Top 10 Global Automatic Labeling Machine Manufacturers: The Definite Guide In 2023

Have you ever notice the automatic labeling machines in your daily life? Do you ever focus on the manufacturers of automatic labeling machines before? Here you will learn about the world famous automatic labeling machine manufacturers with me. Let’s figure it out together!

Top 10 manufactures of automatic labeling machines in the world

The automatic labeling machine is a special equipment for pasting rolls of paper or metal foil labels on specified packaging containers or products. The automatic labeling machine can not only complete the side (plane) single labeling and corner labeling of square bottles and flat bottles (full bottle state), but also complete the single and double labeling of round bottles.

Here are the top list of manufacturers:

1 Krones Germany
2 SACMI Italy
3 Sidel Italy
5 HERMA Germany
6 Marchesini Group  Italy
7 Fuji Seal Japan
8 Barry-Wehmiller USA
9 Promach USA
10 Accutek USA


Headquarter: Germany

Company Background & Information


Krones is a German packaging and bottling machine manufacturer. It produces lines for filling beverages in plastic and glass bottles or beverage cans. The company manufactures stretch blow-moulding machines for producing polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles, plus fillers, labellers, bottle washers, pasteurisers, inspectors, packers and palletisers.

Key Products


Sleevematic TS

  • Wide output range thanks to modular design
  • Linear machine
  • Electronic gap detection at the machine infeed
  • Infeed worm with servo drive

Recommend Reason

  • Whether made out of glass, PET or aluminum – Krones machines and lines process millions of bottles, cans and specially shaped bottles each day.
  • Their customers mainly comprise breweries, water, soft drink and juice manufacturers, as well as dairies and producers of wine, sparkling wine and spirits or companies from the liquid-food field.
  • As a systems supplier, they can offer you all machines and lines, as well as components, intralogistics and IT solutions, that you need for your production.
  • They not only plan, develop and manufacture all of the machines and complete lines for the sectors of process, filling and packaging technology, but have specialists in the Krones Group who can also provide each you with a customised solution for the major topics of intralogistics and digitalization.

Headquarter: Italy

Company Background & Information

SACMI is a supplier of machines and complete plants for the ceramics, metals, packaging and plastic containers manufacturing industries. SACMI is an international manufacturer of machines and complete plants for the ceramic tile, beverage, packaging, quality control process, chocolate processing machines and plastics industries. SACMI is a group based in Imola, Italy. Sacmi has branches in Iowa, US, Russia, Indonesia, Singapore, Germany, India, Portugal, Poland, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, and Egypt. The company is a cooperative and was founded in 1919.

Key Products







  • Downsized labeler, less maintenance, easy access to the labeler – ‘Slim fit’ design
  • Fully servo-driven motors: high-speed, precision application
  • Automatic splicing at full speed for maximum productivity

Recommend Reason

  • SACMI Imola, is the technological and productive heart of the Group, with over 1,100 employees and the headquarters of all strategic activities related to innovation and research of new products, production processes, services.
  • SACMI has adopted an advanced organisational model that takes the multi-business nature of the Group and the high technological content of the various sectors of activity as reference.
  • SACMI offers its exporting and/or importing customers the complete management of the shipment, thanks to a consolidated experience in the procedures and operating methods of management of the different phases.
  • SACMI has adopted a set of internationally recognised certifications, including a management system that complies with ISO 14001, integrating it with the ISO 9001 quality and safety management system for workers ISO45001.

Headquarter: Italy

Company Background & Information

Sidel is a manufacturing company providing equipment and services for packaging liquids such as water; carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks; sensitive beverages such as milk, liquid dairy products, juices, tea, coffee, isotonics and beer; food and home and personal care.

Key Products


EvoDECO Multi


EvoDECO Roll-Fed



  • Flexibility needed to match all your needs
  • Beneficial for beverages producers
  • Fast-growing market trend that calls for efficient

Recommend Reason

  • One of Europe’s leading manufacturers of self-adhesive technology. Family-managed and value-oriented.
  • Leading provider of equipment, services and complete solutions for packaging liquids, foods, home and personal care products in PET, can, glass and other materials.
  • Each of those packaging solutions is developed according to their goal to deliver the highest quality standards to consumers.
  • 30 years of experience in PET blow moulding and labeling.

