Handheld Vacuum Sealer: The Complete Buying Guide in 2023

In the modern days, sealing different sorts of products is not a tough ask indeed you can do it without putting any major effort because there is a handy tool for this purpose.

And that tool is Handheld vacuum sealer because of its such small size and effective sealing ability this equipment is getting recognition in many industries.

This informative and helpful guide will let you know about all the key information regards to a handheld vacuum sealer, which includes its working, benefits & applications and many more. So, keep reading & keep exploring.

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    1.What is handheld vacuum sealer?

    Handheld Vacuum Sealer-1

    Handheld Vacuum Sealer

    Handheld vacuum sealer is a very efficient device that is used to vacuum seal a large variety of products in different types of bags made up of various materials.

    The unique sealing ability of this machine to draws all the air from the package i.e. creates vacuum inside the package and then efficiently seals the package so that no air enters the package.

    Portable and handheld property of it makes it discriminate from other sealing machines.

    Being portable means that you can easily use it at any place unlike other vacuum sealing machines where you have to vacuum seal your packages at a certain place where the vacuum sealing machine is placed.

    2.Explain the multiple advantages of handheld vacuum sealer?

    Handheld vacuum sealer is a sealing machine that performs its function in quite a similar way as other sealing machines but because of its size, it stands out.

    Some of the most significant advantages of the handheld vacuum sealer are discussed below.

    Easy to Operate

    Handheld Vacuum Sealer-2

    Easy to Operate

    The operator just needs to turn ON the handheld vacuum sealer and then create vacuum inside the package and then simply put the seal and the vacuum sealing process is done.


    One of most important advantage of the handheld vacuum sealer that makes it stand out in the list of the other vacuum sealers is its portable design and small size.

    Battery Operated

    Battery inside it provides power this means that you do not always need to plug in the handheld vacuum sealer for electricity unlike the other vacuum sealers.

    Efficient Vacuum Sealer

    Handheld Vacuum Sealer-3


    Vacuum creation by the handheld vacuum sealer is almost 100% air free and the seal is also one hundred percent impermeable to any air or moisture.

    Cost Effective

    The cost-effectiveness of this device can be determine from this that The handheld vacuum sealer is one of the cheapest vacuum sealing devices present in the market.

    Food Preservation

    Widely used for preservation of food because of efficient vacuum creation and powerful sealing of the package.

    3.What type of food products can be vacuumed packed by handheld vacuum sealer?

    Do you know how many food items does a handheld vacuum sealer can process? If not! This question is of great importance for you:



    Vegetables are great source of vitamins and minerals due to which we used them in our daily routine. However, its water rich and sensitive nature stays for short period of few days. To maintain their freshness for longer duration, a handheld vacuum sealer is one in all solution.



    Like vegetables, fruits also contain great amount of healthy nutrients. Thus, to prolong their shelf life a handheld vacuum sealer is always admired.



    Every type of meat including beef, mutton and pork are often packed in plastic films or containers to better secure them against bacteria.



    Number of seafood items like fish, crabs, prawns and lobsters are mostly available in packed form which is the result of vacuum sealing.



    Medicines are also eligible for vacuum sealing even for different treatments patients are properly provided with full course of dosage in form of packets. To maintain their susceptibility a handheld vacuum sealer is always utilized.

    Baked Items

    Baked Items

    To protect various baked goods like bread, pastries and cakes this machine is ideally suitable.



    Most of the people prefer to make sauces, but they cannot be consumed in one day. Now, the question arise how to store them in a way that their taste, color and quality remains the same. So, the answer is a handheld vacuum sealer.

    Ready-made Food

    Ready-made Food

    The demand for ready-made food is growing and people also keep ready to eat meal in their refrigerators for emergency. It is only possible when such food is passed through vacuum sealing phase.



    Desserts are rich in sugar which attracts insects and mosquitoes. They need proper packaging which not only protect them but also extend their life expectancy with retaining original flavor.

    4.What kind of food items should not be processed by a handheld vacuum sealer?

    There are few things which are restricted from vacuum sealing on certain basis. What these eatables and the reasons are behind can be understood in table below:

    No Products Description


    Raw Mushrooms

    Raw Mushrooms

    Mushroom is highly perishable food as a result it is not preferred for direct vacuum sealing in its fresh form. If you want to store it, cooked mushrooms are good for it.


    Raw Bananas

    Raw Bananas

    Bananas are likely to ripen faster. This is the reason why bananas are not suitable for vacuum sealing if they are not peeled off and frozen.


