Top 10 Global Vacuum Packaging Machine Manufactures: The Ultimate Guide In 2023

With the continuous improvement of food preservation technology, food vacuum packaging machines are also constantly developing. Packaged food can be prevented mildew with good quality, freshness and a prolonged storage period. Have you ever heard of the famous manufacturers of vacuum packaging machines in the world?

If you haven’t, let’s take a look at the world’s famous vacuum packaging machine manufacturers together!

Top 10 manufacturers of vacuum packaging machines in the world

A vacuum Packaging Machine is a special machine that can put food into packaging bags. The machine will first extract the air from the bag. When the packaging bag reaches the vacuum level set by the machine, the sealing process is completed. In this way, the food will be completely and safely packaged.

Here is the top list of manufacturers:

2Italian PackItaly
6AMAC TechnologiesUSA
7ULMA PackagingSpain



Company Background & Information


Multivac is one of the world’s leading suppliers of packaging solutions for a wide variety of foods, life science and healthcare products, as well as consumer and industrial goods. It was founded in 1961 by Sepp Haggenmülle with Hermann Keil. Their portfolio covers virtually all requirements in terms of packaging design, performance and resource efficiency. It encompasses an extensive range of packaging technologies, automation solutions, and labeling and quality control systems.

Key Products


Free-standing Chamber Machines


Double Chamber Machines

  • X-line ThermoformingPackaging Machines
  • High level of flexibility and pack quality
  • Robust and durable design
  • Efficient use of energy and packaging materials
Recommend Reasons
  • As a leading manufacturer of tray sealers, they focus primarily on customers. Each machine is designed individually to your specific requirements as regards the product and tray.
  • MULTIVAC tray sealers are characterized by maximum output at minimum use of resources, and they also provide optimum utilization of the available production space.
  • They are efficient, flexible, durable and particularly cost-effective as regards investment and operating costs.
  • All the models can be easily integrated into automated lines, and their small footprint has a particularly positive impact.

Company Background & Information

Italian Pack was established in 1988, in Northern Italy, and is a leading manufacturer of tray sealing, vacuum packing and lidding machinery. They have taken the industry to the next level in precision and control. Specializing in MAP machines, which can be used for skin packing as well as standard tray packing whilst keeping the pricing of the machines extremely competitive has led Italian Pack to become one the leading manufacturers in the industry.

Key Products


Atlantis 1350


Atlantis Duetto 2-300


Torpedo 2000

  • Removable sealing bars with double seal or seal & cut off.
  • New electronic panel with 10 programs.
  • Single sheet pressed vacuum chambers for easy cleaning.
Recommend Reasons
  • With acquired experience over 30 years in the business and a wide range of highly-reliable packaging machines, Italian Pack prides itself on providing its clients with packaging solutions that meet even the most stringent market requirements for freshness and hygiene.
  • Constant investment in research and the utmost trust in our machines have enabled Italian Pack to successfully meet and exceed growth expectations with an efficient, competent commercial network in every corner of the world.

Company Background & Information


VALKO, founded in 1995 in Italy, is a leader for more than 25 years in professional vacuum packaging and vacuum cooking equipment and offers a wide range of vacuum sealers and a technologically advanced range of Sous Vide cooking appliances. They also supply reliable assistance to customers and do provide accessories and disposables for all machines, such as vacuum bags, packaging trays, and films in different types and sizes.

Key Products




FAVOLA 84060



  • Suitable for big butcheries, large-scale distributors, labs
  • 2 L shape sealing bars with sealing wire and waste trimming
  • Digital, stainless steel made, set of volume reducers included
Recommend Reasons
  • Technology, production, and distribution on-site: these are their strengths.
  • The flexibility required by today’s market is the stimulus for offering you the best possible solutions.
  • As an industrial manufacturing company, they focus on sustainable quality-from raw materials used in production to new technologies for everyday use in the kitchen.

Company Background & Information

ALLPACK is a professional packaging equipment manufacturer with 11 years of experience in packing machine labeling, and they focus on round bottles. The company covers a range of production areas like Carton Packaging, Sealing, Strapping, Vacuum Packaging, Capping Packaging, Labeling, Pharma Machinery, Coding, and Marking machines, and so on. They can solve & support your packaging equipment challenges, so you can grow your business.

Key Products


DZ-500-T Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine


HVC-410S/2B Double Chamber Vacuum Machine


HVR-320A Thermoforming Machine

  • Widely used to skin pack the products like kinds of snacks, meat, medical products, hardware, medical equipment, etc.
  • Adopts removable molds which enable the single machine to meet different sizes of molds.
  • Equips with recycling device for waste film and ensures a healthy environment.
Recommend Reasons
  • With service of free shipping and return service, a money-back guarantee, Online support 24/7, and secure payment.
  • Provide massive and professional machinery and equipment. Various machines can provide different models to meet your different professional needs.
  • With the complete shop and return policies to meet your unsuitable machine needs. Responsible for the entire shipping and delivery procedures and procedures, and deliver it to your home or company with peace of mind.
  • Responsible for all after-sales problems. Provide you with a safe, secure, and trustworthy environment.

Company Background & Information

Henkelman is a Dutch manufacturer of professional vacuum sealers. They work with a nationwide exclusive and extensive network of reps and dealers. Their focus is on offering value for money, on fast delivery times, and on the efficiency of their service. Their leading position in the field of vacuum technology sets us apart from the competition with the largest and most varied range of solutions for the vacuum packaging of food and other products.