Headquarter: China

Company Background & Information

ALLPACK is a professional packaging equipment manufacturer with 11 years of experience in packing machine labeling, and they focus on round bottles. The company covers a range of production areas like Carton Packaging, Sealing, Strapping, Vacuum Packaging, Capping Packaging, Labeling, Pharma Machinery, Coding and Marking machines, and so on. They can solve & support your packaging equipment challenges, so you can grow your business.

Key Products


APC-T1 Round Bottle Side Face Labeler


APC-T2 Multi-function labeler


APC-T3 Top Face Labeler machine

  • All-cover type stainless steel host machine: the whole round bottle side face labeler is waterproof as well as rustproof.
  • Adjustable cutter head: uniquely cyclotron cut-off, double sided cutting edge with a long service life.
  • Single positioning center guide pillar: a more stable for label delivery.

Recommend Reason

  • With service of free shipping and return service, a money-back guarantee, Online support 24/7, and secure payment.
  • Provide massive and professional machinery and equipment. Various machines can provide different models to meet your different professional needs.
  • With the complete shop and return policies to meet your unsuitable machine needs. Responsible for the entire shipping and delivery procedures and procedures, and deliver it to your home or company with peace of mind.
  • Responsible for all after-sales problems. Provide you with a safe, secure, and trustworthy environment.

Headquarter: Germany

Company Background & Information

HERMA has over 100 years of history. Over 1,100 employees at 7 locations ensure the further development of the HERMA brand and the numerous HERMA products in the field of self-adhesive technology. HERMA is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of self-adhesive technology, especially in labeling machines.

Key Products

Top & bottom labeler 652C


362E TE Tamper-Evident Labeler


HERMA wrap-around labeler 132M HC

  • Primarily designed for round pharmaceutical products, such as glass vials and the corresponding high batch sizes in the healthcare industry.
  • Wrap-around labeler 132M HC for healthcare products with a high-speed output of up to 400 products per minute.
  • High labeling speed with extreme precision thanks to the new HERMA 500, our high-performance applicator.

Recommend Reason

  • HERMA is recognised as one of the leading specialists in self-adhesive technology beyond the borders of Europe.
  • Always focusing on customers’ needs, offering high-quality products and providing reliable service.
  • Always making continuous improvements, reacting flexibly to new challenges and being consistently reliable.
  • Promoting the professional and personal development of their employees through their company’s structure and culture.

Headquarter: Italy

Company Background & Information


Marchesini Group was established in Pianoro in 1974 by virtue of the shrewd intuition of Massimo Marchesini, over the years the company has grown from a small, local business into a major industrial enterprise, thanks to a continuous process of mergers and acquisitions of complementary companies.

Key Products


RL-F300 – 500 – 800


RL-F100 – 200


RE Series

  • Ergonomic balcony construction for product visibility, maintenance and cleaning
  • Compact-sized machine, with an optimized footprint
  • Touch screen control panel for machine management
  • Easy and fast changeover from operator side

Recommend Reason

  • They design and produce a wide range of packaging machines and lines for the pharmaceutical industry, designed to promptly respond to any kind of request, from standard to extraordinary.
  • Since 1974 they have been one of the leading forces in the industry, because here ideas, people, technologies, solutions and everything we do are constantly inspired by the extraordinary.
  • They produce stand-alone machines and complete lines to handle the entire packaging process of pharmaceutical products, from start to finish.
  • They pursue their business model focusing on sustainability and social and economic responsibility.

Headquarter: Japan

Company Background & Information


Fuji Seal is a provider of packaging solution. The company’s product portfolio includes shrink sleeve labels, self-adhesive labels, pressure sensitive labels, spouted pouch, insulating labels, contour pak carriers and in mold labels (IML). It involves in developing, designing, and manufacturing labeling machines and machinery systems such as shrink labelers, stretch labelers, self-adhesive labelers, thermo-shield labelers, heat activated labelers, spouted pouch equipment and label-application machines.

Key Products


Fuji Seal PAGO L200


Fuji Seal PAGO L600


Fuji Seal PAGO R800

  • Flexible, ro-bust and delivers a high quality of repeatable label placement accuracy.
  • The L600VA easily accommodates integration of coding and vision systems.
  • R800 Compact version offering a small footprint solution for up to 280 per minute.

