Vacuum Seal Bag Size Chart

As a matter of fact,vacuum packaging has become a absolutely necessary packaging method of food and other products.To complete the process of vacuum packaging,you have to use vacuum seal bags.However,does a specific vacuum seal bag can package all kinds of products?The answer is no.
In general,vacuum seal bags aren’t in a uniform form,there are different materials,sizes and applications of them,and if you want to use vacuum seal bag to pack products,at first,you need to consider the size.In this article,you will learn may things about the vacuum seal bags,which are as follows:

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    1.What is vacuum seal bag?

    vacuum seal bag

    Vacuum seal bag is a container for food or other products during the vacuum packaging process,it can play a role in protection of the food or other products.After the vacuum packaging process,vacuum seal bag is tightly covered the products,and there is no air inside the bag.
    The main function of the vacuum seal bag is prevent products from being damaged,vacuum,it means that a condition of non-oxygen,in this condition,the microorganism can not survival and multiply,which can avoid the packaging objects to be moldy.
    Generally speaking,vacuum seal bags are transparent and colorless,but we can not get rid of special situations.And the usage of vacuum seal bag is quite simple,just put the product which you need to pack into the bag,and put it in the vacuum packaging machine,through operating the machine,you can get a vacuum packaged product.

    2.How many types of vacuum seal bags there are?

    In fact,there are various of vacuum seal bags in the market,in terms of different aspects,they can be divided into different types.In this part,we will discuss the different types of vacuum seal bags according to three aspects:shape,material and performance.

    According to shape

    According to shape

    The most common shape of vacuum seal bags are bag-type and roll-type,the bag-type vacuum seal bags are independent ones while roll vacuum seal bag are connected together.A difference between the two types of vacuum seal bags is that the roll vacuum seal bags can be cut into required size,but the bag-type vacuum seal bags can not.

    According to material

    According to material

    PET Vacuum Seal Bag

    PET Vacuum seal bag is the polyester vacuum seal bag,this is a type of transparent and colorless bag which is made of the condensation of polyols and polyacids.The PET vacuum seal bags have perfect performance,have high-hardness and high-toughness,they take advantages of resistance to penetration,resistance to friction,resistance to high-temperature.

    PA Vacuum Seal Bag
    PA vacuum seal bag is a type of high quality vacuum container,in general,the PA vacuum seal bag have high-glossy and high-strength,and it have good anti-oil ability,so it is widely used to pack greasy products such as meat,fried food and other foods.

    PE Vacuum Seal Bag
    PE,that is polyethylene,it is a thermoplastic resin prepared by the polymerization of ethylene,the PE vacuum seal bag is more hard then other types,and the voice of this type of bag is ringing.The PE vacuum seal bag doesn’t suitable for conditions of high-temperature and frozen,so it can only used to pack products which don’t have special storage requirements.

    Aluminum Foil Vacuum Seal Bag
    This types of vacuum seal bag is different to the above three types,it is not transparent,in the most cases,it is silver.So,besides other advantages of vacuum seal bag,the aluminum foil vacuum seal bag can also prevent sunlight,it has a good barrier property.

    According to performance
    According to performance

    LaminatedVacuum Seal Bag
    These type of vacuum seal bag has good performance,the thickness of it is between 3 Mil and 5 Mil so it has a good barrier property,as a result,it is suitable for packing food which are perishable.

    Zipper Vacuum Seal Bag
    The thickness of zipper vacuum seal bag is commonly 3 Mil,this type of bag has a high strength,can perfectly protect food,and it can be cooked under high temperature,which is very convenient.

    Boilable Vacuum Seal Bag
    The boilable vacuum seal bag,as the name shows,you can use it to storage food which need to be steam cooked,when you need to cook the food,you can directly put the boilable vacuum seal bag into microwave oven.

    Compostable Vacuum Seal Bag

    The compostable vacuum seal bag is a types of environment friendly vacuum bag,and it is very hard so that it can afford a high temperature that up to 85 degree,it is suitable for all kinds of vacuum packaging machines.