Key Products


Polar 80


Boxer 52


Polar 2-95

  • Improved ergonomics
  • Optimal production output
  • Guaranteed operational safety
  • Competitive pricing
Recommend Reasons
  • Fast delivery times
  • Competitive pricing
  • Quality brand
  • Complete range of machines
  • Full support in marketing and sales
  • 3 years warranty on parts, 1 year on labor

6.AMAC Technologies


Company Background & Information

AMAC Technologies has been the leading brand of Vacuum Packaging Machines for over 40 years. AMAC machines are a unique culmination of ingenuity, and decades of experience serving the Food, Medical, Electronic & Non-food industries. AMAC’s experience and understanding of the specific vacuum and flexible packaging needs of these industries have resulted in a comprehensive line of application-focused manual and automatic machines and systems for vacuum packaging.

Key Products







  • High volume production demand
  • Flexible for Various Size Products
  • Totally made of stainless steel
  • Optimal hygiene with a hermetic seal for longer shelf life
Recommend Reasons
  • Engineering expertise to innovate, design, produce and distribute a comprehensive range of professional vacuum packaging and flexible packaging machinery.
  • Attention to customers’ packaging needs.
  • Along with extensive engineering, administration, financial, and marketing resources.

Company Background & Information

ULMA Packaging was founded in 1961 and belongs to the Ulma Group. Since 1961 they have been designing and developing packaging products and services and innovating to provide solutions that meet our customers’ needs. Their global vision is supported by a network of 7 offices and 20 subsidiaries, allowing them to provide a local service. They also have a network of local distributors who cover over 130 countries.

Key Products







  • Access protection with 3 permission levels.
  • Ethernet interface.
  • Remote view and control system same as the one available in the HMI at the machine.
  • Display of current rate. Cycle optimization tools based on time monitoring of each station.
Recommend Reasons
  • They are part of the ULMA Industrial Group, a diversified business group with over 4,000 people spread across 9 businesses.
  • They offer the widest range of machines and applications available on the market, including Flow Pack (HFFS), Thermoforming, Tray sealing, Vertical (VFFS), Shrink Wrapping, and Stretch Film packaging technologies.
  • With 60,000+ machines on the market.
  • Presenting in 130+ countries.
  • There are 24 countries with a direct presence.

Company Background & Information

Henkovac is based in The Netherlands and is one of the inventors of the vacuum packaging machine. Henkovac combines almost 70 years of experience with craftsmanship, state-of-the-art design, and manufacturing technology. This ensures that all Henkovac machines are innovative and reliable while complying with the highest quality standards.

Key Products


Tabletop T2


Mobile M3


Double Chamber D3

  • High-quality Busch vacuum pump
  • Deep-drawn vacuum chamber
  • Maintenance-friendly construction
Recommend Reasons
  • Henkovac vacuum packaging machines are distributed in more than 80 countries and are one of the world’s leading brands of vacuum packaging machines.
  • The local presence of a network of Henkovac dealers guarantees fast service, the availability of spare parts, and tailor-made advice.
  • They always aim to supply best-in-class machines for very competitive prices because they use only quality materials to build durable, reliable, and long-lasting equipment.
  • The work is carried out by a dedicated team of people, guaranteeing our customers a well-balanced mix of quality and value for money.

Company Background & Information

FURUKAWA MFG was founded by Takao Furukawa in 1946. They are the leading manufacturers of Vacuum Packaging Machines, Automatic Filling-sealing Machines, Tray Sealing Machines, Automatic Sterilizing-cooling-drying machines, Various Food Packaging Machines, and Related Equipment, Various Industrial/Medical/Pharmaceutical Packaging Machine and Related Equipment and so on.

Key Products







  • The stainless net is provided inside the vacuum chamber.
  • The machine can be operated manually and automatically.
  • R-type or L-type can be selected from the line in the plant.
Recommend Reason
  • They provide a service system with integrated sales, design and manufacturing.
  • As a specialized manufacturer, they provide products that maximize customers’ requests.
  • They prepare multiple options to realize maximize customer requests.
  • They have acquired ISO 9001 which is the international standard for quality assurance.

Company Background & Information


SUPERVAC has been offering complete solutions for vacuum packaging from one single source: As one of the leading companies for vacuum packaging machines, today they stand for the pioneering development and manufacture of machines and their automation for more than 55 years. With state-of-the-art technologies and sustainable service & support, they make it possible for you as their customer to be competitive and successful.

Key Products


GK 195 B


GK 255



  • Various options available for a perfect cut of protruding bag material
  • Several sealing bar heights to adjust to the product
  • Touchscreen for simple and clear operation
  • Various heights in the vacuum chamber for optimal adjustment to the product
Recommend Reason
  • The leading market position of SUPERVAC as a manufacturer of complete solutions for vacuum packaging is based on three cornerstones: a long-term perspective, focus, and quality.
  • They offer efficient overall solutions, consisting of vacuum packaging machines, shrinking, cooling, and drying equipment, filling aids, solutions for fully automatic bag filling, service and training.

After knowing all the world’s top Vacuum Packaging Machine manufacturers, you may know how to choose the right and suitable Vacuum Packaging Machine for yourself. If there are more types of machines you want to know about or you have more questions about these Vacuum Packaging Machines, you are welcome to consult us anytime.

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