SWH Series 3D Motion Bin Mixer

SWH Series 3D Motion Mixer


Model CH-VI Forced-Type Mixer

Model CH-VI Forced-Type Bin Mixer
Bin Mixer-3

GHS High speed mixer



Powder mixing machine material and the bottom of the binder in a cylindrical container by mixing oar mix into wet soft wood, and the offset of wet crushing blade cut into uniform particles.


  1. The machine adopts the bedroom cylinder structure, the structure is reasonable.
  2. Inflatable, drive shaft sealing, when cleaning can be changed into water.
  3. Fluidized granulation, granulating approximate spherical, liquidity is good.
  4. The traditional process, 25% of adhesive can be reduced, the drying time shortened.
  5. 2 minutes per batch for mixing, granulation, 1-4 minutes efficacy 4-5 times higher than that of traditional craft.
  6. Completed in the same sealed container, dry mixing, wet mixing, granulating, craft, conform to the requirements of GMP.
  7. The whole operation has strict safe protective measures.
  8. Mixing and cutting adopts frequency control of motor speed, make granulating more evenly.


Model volume production Mixing speed Hybrid power Cutting speed Cutting power
GHL-50 50L 15kg/batch 200/400rpm 5.5kw 1500/3000rpm 2.2kw
GHL-150 150L 50kg/batch 180/270rpm 15kw 1500/3000rpm 5.5kw
GHL-200 200L 80kg/batch 180/270rpm 15kw 1500/3000rpm 5.5kw
GHL-250 250L 100kg/batch 180/270rpm 15kw 1500/3000rpm 5.5kw
GHL-300 300L 130kg/batch 140/220rpm 18.5kw 1500/3000rpm 7.5kw
GHL-400 400L 200kg/batch 106/155rpm 22kw 1500/3000rpm 7.5kw


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