CH Series Horizontal Tanker Typed Mixer (2011)



As a whole stainless steel horizontal tank type mixer, this machine is widely used for mixing of powdery or paste material in pharmaceutical chemical and foodstuff industries.

S type agitating paddle is rotated, through mechanical driving, which pushes the material turn repeatedly and mix uniformly, operate with electrical control, it can set mixing time to make automatic stop and electric discharge upon expiration, thus improving the mix quality of each batch of material and reaching the high homegeneous mixing.


1. Mixing blades and barrels are made of stainless steel, thick&soild and durable.
2. Interface polished smooth, easy and quick cleaning.
3. Mixing blades is removable for easy cleaning and maintenance.
4. Sealed mixing, no leakage of material.
5. Vertical type for easy operature and with small footprint.
6. 3~5 minutes to mix completely, low energy consumption and high effiency.
7. Time setting can be controlled easily and precisely in the range of 0 – 30minutes.
8. Interlock protection device to ensure the safety for the operator.
9. With a larger size (400Kg-1000Kg) available for customers to choose.


Model Type of
Max loading
Max loading
Speed of
agitating paddle
CH-30 S Type single paddle 20L 20L 20kg 24r/min ﹤105° 0.75kw 1065*380*520mm 150kg
CH-50 S Type single paddle 30L 30L 30kg 24r/min ﹤105° 1.5kw 1265*430*720mm 200kg
CH-100 S Type single paddle 60L 60L 60kg 24r/min ﹤105° 2.2kw 1580*500*830mm 300kg
CH-150 S Type single paddle 90L 90L 90kg 24r/min ﹤105° 3kw 1685*600*1000mm 650kg
CH-200 S Type single paddle 140L 140L 140kg 24r/min ﹤105° 4kw 1850*600*1000mm 720kg
CH-300 S Type single paddle 180L 180L 180kg 24r/min ﹤105° 5.5kw 2160*700*1250mm 750kg
CH-400 S Type single paddle 250L 250L 250kg 24r/min ﹤105° 7.5kw 2280*700*1250mm 780kg
CH-500 S Type single paddle 300L 300L 300kg 24r/min ﹤105° 7.5kw 2450*700*1250mm 820kg
CH-600 S Type single paddle 380L 380L 380kg 24r/min ﹤105° 11kw 2500*900*1350mm 850kg


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