Handheld Heat Sealer: The Complete Buying Guide In 2022

Sealing regular items and stuff can get hard sometimes but by selecting a right tool for specific type of task you can make it easy.

For that purpose Handheld heat sealer is introduced in the market to help the small businesses & to help regular sealing needs in homes, industries etc.

You will learn all the different things about how a handheld heat sealer works & how heat is used in a perfect way to seal many kinds of products. Let’s jump into our today’s topic without further delay.

1.What is handheld heat sealer?

Handheld heat sealer

Handheld heat sealer

A handheld heat sealer is a device that uses heat to seal plastic bags or pouches or other materials. It can be used to seal food, cosmetics, medicines, and other items in airtight packages. Handheld heat sealers are convenient and easy to use. They are also portable, so you can take them with you when you travel.

Basically it provides continuous vertical and horizontal seals to the products. You can also seal the different types of liquids, granules, and powders with a handheld heat sealer.

This equipment is available in different widths in the market. The heads of handheld heat sealers of sealers can be easily changed because they are interchangeable. As if they get worn out, you can change them with new ones.

2.How handheld heat sealer works to seal different items?

Different items require different heat sealer settings in order to create a strong, reliable seal. The thickness of the item, as well as the type of material, will affect the settings that are required. For example, thicker items will require more heat and pressure than thinner items.

When using a handheld heat sealer, it is important to test the settings on a scrap piece of material before sealing the item. This will help ensure that you do not damage the item or create a weak seal.

Working of Handheld Heat Sealer

Mini Portable Handheld heat sealer

Mini Portable Handheld heat sealer

As, everyone knows that the handheld heat sealer uses heat to seal the products. While sealing the products, there are heated seal wires that become active when the seal bar of the equipment is pressed closely.

Then a silicon sealing pad is there that helps in making direct heat contact with the product. After that, the sealing bar of the handheld heat sealer helps in melting the wire and film into the sealing forming material. At the last, the handheld heat sealer mends the product that is sealed.

Above is the working of the handheld heat sealer. As it seals the different types of items very easily and smoothly.

3.What are the benefits of handheld heat sealer?

Handheld sealers are becoming very popular in industries to seal different types of products. Handheld heat sealers offer a number of benefits over traditional sealing methods. These advantages are as follows:

Lightweight and Compact

The handheld heat sealers are very lightweight. So, you can easily pick them up and move them to the required destination. The equipment simply requires a power outlet. Also, you need an extension cord to work.

Seal the Custom Shapes

Customized sealing

Customized sealing

The next advantage of a handheld heat sealer is that you can easily seal all types of shapes and products with the help of this equipment. So, odd shape items are sealed easily and simply.

Moreover, the handheld heat sealer helps in creating custom seal shapes. So, you do not need to worry about the big sizes and shapes while sealing the material with this machine.

Flexible Options

The handheld heat sealers are very flexible. You can choose the best handheld heat sealer for you according to your requirement.

Simple to Use

Simple to Use

You just have to simply plug in or switch on and start sealing the products. So, there is no need for any rocket science to work. The material is sealed very simply by this equipment.

Saves Electricity

Another important advantage of handheld heat sealer is that it saves electricity. The machine does not require very high voltage to start working. It requires almost only 110 volts.

Easy to Maintain

The maintenance of handheld heat sealers is very easy and simple as you have to just clean the tray ad the plates. Daily maintenance is required.

Not Expensive

The handheld heat sealer is not very much expensive as compared to the other ones. A cheaper handheld heat sealer is very much productive while sealing the products.

Faster in Use

The next advantage of a handheld heat sealer is that it is very fast as compared to the other sealers. You can quickly seal the product with the help of handheld heat sealer.

4.What are the main parts of a handheld heat sealer?

A handheld heat sealer is a device that uses heat to seal two pieces of material together. The main parts of a handheld heat sealer are as follows:

  • Heating Element
  • A Trigger
  • Jaws

So, there are three main components of the handheld heat sealer.

Heating Element

Heating element for Handheld heat sealer

Heating element for Handheld heat sealer

The very first main part of a handheld heat sealer is the heating element. The heating element is usually made of metal and is located at the tip of the device.

The heating element mainly helps in heating the material that is to be sealed by the sealer.

The Trigger

The second main component of a handheld heat sealer is the trigger. The trigger is located near the heating element and is used to activate the device. So, this component is there only to start and stop the equipment.

