Semi Automatic Labeling Machine YT-31200


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1. High-precision labeling technology, the labeling accuracy can reach ±0.5mm, to meet the requirements of high-precision labeling;

2. Support taper labeling and circumference labeling;

3. Simple and convenient operation, stripping, sending, labeling and labeling can be automatically completed, manual loading and unloading can complete the labeling process;

4. Safe operation, the transmission parts are wrapped, the circuit and the gas path are arranged separately to avoid abnormal occurrence, and the use is safer;

5. High stability, advanced electronic control system composed of PLC+ subdivided stepper motor + optical fiber sensor, support 7×24 hours operation of the equipment;


model YT-30100
Applicable label length    20mm~220mm
Applicable label width    20mm~150mm
Length of applicable product 30mm~120mm
Applicable product width 30mm~120mm
Height of applicable product 50mm~250mm
Applicable to roll outside diameter Φ280mm
Applicable to the inner diameter of the label Φ76mm
Labeling accuracy ±1mm
The standard rate 5~20m/min
Labeling speed  15~25pcs/min
The weight of the 68kg
The power supply 220V 50HZ
power 800W
Air pressure  0.4~0.6Mpa
Labeling way Rolling stick
The equipment size 850*450*900mm


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