Automatic Horizontal Packaging Machine/ DXDZ-450B


lt is suitable for packaging all kinds of solid materials with regular shapes such as biscuits,breads and sweets for food, daily necessities, and industrial parts.For the dispersed material, the packaged object needs to be placed in the box first, so that it can form a regular whole package.

Touch mode man-machine interface control, convenient parameter setting, high speed and high efficiency.

Using photoelectric tracking technology, digital input, sealing and cutting position is accurate.

Fault self-diagnosis and alarm display.

Adjustable temperature, intelligent control, can adapt to a variety of packaging materials.

Double frequency control, the bag length is set and cut, no need to adjust the air.

Product Detail:


Voltage (V/Hz) Ac 220/50 220/6o
Power (Kw) 2.8
Film Width (mm) Max.450
Length of Bag (mm) 130-350
Width of Bag (mm) 30-180
Height of Product (mm) Max.75
Film Roll Diameter (mm) Max.320
Packaging speed (bags/min) 40-180
External Dimensions(LxWxH)(mm) 4020*800*1450
Net Weight (kg) 900


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