    Raw Onion & Garlic

    Raw Onion & Garlic

    Onion, garlic and other members of the same family emit gases when vacuum sealed, so they should be kept away from this process.




    Similar to onion and garlic, cabbage also contains hydrogenated gases which releases in absence of oxygen and can lead to make pores in plastic bags.


    Full Apple

    Full Apple

    Fruits can be vacuumed sealed, but there is proper method for it which here applies for apple. Try to avoid sealing whole apple and make sure that is sliced into pieces.

    5.How a handheld vacuum sealer works?

    Handheld Vacuum Sealer-4

    Handheld Vacuum Sealer

    The handheld vacuum sealer is a very easy to operate device. The working of the handheld vacuum sealer is also very simple.

    After that, the handheld vacuum sealer is turned ON. Creation of vacuum is the next step. It has an air exhauster that exhausts all the air from inside the package and creates a vacuum inside.

    A powerful seal is then created by the production of heat, which causes the ends of the packaging material to get strongly attached to each other.

    It must be noted that the batteries of the handheld vacuum sealer must be charged regularly and replaced when they become old enough.

    6.What are the working components of handheld vacuum sealer?

    Handheld Vacuum Sealer-5

    Working Components of Handheld Vacuum Sealer

    Even though the handheld vacuum sealer is very simple and very easy to use device, its smooth and efficient working requires coordinated and efficient working of all the working components of the handheld vacuum sealer. Some of the most important working components of the handheld vacuum sealer are discussed below.

    The Main Body

    The main body of the handheld vacuum sealer is usually made up of the plastic. It is the main body in which all the other components of the handheld vacuum sealer are present.

    The Power Button

    The power button of the handheld vacuum sealer is used to turn ON and turn OFF the handheld vacuum sealer. This button is present on the body of the handheld vacuum sealer.

    The Indicator Light

    The indicator light is present on the body of the handheld vacuum sealer. It shows the progress of the function of the handheld vacuum sealer.

    The indicator light turns red and green based on the continuation or completion of the sealing process.

    The Vacuum Nozzle

    Creation of vacuum inside the package is one of the two main functions of the handheld vacuum sealer. The vacuum nozzle does this important job by evacuating all the air present inside the package.

    The vacuum nozzle acts as an exhaust and exhausts all the air present inside the package before the package gets sealed.

    The Air Outlet

    Handheld Vacuum Sealer-6

    Handheld Vacuum Sealer

    The air outlet of the handheld vacuum sealer lets the air vacuumed out of the package to get out of the handheld vacuum sealer.

    This is very important component because if the vacuumed air does not gets evacuated from the handheld vacuum sealer, it may create problems for the normal and efficient functioning of the handheld vacuum sealer.

    The Sealing Ring

    The second most important task of the handheld vacuum sealer after the creation of vacuum is the application of a strong and effective seal on the package.

    The sealing ring creates a strong seal on the top of the package after it gets vacuumed. The seal produced by the sealing ring is impermeable to any air or moisture.

    The Charging Port

    As already discussed in the advantages, the handheld vacuum sealer is a battery-operated machine and can be recharged and reused.

    The charging port is the part of the handheld vacuum sealer where the charger gets connected and charges the battery of the handheld vacuum sealer.

    7.How much the shelf life of goods extends after getting vacuumed by a handheld vacuum sealer?

    handheld vacuum sealer-1

    If you are interested in purchasing a handheld vacuum sealer, you should be aware of the shelf life of different food products you are intending to vacuum sealed. To know this, consider the chart below:

    No Products Shelf life before Vacuum Sealing Shelf life after vacuum sealing
    1 Meat 6 months 2-3 years
    2 Fish 3-6 months 2 years
    3 Hard Cheese 1-2 weeks 4-8 months
    4 Soft Cheese 5-7 days 14 days
    5 Berries 1-3 days 3-6 days
    6 Fresh Fruits 1-4 days 14 days
    7 Sauces 3-6 months 1-2 years
    8 Desserts 5 days 10-15 days
    9 Lettuce 1-3 days 2 weeks
    10 Dry Fruits 6 months 2 years

    8.Describe the various types of handheld vacuum sealer?

    There are few kinds of handheld vacuum sealers on certain basis like degree of automation or kind of technology it uses like digital. That’s why, in below explanation we have highlighted them for your complete understanding so that, you can go for one which is reflecting your needs. They are:

    Fully Automatic Handheld Vacuum Sealer

    Fully Automatic Handheld Vacuum Sealer

    It is fully rechargeable handheld vacuum sealer with upgraded technology. It has strong suction power and large capacity battery that can work non-stop for over 300 times only on 2 hours charge. Furthermore, it will prolong your food shelf life up to ×5 times.


