Dried Fruit Packaging: The Complete FAQ Guide In 2024

Don't you want to have something always ready in your pocket whenever you crave for eating? Definitely you will! Then what about dried fruits? Which are not only delicious in taste but also help you in fulfilling your daily intake of nutrition, proteins, and calories. This is the condition of almost all those people who care for their healthy diet. Similarly, they do not overlook the other factor which is associated with dried fruits which is indeed its packaging.

Dried Fruit Packaging

Dried fruits packaging is the main thing which matters for assessing the quality of product laying inside the package. Therefore, manufacturers are in search of adopting different techniques through which best possible dried fruit packaging can be ensured. Perhaps, you too have come here for the same purpose. So, let us disclose you a detailed FAQ guide containing everything about dried fruit packaging from its types to process, labeling, machines required, and much more!

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    1.What Is Meant By Dried Fruit Packaging?

    Dried Fruit Packaging-1

    Various dried fruits-Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

    The term dried fruit encompasses all the fruits which are dried for the purpose of extending their shelf life, so that, they may be consumed for a longer period of time. However, mere drying fruits does not work for retaining their quality. Therefore, dried fruit packaging has been employed to deal with this factor.

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    Multiple dried fruits doypacks-Picture Courtesy: Lasheen Branding & Packaging

    Dried fruit packaging simply refers to the storing of dried fruits in safe and hygienic packages including bags, containers, and boxes. These packages are having strong barrier properties against external elements such as moisture, air, and temperature etc., which can otherwise deteriorate the texture and taste of dried fruits.

    2.Which Advantages Are Associated With Dried Fruit Packaging?

    There are several benefits associated with dried fruit packaging such as the preservation of dried fruit quality, customer satisfaction, and extension of product shelf life. These all attributes have been described below:

    Protect Quality

    Protect Quality

    Dried orange bags-Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

    Dried fruit packaging protects the quality of your dried fruits through maintaining a strict barrier against moisture, contamination, and light. In this way, all the essential nutrients, oil, and aroma present in dried fruits remain intact.

    Extend Shelf Life

    Extend Shelf Life

    Mother & daughter shopping in retail market-Picture Courtesy: linkedin.com

    Packaging ensures the safety of dried fruits especially by eliminating oxygen from packages through nitrogen flushing. Therefore, products inside packages can stay for a longer period of time without being affected by bacteria and other elements.

    Reduce Waste

    Reduce Waste

    Zero food waste presentation idea-Picture Courtesy: carvedculture.com

    Most of the unpacked or poorly packed dry fruits get ruined during transit. However, when the same dried fruits are properly packed in bags and containers, there would be less or even no chance of wastage.

    Customer Satisfaction

    Customer Satisfaction

    Consumer reading description on bag-Picture Courtesy: designerpeople.com

    Through dried fruit packaging, you can provide wide range of information to customers regarding your company, product, its nutritional value, expiry date and ingredients etc. Similarly, it will lead to customer satisfaction and their trust in your brands and products.

    Convenience of Usage

    Convenience of Usage

    Teared dried apple bag-Picture Courtesy: baresnacks.com

    Packing dried fruits in flexible packages such as bottles, cans, resealable bags, promotes ease of usage. It also becomes one of the reasons to get the attention of shoppers.

    3.Enlist The Common Dry Fruits Packed In Dried Fruit Packaging Along With Their Characteristics?

    Although, there is a long list of dried fruits which are packed in dried fruits packages, however, the table below will display popular dried fruits:

    No Dried Fruit Picture
    1 Dates

    Dates are sweet fruit which are commonly dried. They are rich in polyphenols that greatly helps in digestion, support brain, and protect against harmful diseases.


    Dried dates-Picture Courtesy: stylecraze.com

    2 Raisins

    Raisins are the dried form of grapes which are high in fiber. They may be consumed as it is or used as topping.


    Multiple dried raisin in spoons-Picture Courtesy: healthline.com

    3 Apricots

    Among other dried fruits, apricots are also popularly consumed due to containing good amount of nutrients and vitamins which are beneficial for health.


    Dried apricot doypack-Picture Courtesy: www.behance.net

    4 Banana

    Similar to dates, banana also have rich sugar in it along with potassium and carbohydrates. Therefore, most of the dried banana bags you find will be labeled as banana chips.


