Model EYH Series 2D Movement Mixer



The supplement powder mixer is suitable for the mixing of dry granule materials for pharmaceutical, chemical industries, etc., especially for the mixing of materials with high tonnage.

The mixing tank is a cylinder-shape barrel without any stirring device inside, which makes the self-rotation around its axis and also produces turnover swing movement around its plane axis synchronized, therefore, the target materials inside the barrel could be mixed diffusely and moveable, it is featured with short mixing time, good uniformity, big output, convenient to discharge, etc.


The rotating cylinder of EYH Two Dimensional Mixer can achieve two motions at the same time. One is the rotation of the cylinder and the other is swinging of the cylinder along the swinging rack. Materials to be mixed from left to right and vice versa when the cylinder is swinging. As a result of these two motions, materials can be mixed fully in a short time. It is suitable for mixing of all powder and granule materials.


Model Barrel volume Max loading volume Max loading weigh Mixing time No.of rotation rotation Motor power Overall dimension Weight
EYH-50 50L 25L 25kg 0-99min 20r/min 0.55kw 900*730*950mm 115kg
EYH-100 100L 50L 50kg 0-99min 20r/min 0.75kw 1365*810*1150mm 190kg
EYH-150 150L 75L 75kg 0-99min 20r/min 1.1kw 1650*950*1250mm 210kg
EYH-200 200L 100L 100kg 0-99min 20r/min 1.1kw 1850*1000*1340mm 285kg
EYH-300 300L 150L 150kg 0-99min 17r/min 1.1kw 1800*1050*1450mm 340kg
EYH-400 400L 200L 200kg 0-99min 15r/min 1.1kw 1950*1140*1550mm 545kg
EYH-600 600L 300L 300kg 0-99min 15r/min 1.1kw 1990*1300*1650mm 1150kg
EYH-800 800L 400L 400kg 0-99min 12r/min 1.5kw 2100*1350*1710mm 1600kg
EYH-1000 1000L 500L 500kg 0-99min 12r/min 1.5kw 2500*1500*1850mm 1700kg
EYH-1500 1500L 750L 750kg 0-99min 10r/min 3kw 2630*1670*2050mm 2000kg
EYH-2000 2000L 1000L 1000kg 0-99min 8r/min 4kw 2840*1780*2170mm 2600kg
EYH-3000 3000L 1500L 1500kg 0-99min 6r/min 5.5kw 3200*2100*2550mm 3500kg
EYH-4000 4000L 2000L 2000kg 0-99min 5r/min 7.5kw 3670*2560*2980mm 4100kg
EYH-6000 6000L 3000L 3000kg 0-99min 5r/min 7.5kw 4500*3900*3500mm 6100kg
EYH-8000 8000L 4000L 4000kg 0-99min 4r/min 11kw 5000*3300*4000mm 7900kg
EYH-10000 10000L 5000L 5000kg 0-99min 3r/min 11kw 5300*3800*4400mm 9500kg


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