How To Make Gummy Candy Without Gelatin?

Gummy candy is a must have confection for birthday parties, family gatherings, outdoor events and other occasions. As gummy candies are rich in delicious taste, everyone wants to enjoy the moment when gummy either burst with flavor or melts in mouth as you chew. However, certain reasons compel gummy lovers to skip taking it despite their craving. Are you also among them? Or want to facilitate your consumers but struggling with a conundrum 'How To Make Gummy Candy Without Gelatin?'

Gummy Candy

If yes! Then let us take you to this blog post which is holding in it the vary substitutes available for gelatin along with the basic equipment needed for its production. No matter whether you want to make gummy candy without gelatin at home or in industry, this piece of writing will help you know the benefits of gelatin free gummy candies and highlight the important steps to be taken for making effective gummy candy. So, take start and go through it!

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    1.What Is Gelatin?


    Bone gelatin- Picture Courtesy:

    Gelatin is a natural edible ingredient derived from animal sources. It is characterized by its transparent structure which is odorless and tasteless. Gelatin is obtained by boiling the bones, tendons, and hides of animals especially cow, pig, and fish. Moreover, it is used as a vital thickening agent in various products such as gummies, capsule shells, and desserts due to its vary benefits.

    Its significance is highly admired due to various reasons but along with that, gelatin do have some limitations and side effects. So, let's review some facts on gelatin before we go further!


    Gelatin is made from the collagen of animals which is a glue like substance that stick to different parts of body and keep them together. Similarly, gelatin is smooth and a gel like protein which functions as a base ingredient for making food products. It easily gets dissolved with any liquid substance and, therefore, it can be molded into any shape with clear manifestation as jelly after cooling.

    Making Process

    The making process involves collection of animal bones and skin etc., from quality sources. Similarly, precleaning step is carried out for the removal of dirt and residues. These pretreated parts are then subjected to hydrolysis where prolonged cooking in water under fixed temperature lead to the extraction of gelatin from bones and tendons. The obtained broth is then refined, cooled and dried to get the desired form of gelatin


    Gelatin carries significant advantages which are as follows.

    Gelatin is rich in protein as derived from collagen, therefore, it is good for healthy hair, skin, and nails etc.

    It is widely applicable to food products, ointments, and cosmetics.

    It contains lysine which helps the body to absorb calcium faster and strengthen bones health.

    Gelatin is flexible and has no structure of its own, hence, it can be easily molded into any shape.

    Side Effects

    Gelatin do have several potential side effects including:

    Taking large amount of gelatin on regular basis may cause mouth problems such as sore throat, swollen gums, and mouth sores.

    Being made from animals like pig and pork, gelatin may cause health issues like heartburn, bloating, and belching.

    Gelatin has allergic reaction on some people, similarly, it may causes skin redness, diarrhea, and other adverse symptoms.

    2.How To Make Gummy Candy Without Gelatin? Enumerate The Substitutes?

    Many people struggle to look forward for safe substitutes to gelatin. In this way, number of alternatives are there which are fully free from animal sources. They are explained below in detail to help you get the answer:



    Pectin presentation idea- Picture Courtesy:

    Pectin is a fiber like substance with zero calories and nutrients. It is obtained from the skin of citrus fruits including plum, orange, apple, quince and others. Pectin has been one of the most popular substitutes to gelatin. It is softer and consistent than gelatin in essence and often used for jelling gummy candy, jams, and jellies.

    Agar Agar

    Agar Agar

    Agar agar- Picture Courtesy:

    Another valuable alternative to gelatin for making gummy candy is agar agar. Its content is taken from red algae available in seaweeds and then thoroughly processed to supply it in form of flakes, sheets, and strips. Agar agar is more influencial than gelatin, therefore, you will require little amount of it to make your gummy candies.



    Carrageenan red seaweed powder- Picture Courtesy:

    Carrageenan is another natural plant based substance made from the parts of various red seaweeds. It offers abundance of binding properties for food products which are likely to disperse such as floor, gummy candy mixture, and jelly etc. Due to this, gummy candy manufacturers switch for using carrageenan to make soft and bouncy gummy candies.