    This fully automatic handheld vacuum sealer is mainly composed of durable plastic frame, rechargeable lithium battery, vacuum pump, power indicating light, water collection tank, sucking nozzle, power button, air positioning valve and sealing clip.

    Working Process

    It can be brought into operation by first putting the food in bag and closing it tightly through sealing clip attached with vacuum sealer. After this, position the sealer valve in the center of bag valve and press on button. The sealer will ultimately suck the air out of bag and the moist during process collected in water tank of sealer. After process gets finished the sealer is opened and cleaned with cloth.


    You can take this effective equipment on picnic, fishing, and it can be also utilized on daily basis in kitchens, cafe and bakeries for packaging of vegetables, fruits, pantry, meat etc.

    Semi-Automatic Handheld Vacuum Sealer

    Semi-Automatic Handheld Vacuum Sealer

    This type of handheld vacuum sealer is also known as electric vacuum sealer which can be operated by two methods. For sealing bags, it runs through cell batteries while as for canisters and wine stoppers it is attached with USB led so that all the air inside containers can be effectively ejected.


    It consists of square shape body, removable back-plate, batteries, suction nozzle, USB led, power button, charging hose and air valve.

    Working Process

    Its operating procedure is simple which starts with pressing power button. Before that, vacuum sealer is accurately placed on the valve of bag or canister. Air is continuously inhaled by sealer eventually the process gets done and pack is ready for placing on shelf.


    This handheld vacuum sealer is good for home use as well as clubs and restaurants for food and wine preservation.

    Digital Portable Handheld Vacuum Sealer

    Digital Portable Handheld Vacuum Sealer

    Digital handheld vacuum sealer is most significant and highly portable sealer which provides you with digital display. It can be connected to electricity anywhere in your kitchen, store or even cars. It is also integrated with removable weighing device which shows you exact measurements of loaded food. By connecting USB wire with it, you can seal jars and canisters as well.


    Various components together make the structure of digital vacuum sealer including digital display, control panel, removable weighing device, AC and DC ports, electromagnetic latch, vacuum hose, sealing bar and suction system etc.

    Working Process

    You have to manually fill the bags with food and simply place it between sealing bars of vacuum sealer. Set the parameters and press start button, sealer will automatically inhale air from bag and seal it correctly.


    This vacuum sealer has good application for different areas due to its performance and ability of processing large bags. It can be applied in hospitals, house, restaurants and catering industries etc.

    9.Highlight the major areas where a handheld vacuum sealer is mostly used?

    The handheld vacuum sealer is a very versatile device and has a wide range of applications. Because of its size and properties, it is mainly used for domestic purposes.

    Some of the most important applications of the handheld vacuum sealer are described below.

    Vacuum Sealing of Left-Over Food

    Handheld Vacuum Sealer-7

    Vacuum Sealed Food

    The handheld vacuum sealer is used in household kitchens for packaging the leftover food so that it remains fresh for longer period of time and can be eaten later.

    It saves the food from getting soggy or contaminated during the intended period by resisting the entrance of any moisture or air.

    Vacuum Packaging of Uncooked Foods

    It is also quite effective in packaging of active ingredient food or uncooked foods such as meat, sea foods, vegetables and fruits etc.

    The efficient vacuuming and strong sealing keep the freshness of the materials preserved for a longer period of time than expected.

    Vacuum Sealing of Rust Prone Tools

    Metallic tools are very vulnerable to corrosion and rusting. Rusting is caused by air and moisture and the handheld vacuum sealer effectively and efficiently restricts the entrance of both of them into the package sealed by it.

    Therefore, the handheld vacuum sealer is used for the packaging of rust prone tools to prevent rusting.

    Vacuum Sealing of Pharmaceutical Products

    Handheld Vacuum Sealer-8

    Vacuum Sealed Pharmaceutical Products

    The pharmaceutical products that are sensitive to heat or moisture can be preserved by sealing them with the help of handheld vacuum sealer.

    Vacuum Sealing of Cosmetic Products

    The cosmetic products prone to damage due to atmospheric moisture can also be preserved by the application of the handheld vacuum sealer.

    These are some of the most common and widely used applications of the handheld vacuum sealer in the domestic households.

    10.What is the difference between handheld sealer & Ziploc?

