Semi Automatic Labeling Machine YT-30100




1. Powerful function, can be used for all kinds of workpiece plane, arc surface, concave plane labeling, can be used for irregular workpiece labeling;

2. Stick the standard, high stability, using PLC+ subdivision stepper motor drive to send the standard, send the standard; The feeding mechanism is equipped with brake function to ensure that the label belt is taut and the label detection is accurate. The label tape goes around the rectifying mechanism to prevent the label from left and right deviation;

3. Strong and durable, the circuit and the gas path are arranged separately, the gas path is configured with purification device, to avoid the air moisture damage to the electrical appliances, prolong the service life of the equipment; The machine adopts advanced aluminum alloy and stainless steel material, the quality is firm;

4. Easy to adjust, with adjustable high and low stroke function, different height product labeling, no need to replace the fixture repeatedly;

5. Beautiful appearance, using bottom baking electric box, with stainless steel and advanced aluminum alloy, beautiful and generous, improve the level of equipment;

6. With manual/automatic labeling control mode, workers can choose to use sensors or foot to achieve labeling control according to the need, set manual and automatic control buttons from the touch screen, the length of labeling can be arbitrarily adjusted.


model YT-30100
Applicable label length 15mm~100mm
Applicable label width 15mm~150mm
Length of applicable product 20mm~200mm
Applicable product width 20mm~150mm
Height of applicable product 0.2mm~120mm
Applicable to roll outside diameter Φ280mm
Applicable to the inner diameter of the label φ76mm
Labeling accuracy ±0.5mm
The standard rate 5~15m/min
Labeling speed 20~45pcs/min
The weight of the 48kg
The power supply 220V 50HZ
power 500W
Air pressure 0.4~0.6Mpa
Labeling way Suction is stuck
The equipment size 850*450*800mm


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