Double Chamber VS Single Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Whether it’s meat, seafood, or any product that you need to keep in sustainable and preserve form, you always require a vacuum chamber sealer for this job.There are two basic types, a double chamber vacuum sealer, and a single chamber vacuum sealer.
To understand the basic differences or be interested to know Double Chamber Vs Single Chamber Vacuum Sealer, then read this article.

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    1.What Is Double Chamber Vacuum Sealer?

    Double Chamber Vacuum Sealer

    Double chamber vacuum sealer, as the name implies,it contains 2 working chambers and 1 chamber cover which is used to seal off bags or pouches with the help of vacuum. This type of vacuum sealer is made specifically for large scale industries since they require a machine which will be able to seal medium sized or large sized products.

    Moreover, it is a high speed machine which has the capacity to seal thousands of pouches in a single day, thus making it ideal for industries.

    2.What Is Single Chamber Vacuum Sealer?

    Single Chamber Vacuum Sealer

    Single chamber vacuum sealer, as the name suggests consists of a single chamber in which a bag or a pouch is put and sealed off with vacuum. This machine is ideal for use in homes and small scale business where they need a machine which has the capability to seal small sized products. This sealer can package various food items such as meat, fruits, vegetables etc.

    Single chamber vacuum sealer is portable and easy to operate which makes its use convenient for anyone.

    3.What the Difference between Double Chamber and Single Chamber Vacuum Sealer?


    Double Chamber Vacuum Sealer

    Double Chamber Vacuum Sealer

    The basic components of double chamber vacuum sealer are as follows.

    1) Chamber lid: this is the lid which is either opened manually or is operated automatically.

    2) Handles: handles assist in opening or closing the chamber.

    3) Silicon strips: they are important for vacuum process.

    4) Connecting rod: connects the parts of the sealer.

    5) Emergency stop: a button which stops the vacuum process.

    6) Control panel: controls the whole process.

    7) Wheels with brake and anchor bolts: help in moving the machine.

    8)  Stainless steel: this is the main body of the machine which is corrosion resistant.

    Single Chamber Vacuum Sealer   

    Single Chamber Vacuum Sealer

    The basic components of double chamber vacuum sealer are as follows.

    • Stainless steel: the main body of this machine.
    • Sealing strip: important in the vacuum process.
    • Vacuum cover: this closes the upper part of the sealer.
    • Power switch: this is the button which can be switched on or off to control the process.
    • Barometer: it controls the pressure at which air is being sucked out of the chamber.
    • Emergency stop: a button which can immediately stop the process.
    • Wheels: help in moving the machine from one place to another.
    • Control panel: this controls the whole process.


    Double Chamber Vacuum Sealer

    The working principle of this machine is quite simple. Put the bag or pouch which needs to be sealed inside the chamber. The chamber cover of the machine can either be closed manually or automatically. Next, the machine sucks out almost all of the air inside it, making its environment vacuum like. Then the machine seals the bag, making it airtight.

    After this, the bag is ready to get shipped. The environment inside the machine is changed back to normal. Sometimes the air inside the machine is replaced by inert gas like nitrogen to make the atmosphere non-reactive with the bag inside.

    Single Chamber Vacuum Sealer

    The working principle of single chamber vacuum sealer is almost exactly like double chamber vacuum sealer. The bag or pouch is placed inside the single chamber. The lid is closed manually. Next, the machine takes out all of the air inside it and the bag is sealed where it is open. After this, the airtight bag is taken out and is ready for shipping.

    Even though the process of both the sealers is same, however there are a few differences. Firstly, the sealing capacity of double chamber vacuum sealer is more than the single chamber vacuum sealer since it contains more chamber, plus has greater capacity and storage to seal large sized products. Secondly the process of double chamber vacuum sealer is way quicker and more efficient than the latter because it has the capability to perform automated process.


    Double Chamber Vacuum Sealer

    This sealer has many advantages and is an ideal option for many industries to seal their products in safe and secure way. Let us discuss some of its advantages below.

    • High speed

    Speed Requirements

    One of the best advantages of this sealer is that it is a very high speed machine which is capable of sealing thousands of products in a single day, performing the process as efficiently as possible.

    • Versatile


    This sealer can package various kinds of products which come in different shapes, designs and sizes,so,it is multifunctional and versatile,can meet all kinds of demands of people.

    • More profitable

    More profitable

    In general,the price of double chamber vacuum sealers is reasonable,it doesn’t need too much investment,but it has high production,can package more bags in limited time,so it can bring high income for you.

    Single Chamber Vacuum Sealer

    Single chamber vacuum sealers too have many advantages and can be used in various industries. Let us discuss each advantage below.

    • Easy to operate

    Easy to operate

    The working principle of single chamber vacuum sealer is quite simple and easy to understand,meanwhile,the automation degree of this machine is high,it doesn’t need too much manual investment,therefore,the machine is easy to operate.

    • Portable


    Single chamber vacuum sealer takes less space, thus it can be installed anywhere in the production line.Single chamber vacuum sealer is provided with wheels, thus it can be moved easily from one place to another.

    • Low maintenance

    Low maintenance

    The structure of this machine is simple,so it doesn’t require high maintenance fees,just requires basic regulation just like every other machine.