    Handheld Vacuum Sealer-9

    Ziploc Bag 

    Both the handheld vacuum sealed bags and the Ziploc bags are used for packaging of different types of items, mostly food items.

    The main difference between a handheld vacuum sealed bag and a Ziploc bag, as suggested by the name, is the creation of vacuum inside the bag.

    The Ziploc bag fails to create efficient vacuum inside the bag and so there are chances of food spoiling and contamination are greater.

    On the other hand, the handheld vacuum sealed bags do not allow any air or moisture to enter the bag and so the chances of contamination are greatly reduced.

    Another difference between the Ziploc bags and handheld vacuum sealed bags is the the later can be reused for much greater number of times than the former.

    Cost is also a major difference between the Ziploc bags and handheld vacuum sealed bags. The handheld vacuum sealed bags are much more expensive than the Ziploc bags.

    11.What kinds of bags you can seal with handheld vacuum sealer?

    The handheld vacuum sealer can be used for sealing a variety of bags. Some of them are described below.

    Plastic Bags

    Handheld Vacuum Sealer-10

    Plastic Bag for Vacuum Sealing

    The plastic bags are the most common type of bags vacuum sealed by the handheld vacuum sealer. Polyamide (PA) and Polyethylene (PE) are most commonly used in combination for the vacuum sealing of the food products.

    The reason behind this lies in the fact that these materials allow almost no air (oxygen) or moisture to enter the sealed package.

    Silicone Bags

    Handheld Vacuum Sealer-11

    Silicone Bag for Vacuum Sealing

    The silicone bags can also be sealed by the handheld vacuum sealer. This type of bag is considered more hygienic and environment friendly than the plastic ones.

    12.What are the risks with handheld vacuum sealer?

    handheld vacuum sealer-2

    Along with many benefits, here are some challenges that are associated with a handheld vacuum sealer. These are:

    • Vacuum sealing is mere a packaging method which only extend shelf life but not preserve quality.
    • It is not useful for some products like cabbage, soft cheese and onion etc. Because their sealing results in even fast deterioration.
    • Regardless of vacuum sealing, some food still gets spoiled.
    • It is not suitable for fragile material like crackers and chips etc.
    • Not all bacteria needs oxygen for survival, some sort of pathogenic bacteria can be found alive in absence of oxygen which ultimately ruins your food quality.
    • Some bakery products and sauces cannot be well vacuumed.

    13.Is it worthy enough to buy a handheld vacuum sealer?

    Handheld Vacuum Sealer-12

    Handheld Vacuum Sealer

    This is the most common question that comes to everyone’s mind that is it a worthy investment to buy a handheld vacuum sealer. The answer is absolutely yes.

    Given the wide range of advantages the handheld vacuum sealer offers, the price of the handheld vacuum sealer is very low. Getting this much benefits in such a reasonable price is always going to be a great decision.

    By preserving the food and medicines for you, it will keep giving you health and financial benefits. So, buying a handheld vacuum sealer will always prove to be a very healthy investment and a very wise decision.

    14.How to troubleshoot the problems in case of improper performance of handheld vacuum sealer?

    handheld vacuum sealer-3

    What if you suddenly stuck due to difficulty faced while using a handheld vacuum sealer? That’s alright! It happens in almost every equipment you use. But the situation becomes serious when you don’t have any idea about how to tackle these issues. For that we have explained the remedies in advance for your ease. Just look into them:

    No Problems Possible Causes Troubleshooting
    1 Vacuum sealer is not working even after pressing start button It happens when battery of vacuum sealer is down Make sure that it is fully charged
    2 Air is re-entered after getting removed There may be food debris stuck in zipper or in bag valve Ensure that zipper and bag valve are clear to reduce leakage
    3 Vacuum nozzle is not gripping air valve The possible cause is inaccurate position of nozzle Check if sealer is accurately positioned in center and release average force to fit it
    4 Bags get punctured after sealing food You may be sealing food having sharp edges Use bags with bone guard sheet
    5 Vacuum sealer air sucking is weak It occurs if there is dirt or food remains on gasket Examine that gasket is free of contamination in case of dirt remove it with damp cloth
    6 Food gets too much wet after sealing Some sort of food release liquid when sealed like strawberries For such products you have to freeze them before vacuum sealing


    In the conclusion, the wide range of applications and a long list of advantages of the Allpack handheld vacuum sealer make it an excellent candidate for being your next investment.It is a very revolutionary step towards the future. You should consider buying this machine and see the magic happening yourself ,contact us for further queries.

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