    3.What are the features of vacuum seal bags?

    Vacuum seal bags are used in many aspects in your daily life,they provide many conveniences to people,they have many features.This part is to introduce the features of vacuum seal bags,or in other words,the benefits of vacuum seal bags,which will be listed to the below:

    Barrier Property
    Barrier Property

    Vacuum seal bag is a sealed space,it can separate food or other things from the air,prevent them from the impact of moisture,oxygen,sunlight and other environmental elements,that is,the vacuum seal bag has barrier property.

    Stable Performance

    Stable Performance

    As is mentioned above,there are many types of vacuum seal bags,and most of them have high-toughness,high-strength,and be resistance to high temperature,which means that the vacuum seal bags have stable performance.

    Low Cost

    Low Cost

    Generally,vacuum seal bags are made of plastic,and the technology process is not complex,which makes it easier to be produced in a large scale.Because of this,the cost of vacuum seal bags is pretty low,using them to storage food or other products,can help you save your cost.



    Vacuum seal bags accord with a series of hygienic standards,the sanitary quality of them is guaranteed.And the vacuum seal bags closely cover the products,keep them away from the affect of the dust and other elements in the air,so the products will not be polluted,which ensures the sanitary of them.

    Resistant to Hit

    Resistant to Hit

    Vacuum seal bags have good performance,they are tough and hard enough to protect the products from damages such as sudden impingement and puncture,in particular,after the vacuum process,the hardness of vacuum seal bags can be quite higher than before.Because of this feature,vacuum seal bags are benefit for transportation,so they are widely used in delivery industry.

    4.What are common thicknesses and sizes of vacuum seal bags?

    Until now,you have already learned the definition,types and features of vacuum seal bag,and next I will introduce the common thickness and sizes of them.



    Actually,the most common thicknesses of vacuum seal bags in the market are 3 Mil,4 Mil and 5 Mil.Maybe you will be confused about what’s the meaning of Mil,or maybe you thick it refers to millimeters ,this cognition is wrong,in fact,1 Mil is 1/1000th of an inch.

    The thickness of the vacuum seal bag can represent its strength in a certain degree,it can represent how durable it is.The thicker the bag is,the more durable it is,and the longer storage time it can provide.

    One thing which is less known is that,in most cases,the thicknesses of the two sides of vacuum seal bag are different,the back side is always thicker than the front side.Maybe you will ask why,well,the surface of back side of vacuum seal bag is textured,for the purpose of blocking the air.
    It has already been mentioned in the last question that there are three types of common thickness of vacuum seal bags:3 Mil,4 Mil and 5 Mil,and in this part,they will be compared with each other.


    Thickness 3 Mil 4 Mil 5Mil
    Size Range 5 inch x 7 inch -22 inch x 34 inch 6 inch x 8 inch- 18 inch x 28 inch 6 inch x 10 inch-12 inch x 14 inch
    Advantage The 3Mil vacuum seal bags can be widely used in many industries,both for food and non-food products.They are durable and have good strength,can protect products well. The 4 Mil vacuum seal bags are thicker than the 3 Mil vacuum seal bags,they can be used to pack meat,especially those which are with bones,because the 4 Mil vacuum seal bags are suitable for sharp products. The 5 Mil vacuum seal bags are the most tough vacuum bags,the surfaces of them are smooth,they are more resistant yo tear and puncture.This type of vacuum seal bags can be used to pack products which are heavy and hard.

    5.What is the influence of using the improper size of vacuum seal bag?

    Perhaps this is a question which you never think about in the daily life,what if the size of vacuum seal bag is improper?why need to select the correct size of vacuum seal bag?Next your confusion will be solved.

    influence of using the improper size of vacuum seal bag-1

    If the size of vacuum seal bag is too large,on the one hand,although it still can totally cover the product,it need more time to extract the air from the bag.In other words,using a larger vacuum seal bag can add your cost in time and power,which is unnecessary consumption.
    On the other hand,because the vacuum seal bag is too large,it will be more extra space in it,when you open the mouth of the bag,there is more space for outside air,which is not beneficial for the inside product.

    influence of using the improper size of vacuum seal bag

    And another case is that,what if the vacuum seal bag is too small,the affect is evident.If the vacuum seal bag is small,it can not totally pack the product,which means that it can not play its role in protection.In addition,vacuum seal bag which is small may cause problems during the vacuum process.

