MT-50 Semi- Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine


1. Suitable for different size of adhesive label or adhesive film on all kinds of round bottle,High accuracy and high speed,dispensing & labeling automatically.

2. Suitable range: Round bottle, Round tank, Round barrel to self-adhesive labeling.

3. It is used in PET bottle, plastic bottle, glass bottle, Metal bottle and so on round bottle etc


1. Small structure takes up less space and easy to move and load.

2. Good labeling precision and stability; Neat, no wrinkle, no bubble.

3. It has powerful function. It can achieve circumferential position labeling and non-position labeling easily by switch control.

4. It satisfy the circumferential position labeling and non-position labeling on diameter between 12-120mm bottles.

5. It is easy to use and adjust. The new workers can use or adjust it easily after simple training.

6. Conveyer parts are completely covered to avoid the abnormal conditions which make the use safer.

7.The clever design which allow user to mechanically adjust some structure combination and label winding, makes it easy to adjust the labeling position freely. All these make it easy to change products and wind labels.

8. Has 2 control methods: automatic and semi-automatic. Workers can choose either sensor control or feet step control for labeling according to reality.

9.Whole equipment is mainly made of stainless steel and high level aluminum alloy.The whole structure is strong and harmonious.

10. Has fault stop function, production counting function


Model MT-50
Voltage 220V or 110 V (Optional)
Motor Power 120 W
Applicable Bottles of Diameter 15-120 mm
Label Roll External Diameter 275 mm
Label Roll Inner Diameter 75 mm
Min. Label Size 26(W) x 25(L) mm
Max. Label Size 150(W) x 240(L) mm
Labeling Speed 20-40 pcs/min
Labeling Accuracy ±0.5 mm
Weight 25 kg


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