    4.What Are the Applications Of Double Chamber Vacuum Sealer?

    This machine is a highly versatile one since it can be used in various industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics, hardware, food etc. let us discuss each of these industry below.

    • Pharmaceutical industry

    Pharmaceutical industry

    Pharmaceutical industry deals with the manufacture of medicines and drugs which help in curing diseases and improving lifestyle. These medicines are quite vulnerable to any damage and will lose their efficacy if they come into contact with air or moisture. The use of double chamber will seal them in a bag or pouch and prevent the interaction of moisture or oxygen with the medicine inside, thus maintaining its potency.

    Moreover, this industry produces thousands of drugs in a single day requiring a high speed, efficient machine to seal their products as quickly as possible. This machine would easily meet with all the requirements.

    • Chemical industry

    Chemical industry

    This industry produces various chemicals which are then used in another industry for the formation of final product. These chemicals, like the medicines, can easily degrade if dust, oxygen or moisture interacts with it. Thus double chamber vacuum sealer can easily seal them in a bag, preventing any kind of contact, thus keeping chemicals efficacy intact.

    • Food industry

    Food industry

    Various food products like processed food, meat, fish and vegetables are involved in food business. This industry needs to make sure that all these food items are fresh and preserve them so that they do not become stale even before they are shipped to the markets.

    In order to maintain their freshness, double chamber vacuum sealer is used which seals them in pouches or bags and gives them a vacuum like atmosphere, thus the food items are safe and fresh to use.

    • Electronic industry

    Electronic industry

    Electronic industry manufactures electric components, electronic circuits and other components which are essential parts of various machines and computers. These chips or circuits are very delicate and need protection from dust, moisture, UV rays, oxidization and corrosion. If they are not protected from these factors, they will get damaged and become non-functional.

    Double chamber vacuum sealer will seal these electronic components in a package, protecting them from all these harmful factors.

    • Textile industry

    Textile industry

    Textile industries produces many products like rugs, pillows, cotton fabric, bathroom mats etc. these are packaged in a plastic bag and shipped for sale. Double chamber vacuum sealer would be ideal to seal them in those bags especially large sized products like rugs.

    5.What Are The Applications Of Single Chamber Vacuum Sealer?

    Single chamber vacuum sealer is quite important for many industries which require sealing of their products to keep them fresh and protect them from harmful environment. These include pharmaceutical, chemical, meat, confectionery, electronic, animal food and dairy industry. Let us discuss each of these industry below.

    • Pharmaceutical industry

    Pharmaceutical industry-1

    Like double chamber vacuum sealer, single chamber vacuum sealer can also be used to in the packaging process of small sized medicines and drugs and seal them in pouches, making it air tight.

    • Chemical industry

    Chemical industry-1

    Chemical industry produces various chemicals like solvents, films, rubber chemicals, resins and raw materials for synthetic fibers. These products are then packed into bags or pouches. Before shipping them off, they are sealed with the help of single chamber vacuum sealer to protect them and preserve their potency.

    • Meat industry

    Meat industry

    Meat industry deals with food items like beef, chicken, mutton, seafood. These items are packed in plastic bags or pouches and need to be sealed efficiently to maintain their freshness. Single chamber vacuum sealer can easily handle their sealing process, thus keeping the contents inside safe and fresh to eat.

    • Electronic industry

    Electronic industry-1

    This industry makes various electronic components, circuit boards, semiconductors etc. some of these items are small in size and delicate and need to be protected from dust, moisture, UV rays and air. Single chamber vacuum sealer excels in packaging small items like circuit boards and protect them from any damage.

    • Dairy industry

    Dairy industry

    Many dairy products like milk, yogurt, cream and cheese are put into pouches or bags and shipped for sale as quickly as possible to prevent them from expiring. Moreover, they are extremely vulnerable to heat, moisture and air and will quickly spoil if they come into contact with any of these factors. Single chamber vacuum sealer can seal them since they are ideal for packaging of small to medium sized pouches containing liquids.

    • Confectionery industry

    Confectionery industry

    This industry deals many food items like chocolates, candies, toffees, chewing gum. These products are then packaged into small packets and pouches and sealed with the help of single chamber vacuum sealer.

    6.Which One Is More Economical, Double Chamber Vacuum Sealer Or Single Chamber Vacuum Sealer?


    In terms of price, single chamber vacuum sealer is cheaper than double chamber vacuum sealer. This is because it contains a single chamber and performs at a lower speed than the double chamber. Even though double chamber vacuum sealer is more expensive than single chamber vacuum sealer, it contains two chambers, has higher capacity and size to fit large sized bags and pouches, is a fast performing machine and works more efficiently than single chamber.

    After discussing these points, we can say that even though single chamber vacuum sealer is technically more economical than double chamber vacuum sealer due to its cheaper price, it offers less features than the latter.


    This might not be surprising to you that using vacuum sealers can save food and other material wastage by preserving them strongly. Double chamber vs single chamber vacuum sealers is well-suited commercial scale machines with ample of benefits. Allpack provides you well-engineered and broad array for sealing lines. For Product information or Procurement, Please Contact us Right Now!

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