    Dried banana display-Picture Courtesy: beingnutritious.com

    5 Apple

    An apple a day keeps the doctor away. This sentence is the motivation for dried apple packaging which promotes convenient usage for a healthy diet.


    Dried apple slices-Picture Courtesy: thekictchenwisperer.net

    4.Explain In Detail About Each Packaging Option Employed For Dry Fruits Packaging?

    There are different types of packaging options available for dried fruit packaging. These all have been enumerated in the upcoming paragraphs:

    Bags Doypack Bags

    Bags Doypack Bags

    Dried peach doypacks-Picture Courtesy: worldbranddesign.com

    Doypacks, also known as standup pouches, are durable bags which can be utilized for the storing of dried fruits. They are made from multi layer films including aluminum foil and plastic which create a perfect barrier against UV light, moisture, and heat etc.

    Gusseted Bags

    Gusseted Bags

    Dried banana gusseted bags-Picture Courtesy: fiverr.com

    Gusseted bags are large bags with flat bottom and sides. They are known for providing extra space for holding bulk products. Therefore, gusseted bags are good suitable for packing large volume of dried fruits.

    Pillow Bags

    Pillow Bags

    Dried carrot pillow bag-Picture Courtesy: os-design.ru

    Pillow bags is the name given to dried fruit packaging bags due to their resemblance with pillow. They are the safest packaging bags used for dried fruits because of the wide room they hold for maintaining the crisp of fruits.



    Dried banana sachets-Picture Courtesy: www.behance.net

    Sachets are small bags with three or four sides sealing. It is also used for single serving dried fruit and can be easily used for direct consumption.

    Boxes Corrugated Card Boards Boxes

    Boxes Corrugated Card Boards Boxe

    Corrugated card boards box filled with dates-Picture Courtesy: joolies.com

    Corrugated card boards boxes refers to the boxes made up of fluted card boards with single or double walls. Such boxes are meant for ensuring high product safety against damage during transit.

    Flat Card Boards Boxes

    Flat Card Boards Boxes

    Various dried fruit boxes-Picture Courtesy: worldbranddesign.com

    Unlike corrugated boxes, these types of boxes are created by using flat card boards. They are also durable and cover less packaging space.

    Paper Boxes

    Paper Boxes

    Dried fruit in paper box-Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

    Paper boxes are derived from plant sources which are highly environmental friendly. These boxes are made by using hard paper, therefore, it is easy to print any type of labeling over them.

    Containers Cans

    Containers Cans

    Dried fruits in can-Picture Courtesy: ohnuts.com

    Cans are metallic containers with smooth surface popularly used for storing dried fruits. They are highly durable and have strict adherence to the safety standards of dried fruits, therefore, most of the well known dried fruit manufacturers use cans for their dried fruit packaging.



    Dried fruit filled bottles-Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

    Bottles are another type of dried fruit packaging containers made in such a way that fully protect the content from degradation. With varying sizes and shapes, they are available in plastic, glass, and paper form.



    Various dried fruit jars-Picture Courtesy: casualmixologist.com

    Jars are large glass containers used for storing dried fruit to keep the crunch of dried fruits for a longer period of time. They also hold the benefit of transparency for clearly displaying what is laying inside the container without any need to open for checking.



    Dried fruit filled cup-Picture Courtesy: images.satu.kz

    Plastic and disposable cups are also popularly used for dried fruit packaging. They are easy to use, cost-effective compare to other types of packaging, and make your goods look more elegant.



    Dried figs tray packaging-Picture Courtesy: www.behance.net

    Disposable trays is one of the best packaging options available for packing dried fruits. They are either made from plastic or foil which are packed by using a tray packaging machine.

    5.What Is The General Process Of Dried Fruit Packaging?

    The general process of dried fruit packaging consists of several steps including:

    General Process Of Dried Fruit Packaging

    Preparation & Quality Checking

    Quality Checking

    Apple drying process-Picture Courtesy: Adobe Stock

    Firstly, fruits are well processed by passing them through washing, slicing, and drying phase. After that, the quality checking of dried fruits are checked which include the checking of moisture level and metal detection etc.

    Dried Fruit Weighing

    Dried Fruit Weighing

    Dried fruit weighing process-Picture Courtesy: Allpack

    After the dried fruit undergone preparation and quality assessment phase, they are loaded into the packaging machine. Here, with the help of multi weighers, the quantity of dried fruits are measured as fixed by the operator in machine.