    6.How to estimate the correct size of vacuum seal bag?

    To choose the correct size of vacuum seal bag,you need to measure the size of your product at the first,the length,the width and the height of them,in this part,you will know some knowledge about this.

    Solid Products

    Solid Products

    For the products which is the same shape as the picture,you should add 1 inch to the summation of the width and height of the product,then you can get a total number,this is the width of the vacuum seal bag which you need to choose.
    As for the length of vacuum seal bag,you need to add 2 inches to the summation of the length and height of the product,then you can get the length.And even some irregular shaped products,you can also use this method to measure the size of vacuum seal bags according to the realistic situation.

    Solid Products-1

    And if the shape of your product likes the cylinder,there’s another method of measurement.multiply the diameter of the product by 1.5 and add 1 inch,this is the width of the vacuum seal bag.As for the length,you need to add the length and diameter of the product,and then add 2 inches to their summation.

    Liquid Products

    The Volume Of Liquid Product The Size Of Vacuum Seal Bags
    709.76ml 6 inch x 8 inch
    1892.71ml 8 inch x 12 inch
    2839.06ml 10 inch x 15 inch
    1892.71ml-2839.06ml 10 inch x 16 inch
    3785.41ml 12 inch x 18 inch
    7570.82ml 14 inch x 18 inch

    If you want to use vacuum seal bags to pack liquid products,the data of the above table can give you a guidance,you can measure the volume of your product and compare to the data of the table,and in the similar fashion, you can get the size of the vacuum seal bag.Of course that you also need to combine with the realistic situation.

    7.What factors should you consider when you choose vacuum seal bags?

    Before purchasing vacuum seal bags,there are some factors you need to consider,they are as follows:

    The size of products

    The size of vacuum seal bag

    The most basic factor you need to think about is the size of the products which you want to storage by vacuum seal bags.The reason is that you need to choose the proper size of vacuum seal bag depends on the size of products

    The size of vacuum seal bag

    The size of products

    The second important factor is the size of vacuum seal bag,the bag need to be larger than the product,it can not be just as large as the product,or it can not completely pack the product.The most proper size of vacuum seal bag is that it should be a little larger than the product,but you also need to control the size in a reasonable range.

    The thickness of vacuum seal bag

    The thickness of vacuum seal bag

    Besides the size,the thickness of the vacuum seal bag is also need to be put into consideration since the thickness can represent the protection ability of the bag.If you need to pack some small and light products,you can choose vacuum seal bags of ordinary thickness;if you need to pack heavy products or some sharp and special products,you need to choose thicker vacuum seal bags.

    Material of vacuum seal bag

    Material of vacuum seal bag

    As is known that vacuum seal bags are made of various materials,some are made of polyamide and some are made of polyethylene,in addition,and a large amount of vacuum seal bags are made of composite material.No matter what materials of the bags are,you need to confirm that whether they are safe or not.
    Based on your products,you should figure out the material of the vacuum seal bag to ensure that it is non-toxic and accord with relevant standards.For instance,if you need pack food,you should choose vacuum seal bags which passed the standard of FDA.

    • Frequency of usage

    Frequency of usage

    And another factor is that the frequency of usage,if you need to open the vacuum seal bag in a high frequency,it is not suggest that you choose a large bag,because it will cause affects to the remained product inside the bag,you can choose a comparative smaller vacuum seal bag and use the product which is in the bag as soon as possible.


    In summary,to match your products and vacuum packaging machines,choosing the most appropriate vacuum seal bag is quite important.After reading the above questions,perhaps you have a knowledge about vacuum seal bag,especially the size,as a result,you can select and use your vacuum seal bags more practiced.By the way,if you have other problems about vacuum seal bags,you can contact us.

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