    Guar Gum

    Guar Gum

    Guar gum powder making stages- Picture Courtesy:

    Guar gum is a fiber taken from the seed of guar gum plant. Similar to other gelatin substitutes, it also possess a good amount of gel forming and stabilizing properties. It is also very effective in maintaining the originality of gummy candy by not altering their color. That's why, guar gum is a healthy option for vegetarians to have available for their confectioneries and desserts.



    Konjac plant- Picture Courtesy:

    Konjac is a root vegetable and native plant of southwest China. It is used as a gelling agent, thickener, and emulsifier. It possess certain health benefits which is why it has been an instrumental ingredients being used in Chinese and Japanese medicine. Apart from this, konjac is popularly used for making gummy candy and jellies, therefore, it is another good alternative to gelatin.

    3.How To Make Gummy Candy Without Gelatin? Equipment Needed?

    In order to make gummy candy without gelatin on industrial level, you will need a gummy candy manufacturing equipment. Depending upon your manufacturing level, it can be separate machines or a full fledged production line. The important equipment needed for it include:


    AIPAK  GM-150 gummy making machine production line

    Cooking Tank

    Cooking tank is a machine having large size pot where multiple ingredients required for making gummy slurry are poured. It is then used to cook these ingredients through heat.

    Gummy Candy Depositor

    Gummy candy depositor machine is another important machine necessary for making gummy candy without gelatin. It consists of several parts including a hopper, filling nozzles, control system, and main frame. This equipment is used for holding the prepared gummy mixture under moderate temperature to avoid jamming and precisely deposit it into molds through narrow nozzles.

    Cooling Tunnel

    Cooling tunnel is a large size equipment which has a cooling system used either to cool down the gummy candy after they are deposited in molds. In fully automatic machines, it may also have demolding function where a device push the back of gummy molds resulting in their exertion from mold tray.

    Gummy Coating Machine

    Optional yet important, gummy candy coating machine is a compact machine with a coating pan where bulk of prepared gummies are poured. Similarly, the pan rotates during operation and the coating material is gradually added to the gummy candies for coating.

    4.How To Make Gummy Candy Without Gelatin? Explain The Making Process?

    You might be thinking that making process of gummy candy without gelatin is difficult, however, there is no such difference between the method of producing gummy candy with and without gelatin. So, here is the general way adopted by manufacturers of gummy candy:

    Material Stocking

    The first step consists of collecting the ingredients necessary for making gelatin free gummy candy. Usually, it includes gelling agent, water, sugar, colorants, and flavors. These ingredients are taken for processing after their thorough inspection.

    Cooking Slurry

    Cooking Slurry

    Cooking slurry in tank- Picture Courtesy:

    In the second step, required substances are put into the cooking tank and cooked under fixed temperature to get the desired slurry.

    Transferring Slurry

    The prepared slurry is then transferred to gummy depositing unit for further processing under controlled temperature to avoid jamming.

    Mold Filling

    Mold Filling

    Mold filling- Picture Courtesy:

    Similarly, the transferred slurry of gelatin free gummy candy is processed for final filling. Here, by using narrow filling nozzles, gummy candy slurry is filled into mold trays to form gummies.

    Gummy Candy Cooling

    Gummy Candy Cooling

    Gummy candy cooling- Picture Courtesy:

    Upon mold filling with gummy candy liquid solution, these filled trays are then mobilized towards cooling tunnel. At this point, the liquid solution of gummy candy is turned into solid and flexible texture.

    Gummy Candy Discharging

    Gummy Candy Discharging

    Gummy candy discharging- Picture Courtesy:

    Finally, when gummy candies are thoroughly cooled down, their demolding phase occurs where needle like objects hit the back side of each mold resulting into the falling of gummy candy over conveyor. Hence, they are discharged from the machine for coating.

    Gummy Candy Coating

    Gummy Candy Coating

    Gummy candy coating- Picture Courtesy:

    Now, coating step is meant to be taken place which is considered important to maintain the structural integrity of gummy candy by eliminating sticking. For this purpose, gummy candies are collectively processed in a coating machine. Depending upon the manufacturer selection and gummy candy need, the coating can be oil coating, wax coating, or sugar coating.