The Jaws

Two jaws for sealing purpose

Two jaws for sealing purpose

The third and last component of handheld sealer is considered the jaws. The jaws are located at the other end of the device and are used to hold the two pieces of material together while the heat sealer does its job.

So, above are the main components of handheld sealer. Without these components the machine is incomplete.

5.What is the difference between normal handheld sealer & handheld heat sealer?

When it comes to handheld sealers, there are two main types: normal handheld sealers and handheld heat sealers. So, what’s the difference between the two?

Normal handheld sealers use an adhesive to create a seal, while handheld heat sealers use heat to create a seal. Handheld heat sealers are generally more expensive than normal handheld sealers, but they offer a few advantages.

Creates Stronger Seal

First, handheld heat sealers create a stronger seal than normal handheld sealers. This is because the heat melts the plastic together, creating a stronger bond than an adhesive can provide.

Used on a Wide Variety of Materials

Multiple items packaging

Multiple items packaging

Second, handheld heat sealers can be used on a wider variety of materials. This includes materials that are difficult to bond with an adhesive, such as nylon.

Less Chance of Tear

Finally, heat-sealed bags are less likely to tear or come apart than bags sealed with an adhesive. This is because the seam created by a handheld heat sealer is much narrower than the seam created by an adhesive Sealer.

If you’re looking for a high-quality seal that will hold up over time, then you should consider investing in a handheld heat sealer.

6.In which industries handheld heat sealer is used?

Handheld heat sealers are used in a variety of industries to seal products. These industries include:

Pharmaceutical Industries

Handheld heat sealer use in medical field

Handheld heat sealer use in medical field

In pharmaceutical industries, the handheld heat sealer is used to seal different types of medicines. You can easily seal the medicines with this equipment.

The medicines that can be sealed by the handheld sealer are pills, different types of capsules, tablets, powders, and liquids.

It also keeps the medicine fresh and potent for a longer period of time. The handheld heat sealer also keeps the moisture and air away from sealing material. This may degrade the quality of medicine.

The liquid medication is considered difficult to keep fresh and often has a short shelf life. By using a handheld heat sealer, you can extend the shelf life of your liquid medication by sealing the bottle tightly.

Food Industries

Heat packing using Handheld sealer

Heat packing using Handheld sealer

Handheld heat sealers are commonly used in food industries to seal or package food items. They can quickly pack the material. It also prevents food items from spoilage.

You can use it to seal bags of chips, pretzels, nuts, popcorn, and other snacks. You can also seal up packages of meat, cheese, and other perishables. With a handheld heat sealer, you can keep food fresh for much longer than if you just used a regular bag or container.

It can also be used to seal smaller portions of dry goods, such as flour and sugar. You can also use it to seal individual servings of coffee or tea.

With a handheld heat sealer, you have the ability to control the amount of heat that is applied to the food item. This means that you can avoid damaging delicate items like chocolate bars or marshmallows.

When used properly, a handheld heat sealer can provide an airtight seal that will keep your food fresh and delicious.

Cosmetic Industries

Cosmetic Products Sealing

Cosmetic Products Sealing

The handheld heat sealer is a widely used machine in cosmetic industries for sealing purposes. So, this is a versatile tool and seals cosmetic products simply.

There are a few different types of cosmetic items that you can seal with the handheld heat sealer. This includes blush, bronzer, and eyeshadow. You can also use it to seal lip gloss, lipstick, and lip balm. If you have any loose powder products, such as face powder or eyeshadow, you can use the handheld heat sealer to keep them from spilling.

7.Does the heat effect the products during sealing?

Portable Handheld Heat Sealer

Portable Handheld Heat Sealer

When using a handheld heat sealer, it is important to be aware of the potential for heat damage to the product being sealed. While most handheld heat sealers come with adjustable temperature settings, it is still possible to accidentally damage delicate items if the sealer is set too high.

If you are concerned about the possibility of heat damage, it is best to test the sealer on a scrap piece of the same material before sealing the final product.


There are many reasons why you might want to consider investing in a handheld heat sealer. Perhaps you’re looking for a way to preserve food or keep your belongings safe from moisture and pests. Or maybe you need a quick and easy way to seal up bags or packaging. Whatever your reason, we hope this guide has helped you understand the basics of how these handy little devices work and what they can do for you. ALLPACKCHINA is providing the best handheld heat sealers in the market. You can start your business with the best equipment. If you have any queries regarding the handheld heat sealer you can contact us.


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