NF-30 semi-automatic tube filling sealing machine



1.Suitable for aluminum tube/And Plastic Tube/Laminated Tube.

2.This machine is a high-tech product which successfully developed and designed by adopting advanced technology from abroad and strictly meet GMP requirement.

3.PLC controller and color touch screen are applied and made it possible for programmable control of the machine. It can perform the filling for ointment, cream jellies or viscosity material, sealing or tail folding, batch number embossing (include manufacture date) automatically. It’s ideal equipment for aluminum tube filling and sealing for cosmetic, pharmacy, foodstuff and bond industries.


  1. Easy to operate and maintain.
  2. Automatic positioning, filling, sealing, cutting and trimming, printing code in one time.
  3. Stainless steel machine body, strong and beautiful looks.
  4. Sealing mould can be customized according to customer requirements. Can seal many size of tubes.
  5. Ultrasonic Sealing Machine power source for the pneumatic, working steady, not easy to damage, customers can rest assured use.
  6. Ultrasonic frequency can meet international standard, no harmful to human being or environment.
  7. Can be work in time, not need wait the heat time .


1.Power supply: ~220V±10%,50Hz

2.Power Consumption:400W*2(inner heating for sealing plastic tubes )

3.Air source(MPa):air pressure>0.6-0.8MPa,less than 30dm3/min,

4.Filling capacity(ml): 50,100,200ml(usually),

big volume like 300ml,400ml tube can be customized.

5.Speed: 20-30Tubes/min

6.Tube diameter:10-60mm,30-150mm,

more longer like 200mm can be customized.

7.Measurement precision: ±1%

8.Dimension(mm): 1230*700*1400

9.Weight of the machine (kg):600kg


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