Capsule/Tablet Counting Machine

Tablet counting machine is one of the main parts of a capsule tablet counting line,which is is made of unscrambler,desiccant insert machine,counting machine,capping machine,induction sealing machine and labeling machine.It is the main workhorse in capsule production process.With the advanced anti-dust technology,it can be used for tablets(including abnormal tablets),capsule gels(including abnormal gels,transparent gels and opaque gels)pearls and most kind of tabloids. Each machine have intelligent design,with interactive operating multi-language panel can save 10-20 kinds of different operating parameters and easy to load for different products.Self-diagnose,display errors and make alarms.Well cooperation between each machine and in the whole line. Take purposed to operate,easy to adjust, clean and maintain, low working cost,low maintain cost 3 workers will be enough to operate.

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