Recommend Reason

  • Sustainable and profitable growth in the packaging industry.
  • Ability to respond flexibly and agile with a local manufacturing and sales development system to meet the diverse packaging needs of customers.
  • Ability to respond and verify market demands and to provide QCD through the possession of integrated technology covering materials technology, production, customer applications, and after-sales service.
  • Strong relationships with innovative global customers cultivated through the above.



Headquarter: USA

Company Background & Information


Barry-Wehmiller is a global supplier of manufacturing technology and services based in St. Louis, Missouri. In 2016 it was ranked no. 10 on the St. Louis Business Journal’s list of the city’s Top 150 Privately Held Companies. Although it was founded in 1885 as a maker of machinery for the brewing industry, since 1987 Barry-Wehmiller has acquired more than 80 companies that provide equipment and services for a variety of industries: packaging, paper converting, sheeting, corrugating, engineering, and IT consulting.

Key Products


Sirius 100 Pressure Sensitive Labeling System


Sirius MK6 Advanced Labeler


Trine 4600 Roll-fed Labeling System

  • Cost-Effective High-Speed Pressure Sensitive Labeling Equipment
  • Simple No-Tool Changeovers
  • Next Generation Human Machine Interface Option
  • Accurate Pressure Sensitive Labeling Solution
  • Rugged Stainless Steel Frame

Recommend Reason

  • BW Packaging Systems brings its expertise and wide range of packaging technologies to help identify the best solution for your packaging needs.
  • Whether you need a single machine or a fully integrated line, their teams can help you scope and deliver your project.
  • With parts and service teams positioned around the world, BW Packaging Systems and their leading packaging brands serve you in the food, beverage, personal care, household, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Headquarter: USA

Company Background & Information


ProMach is a family of product brands that operate across the entire production line in distinct business lines: filling, bottling and capping, decorative labeling, flexibles and trays, pharma, handling and sterilizing, labeling and coding, robotics end of line, and systems and integration with the headquarters ear Cincinnati, Ohio, with facilities worldwide.

Key Products


Futura SL


Modular CM


Modular SL

  • Futura SL is an extremely reliable, versatile and customizable automatic labeling machine.
  • Modular CM is a compact and solid labeling solution, available in 4 sizes from small to medium, whose construction philosophy and basic features are inspired by flexibility.
  • Modular SL is a machine with a vocation for safety, which makes the protection of the operator another of its strong points.

Recommend Reason

  • They are passionate about helping their customers, developing better solutions, and seeing projects -big and small- to the end.
  • Their number one ambition is to deliver high-level production line solutions.
  • From standalone machines to complete turnkey lines, they are relentless in accomplishing the ultimate goals of delivering performance and upholding the reputations of our customers.
  • They hold themselves accountable to their coworkers and their customers and are dedicated to every project they engage.

Headquarter: USA

Company Background & Information


Accutek Packaging Equipment Companies, Inc. is one of the largest privately held packaging machinery manufacturers in the United States. They are a leading developer and manufacturer of complete turnkey packaging solutions. Accutek Packaging Equipment offers a wide variety of packaging equipment that can be custom tailored to each unique product, including filling machines, capping machines, labeling machines, conveyors, and complete packaging systems.

Key Products


APS 106


APS 208


RL-HG 540

  • High-speeded Hot Melt Glue Labeling for cylindrical containers
  • Electronically and mechanically jam-protected infeed/ discharge transfer wheels and infeed lead screws
  • Washdown stainless steel construction

Recommend Reason

  • Accutek engineers are always working to modernize and simplify their designs giving our customers a competitive edge with the most efficient, technologically advanced packaging equipment.
  • They can customize machinery to accommodate your product and even work with your existing packaging line.
  • They will supply the highest quality packaging equipment while maintaining customer support, promoting product innovations, and continuously providing fair and competitive pricing.
  • Their diverse line of equipment has been engineered for products in the food, pharmaceutical, oil, cosmetic, chemical, and other specialty industries.


Here are all the worldwide top 10 automatic labeling machine manufacturers. There are more world-famous labeling machine manufacturers that are not included in this top list. If you want to know more about automatic labeling machines or any other types of packaging machines, you can kindly visit our website or you can just come to me.

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