APC-C120 Automatic desiccant inserting machine



The machine equipped with human-computer interface and PLC control system providing easy access to all settings within the range of parameters
High shear knife age, accurate and reliable avoid breakage of the desiccant bags.Easy operation, simple maintenance and stable operation.Positioning adopts pneumatic clamping mechanism to clamp bottles stably and accurately.

  1. The compatibility is strong, suitable for all kinds of specifications, all kinds of round, oval, square, flat, square bottles.
  2. Color standard, colorless standard disc packaged desiccant bags.
  3. Adopting put desiccant with design, avoid uneven bags transfer, ensure the accuracy of the bag length control.
  4. Desiccant bag put thick adaptive design, avoid the happening of torn bags in the process of transmission.
  5. Accurate and reliable durable knife edge, high shear don’t cut broken desiccant bags.
  6. Have no bottle don’t work, breakdown self check, desiccant bags into the bottle and so on many monitoring alarm control functions, to ensure the continuity of the equipment operation and the accuracy of the desiccant bags into.
  7. Fully automatic operation, and the upper and lower from spreading, a process that intelligence coordination is good, the need of personnel, to save human.
  8. Photoelectric sensors from Taiwan production, stable and durable.


Applicable bottle type:round, oval, square, flat square bottles

Desiccant bag:disk desiccant bag, size according to the bottle size

Production capacity:50~120 bottles per minute

Power supply:AC220V 50Hz 0.5kw

Air pressure:0.4Mpa

Overall dimension:1150×800×1900mm


Installation Services:

Installation Services are available with all new machine purchases. We will provide the technical know how for your operation smooth transition and support for installing, debugging, operation of the machine, it will indicate you how to use this machine well.


All automatic desiccant insert machine in our factory can be customized depending on your requirements,We have successful experience design machines according to customer’s requirement. Automatic desiccant insert machine absorbing advanced technology in the world, is the new generation of the automatic filling and sealing machine. It has the characters like Omron PLC control,reasonable design, compact structure, beautiful appearance, stable and reliable performance, high filling accuracy, adaptability, simple operation, easy maintenance, cleaning and convenient.

Quality guarantee:

1. Each machine is manufactured by our professional workers.

2. Each machine with a strict inspection before out of storage.

3. Each automatic desiccant insert machine use good quality electric elements.

4. After-sales service commitment: after one month, 3 months… we will have return visiting by phone or mail.

5. The warranty time is one year:Within Warranty period, if under the usage of instruction sheet, any product broken or damage, we will offer the repair service for free or replace for free, but clients pay for the freight from China to local place. If need our engineer go to help, clients need to pay for the freight of round-trip.

6. Beside the warranty days, we continue to provide life-long maintenance services.


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