DLH Series Cone Mixer



As a new type high efficiency and high precision mixing equipment, this machine is widely used for mixing of powdery or paste materials in pharmaceutical, chemical and feed trades etc.

The machine consists of single screw and type S blade. It is featured with large agitating scope, high mixing speed, no dead angle. It is more suitable for mixing materials with a great disparity in specific weight and mixing proportion


  1. Electrical motor, reducer, control panel.
  2. Feed inlet, outlet, equipped port.
  3. Quick open manhole.
  4. Paddle blender.
  5. Dismountable materials input pipe assembly.
  6. Various types of CIP cleaners (According to customer requirements ).
  7. Thermometer (According to customer requirements ).
  8. Ladder (According to customer requirements).
  9. Liquid level meter and lever controller (According to customer requirements).
  10. Eddy-proof board.
  11. Customized and Non-standard products also welcomed.
  12. Configuration of tank.




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