Model CH-VI Forced-Type Mixer



Based on importing, absorbing and digesting the new technology of foreign countries, our company developed the VI type forced powder mixing equipment used for pharmaceutical, foodstuff and chemical trades etc.


This machine can mix coagula of relatively fine powder consisting of two kinds of materials or material with certain amount of moisture content.


Model Barrel volume Max loading volume Max loading weigh Mixing time Motor power Barrel speed Agitation speed Overall dimension Weight
CH-300VI 300L 120L 120kg 0-99min 1.1*2.2kw 12r/min 500r/min 2100*650*1850mm 450kg
CH-500VI 500L 200L 200kg 0-99min 3*2.2kw 12r/min 500r/min 2700*800*2050mm 480kg
CH-1000VI 1000L 400L 400kg 0-99min 5.5*2.2kw 10r/min 500r/min 3000*1050*2450mm 950kg
CH-1500VI 1500L 600L 600kg 0-99min 7.5*3kw 10r/min 500r/min 3600*1100*3100mm 1020kg
CH-2000VI 2000L 850L 850kg 0-99min 7.5*4kw 10r/min 350r/min 4215*1280*3100mm 2000kg
CH-2500VI 2500L 1200L 1200kg 0-99min 11*4kw 8r/min 350r/min 4260*1280*3200mm 2040kg
CH-3000VI 3000L 1500L 1500kg 0-99min 11*5.5kw 8r/min 350r/min 4400*1300*3300mm 2500kg
CH-4000VI 4000L 1800L 1800kg 0-99min 15*5.5kw 6r/min 300r/min 4800*1080*4200mm 3000kg
CH-5000VI 5000L 2200L 2200kg 0-99min 15*7.5kw 5r/min 300r/min 5656*1300*4380mm 3500kg
CH-6000VI 6000L 2500L 2500kg 0-99min 18.5*7.5kw 5r/min 300r/min 5650*1300*4380mm 3800kg



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