    Nitrogen Flushing

    Nitrogen Flushing

    Nitrogen flushing-Picture Courtesy: indiamart.com

    The third step involves purging of dried fruit packages via nitrogen flushing before filling. When packages arrive for filling, the nitrogen gas is flushed into it to completely remove out the presence of oxygen from package. In some cases, like that of pillow bag packaging, nitrogen gas is left in the package to keep the integrity of dried fruits safe during transit.

    Package Filling & Sealing

    Package Filling

    Dried fruit bag sealing-Picture Courtesy: mtpak.com

    After nitrogen flushing, the bags and containers are filled with precise amount of dried fruits which are then proceeded towards sealing. Here, the tight and air-poof sealing is carried out to the dried fruit filled packages.

    Package Discharging

    Package Discharging-1

    Bag discharging-Picture Courtesy: Delma

    Finally, after all the packages get packed and sealed, the conveyor takes them from packaging machine towards discharge chute.

    6.Which Machines Are Used For Dried Fruit Packaging?

    The machines which are designed to carry out dried fruit packaging are described below in detail:

    Dried Fruit HFFS Packaging Machine

    Dried Fruit HFFS Packaging Machine

    Dried fruit HFFS Packaging Machine-Allpack

    Dried fruit horizontal form fill and seal packaging machine is especially made for the packaging of dried fruits into horizontal formed bags. The machine produces horizontal bags which are wrapped around the dried fruit and sealed from top, bottom, and backside. It consists of a hopper, control system, film feed roller, cutting knife, and sealing system. This machine may also be used for creating special shape horizontal bags such as three sided sealed, four sided sealed, or stand-up bags.

    Dried Fruit VFFS Packaging Machine

    Dried Fruit VFFS Packaging Machine

    Dried fruit VFFS Packaging Machine-Allpack

    This type of dried fruit packaging machine has gained expertise in framing the vertical bags for packaging dried fruits, where products are first measured on one hand, while bag is formed on the other. Similarly, the weighed dried fruits are filled into the bag, after which the vertical form fill and seal bag finally get sealed and discharged by the machine. Such type of machine is the best suitable for making pillow bags and gusseted bags etc.

    Dried Fruit Doypacks Packaging Machine

    Dried Fruit Doypacks Packaging Machine

    Dried fruit doypacks packaging machine-Allpack

    This machine has been designed to facilitate the process of packaging dried fruit into doypacks and stand-up pouches. It mainly consists of a horizontal body, pouch forming mechanism, weighing system, hopper, dosing system, bag sealing system, and discharging system. The machine can be simply executed by fixing parameters in machine via control panel. Once the process get started, the machine will initiate forming doypacks and then taking dried fruit from hopper, weighing it and filling it into doypacks. After that, these doypacks are sealed and discharged.

    7.What Are The Quality Standards Available For Dried Fruit Packaging?

    Quality Standards Available

    Quality standards' presentation idea-Picture Courtesy: lhongtortai.com

    Quality certification is the core aspect of assessing the quality of dried fruit packaging and the machines used for it. In this way, certain quality standards are working across the world to promote sustainable dried fruit packaging. These include:

    Quality Standards Available-1


    Food and Drug Administration is the prime agency working for the safe and healthy life of people all around the globe by ensuring that all types of machines used for manufacturing and packaging of drugs and food products are fully safe and hygienic.


    International Organization for Standardization is another international quality standard formed for the purpose of certifying authentic industries with their excellent performance in terms of quality packaging and production.


    Good manufacturing practices is the international organization which ask the respective governments for regulation of validated, clean, and quality manufacturing of equipment and goods.


    CE is the popular mark used in European Union countries such as that of Germany, France, and Italy etc. Any dried fruit packaging machines manufacturers who really want to export their machinery into Europe must adhere to the quality standards established by European Union.

    8.Which Type Of Information Is Communicated Through Dried Fruit Packaging?

    Dried fruit packaging is a mean to communicate information to consumers. This information consists of:

    Company Profile

    Company Profile

    Dried fruits & nuts bag-Picture Courtesy: designerpeople.com

    Firstly, packaging tells your customers about your company profile such as company name, brand name, contact number and the level of your business etc.

    Product Name

    Product Name

    Dried fruit bags-Picture Courtesy: designerpeople.com

    Second and most important information is the product name which is displayed over the dried fruit packaging. After all, it is the product name which actually tell the consumer what he is looking for is laying inside the bag.

