Semi Automatic Labeling Machine YT-41300




This labeling machine has the function of single labeling and double labeling, which can be switched on the touch screen. Can be used for various specifications of cylindrical objects labeling, such as xylitol, cosmetics round bottle, equipped with full/half week labeling, circular front and back labeling function; Can be equipped with ribbon code machine, inkjet code machine, labeling and printing production batch number and other information.

Applicable labels: self-adhesive labels, non-drying film, electronic supervision code, bar code, etc.

Applicable products: cylindrical, cone with small taper;

Application: Widely used in food, medicine, daily chemical, electronics, hardware, plastic and other industries;

Application examples: oral liquid bottle labeling, xilin bottle labeling, xylitol labeling, shampoo bottle labeling, wine double labeling, wine fixed point labeling, etc.


1. Powerful function, labeling function can be arbitrary switching and positioning, spacing can be flexibly adjusted;

2. Taper labeling, with taper adjustment knob, easy to set and easy to understand;

3. High quality labeling effect, with double positioning of product positioning and label correction, the head and tail of the label have a high degree of docking, no wrinkles, no bubbles;

4. Simple adjustment, one-button switching of various functions, simple and quick switching of different labels, improve efficiency;

5. Safe and clean, in line with GMP production requirements, the main materials are stainless steel and advanced aluminum alloy, strong and durable;

6. Stable performance, using PLC+ optical fiber sensor electronic control system, support the equipment for a long time operation;

7. Convenient and efficient production management, with label counting, power saving mode, photoelectric tracking label function;

8. Color touch screen control, with powerful data memory function, all bottle types only need to be adjusted once, when changing bottle types only need to call out the data, no further adjustment can start operation and production, support 50 sets of data, simple and efficient;

9. Optional functions: hot coding/jet coding function, circumferential positioning function, automatic induction (according to customer requirements)


Model YT-41300
Applicable label length 15~380mm
Applicable label width 10mm~220mm
Applicable product diameter φ15mm~φ120mm
Applicable to roll outside diameter φ280mm
Applicable to the inner diameter of the label φ76mm
Labeling accuracy ±0.5mm
The standard rate 8m/min
Labeling speed 20~40pcs/min
The weight of the 45kg
The power supply 220V/50HZ
power  500W
The equipment size 1000*470*550mm


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