seal Quality

    Cause Solution Image
    Poorly cleaned sealing jaws.

    Out of alignment sealing jaws.

    Short dwell time.

    Decrease sealing pressure and temperature.

    Thoroughly clean sealing jaws to avoid weak seals.

    Adjust the alignment of sealing jaws so film should be centre of sealing jaws.

    Increase the dwell time.

    Adjust settings of sealing temperature and pressure.

    Poor Seal Quality

    Picture Courtesy: behance

    Clumping of Seasoning Powders

    Cause Solution Image
    Absorbance of water particles from the air.

    Generation of static charges, leading to clumping.

    Anti-caking agents are not used causing poor seasoning powder flow.

    Differences in the sizes of particles.

    Control the humidity in the production plant.

    Use anti-static agents.

    Add anti-caking agents.

    Control the variations in the sizes of seasoning powder particles.

    Clumping of Seasoning Powders

    Picture Courtesy: The Kitchn

    11.What are the points to be determined when looking for a seasoning powder packing machine?

    Seasoning powder packing machine has paramount place in the food industry. This instrumentation is intricately designed and carry out different steps in the powder packaging for example filling and sealing of the seasoning powder packaging container.

    Making informed choice when it comes to purchase of seasoning powder machine is of utmost importance. But sheer number of machines is market is cause of overwhelming that impact the final choice. To overcome this difficulty, read through these points to make right choice for your businesses.

    Production Scale

    Production Scale

    Production Scale- Picture Courtesy: Kimac Industries

    Production size impact the estimation of budget allocated for the seasoning powder packing machine. Are you managing a tiny business or are part of massive production line. The production capacity determines the production efficiency and dictating the use of equipment that exceeds expectation when it comes to packaging containers.



    Automation- Picture Courtesy: Conger Industries

    It is one of the major factors that influence the expenses of seasoning powder packaging lines. In the realm of seasoning powder packaging, the use of automated device enhances the production efficiency and guarantee a positive outcome for the business. Bigger businesses generally go for automated machine while for smaller businesses semi-automatic machines are the best choice.

    Type of Packaging Container

    Type of Packaging Container

    Type of Packaging Container- Picture Courtesy: CarePac

    Packaging revolution in seasoning powder packaging brings a multitude of seasoning powder packing containers. To accommodate this variety, broad range of seasoning powder packing machines are invented. Bottle seasoning powder packing machine cannot process pouches and vice versa. So, ensure your intended machine is making your desired packaging containers as failure to do so could leads to machine returning problems.



    Quality- Picture Courtesy: HKBU Academic Registry

    Seasoning powder packing machine continuously deals with the edible seasoning powders. Thus, it must be made with food-grade quality materials. To ensure the quality, it is best to check machine quality certification such as ISO, FDA, GMP, etc.


    Relam of seasoning powder packing is ever-changing, hence, to meet the demand of constant evolution up-to-date seasoning powder packing machines are introduced in the market. A seasoning powder packing machine cater to needs of manufacturers by its efficiency and utmost accuracy. Buying this machine is hectic job but purchasing the equipment from pioneers like Allpack makes it easy. Because we Allpack guide and assist you at each and every step of your selection journey. For more queries, visit our website.

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