    Ingredients Used

    Ingredients Used

    Dried fruit ingredients information-Picture Courtesy: www.behance.net

    Another crucial thing is a brief description about ingredients which is mentioned over the dried fruit packages in order to enable the user which ingredients are included in the product they are going to consume.

    Nutritional Value

    Nutritional Value

    Dried fruit nutritional facts table-Picture Courtesy: thedieline.com

    Nutritional information refers to the outcomes or benefits the dried fruit possess. For instance, the fats, and energy which can be attained by taking the pack are mentioned over the packages.

    Bar Code

    Bar Code

    Dried apple back & front labeling-Picture Courtesy: www.behance.net

    Bar code is a machine-readable code printed in a parallel lines format on dried fruit packages. It can be easily detected by a detector for convenient selling and providing detailed information about product.

    Expiry Date

    Expiry date is a previously determined date mentioned on dried fruit packages which tells the consumers about the time duration under which the product is safe to consume.


    Some people have allergy problem due to which they may suffer if take prohibited allergens. Therefore, manufacturers used to mention the allergens, if any, present in dried fruit such as milk, eggs, peanut etc., to keep the users alarmed before using the food.

    9.What Factors Must Be Considered For Effective Dried Fruit Packaging?

    Several factors must be considered for ensuring effective dried fruit packaging. These are highlighted below:

    No Name Description Picture
    1 Material Selecting right packaging material is the key to making effective dried fruit packaging. For instance, using paper as a packaging material is beneficial for environmental sustainability as well as product safety. Material

    Various dried fruit paper boxes-Picture Courtesy: item.rakuten.co.jp

    2 Labeling Labeling is the heart of dried fruit packaging. Actually, it is the labeling which display information over pack and attract the consumer attention. So, labeling must be of vibrant colors, and prominent fonts. Labeling

    Dried banana doypack-Picture Courtesy: designerpeople.com

    3 Sealing Type of sealing also has a great effect on your dried fruit packaging. Therefore, it is important to use resealable and easy to use seals such as band sealing, zippers, and adhesive tape sealing etc. Sealing

    Various dried fruit band sealed doypacks-Picture Courtesy: packagingoftheworld.com

    4 Type of Package Along with type of sealing, the right type of package is also very important. In essence, packing dried apple and banana in paper boxes may moisten their texture, but the same boxes are good for packing dates and figs. Type of Package

    Dried fruit box-Picture Courtesy: designerpeople.com

    5 Relevant Machine Dried fruit may be packed in slices form or powdered form which implies that their processing will require different setup, so as machines. Hence, you have to choose the type of machine in accordance with the nature of your dried fruit. For example, auger filler machine is suitable for powdered dried fruit packaging, while multi weigher for sliced dried fruit packaging. Relevant Machine

    Dried fruit multi weighing packaging machine-Allpack

    10.How Can Dried Fruit Packaging Elevate Your Business?

    Dried fruit packaging can elevate your business through several different ways such as:



    Dried fruit labels-Picture Courtesy: packagingoftheworld.com

    The first struggle of dry fruit packaging which paves the way for your successful business is the advertisement. Through packaging, you can popularize your company and brand name in the market. It will have a positive impact on consumers, in turn the demand for your goods will be increased.

    Through Visual Appeal

    Through Visual Appeal

    Dried plum box-Picture Courtesy: informationabouts.com

    In the sea of dried fruit manufacturers, you can distinguish your products by adopting unique and innovative way of packaging through charming colors and alluring labeling.

    Versatile Packages 

    Versatile Packages

    Small to large dried food bags-Picture Courtesy: www.behance.net

    It is a matter of fact, that not all people are willing to buy dried fruit package having kg(s) of content, rather, most of the customers look for versatile packs like single serving stick packs and sachets etc. Therefore, if you use various packaging bags, bottles, and boxes for delivering small to large amount of dried fruits, your products will have higher demand.


    To conclude, dried fruit packaging encompasses the types of packages used for storing and delivering of various dried fruits in order to retain their quality, taste, and freshness for longer period. It also accounts for the success of any business associated with it. Hence, if you also confess the importance of dried fruit packaging in uplifting your brand and want your products to be admired by consumers then ready to modify your packaging line by incorporating Allpack's latest packaging equipment. For further information you may contact us through our website!

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