    5.Why Gelatin Free Gummy Candy Is Preferred Over Gelatin Based Gummy Candy?

    There are certain reasons which restrict people to have gelatin free gummy candy instead of gelatin-based gummy candy. In the upcoming paragraphs, these causes have been enumerated:

    Dietary Concern

    Dietary Concern

    Food for diet plan- Picture Courtesy:

    Gelatin is extracted from animals and is a good source of fat and protein. So, most of the people with strict diet often try to eliminate meat intake from their diet. Therefore, they opt for gummy candy and other snacks which are free from gelatin.

    Religious Restrictions

    Religious Restrictions

    Different religious symbols around the world- Picture Courtesy:

    Few notable religions of the world advocates for restrictions which are also applicable to food such as prohibition of eating pig and pork in Islam and Judaism. Similarly, followers of Hinduism avoid using food with presence of beef related stuff. As most of the gummy candy packages do not have mentioned over them the original source of gelatin, they quit taking them. In such a situation, gelatin free gummy candy are preferred.



    Vegetarian bowl- Picture Courtesy: Shutterstock

    Many people are concerned about their health, body shape, and so as physical appearance. This become a solid reason for them to be called vegetarians and eat fresh vegetables and fruits instead of animal byproducts. Hence, they always look for products with zero presence of animal sources which is why they even opt for vegan based gummy candy made from pectin and agar agar etc.

    Allergic Sensitivity

    Allergic Sensitivity

    Highlighting food allergy- Picture Courtesy: Shutterstock

    Gelatin may have adverse allergic reactionn on individuals with sensitive stomach and digestion system. At the same time, there are people with allergies to beef and pork. So, their search for safe food always push them to enjoy gummy candy which is fully free from gelatin.

    6.Write Down The Advantages Of Using Gummy Candy Without Gelatin?

    Consuming gelatin free gummy candy can have numerous benefits for you. Some of these are as follows:

    Advantages Of Using Gummy Candy

    Gummy candy benefits- Picture Courtesy:

    Improve Digestive Health

    Gelatin based gummy candies are hard on stomach and causes associated issues. However, switching to gummy candy without gelatin can improve your digestive health and support quick nutrients absorption in your body.


    You will hardly find a person with abstinence from vegetables but you can easily find one with reservation over meat and related products. That's why, gummy candy without gelatin are widely suitable to all the vegetarians and individuals at large who want to consume healthy gummies.

    Enhanced Effectivity

    Gummy candy is now popularly used to deliver supplements and vitamins. Therefore, patients who are not okay with taking oversized pills with unpalatable taste used to go for nutritional gummy vitamins. In such a case where gummy candy is used for treatment, they must be free from gelatin which is itself possessing certain drawbacks. Hence, with plant based ingredients, the effectivity of gummy candies will be enhanced.


    Gummy candy without gelatin offers convenience and health for people with allergies. They can enjoy every bite of their favorite gummy candy without worrying for the side effects.

    7.What Type Of Gummy Can Be Made Without Gelatin?

    Well, there are multiple types of gummies available in market today and interesting thing about them is that all these gummy types are perfectly suitable to be made without gelatin. So, let's have a look towards them!

    Gummy Candy Snack

    Gummy Candy Snack

    Gummy Candy Snack bowl

    Gummy candy snack is what we all are familiar with. As the name suggest, it is a confection rich in sugar with enticing flavors and vibrant colors. Gummy candy snack is available in over twelve different flavors. Now, manufacturers are producing gummy candy with gelatin as the customer demand is growing. The common shapes of gummy candy include gummy egg, gummy worms, gummy fruits, gummy stars, and gummy bear etc.

    Gummy Vitamins

    Gummy Vitamins

    Vitamin C Gummy

    Gummy vitamins are made from certain fruits, vegetables, and other beneficial plants to help consumers with convenient way of fulfilling their daily intake of vitamins and minerals. You can easily find gummy vitamins for kids, adults, women, and men according to their body health. These gummy vitamins are useful for boosting immunity, mental wellbeing, and physical health.

    Beauty Gummy

    Beauty Gummy

    Beauty gummy for skin- Picture Courtesy:

    The popularity of beauty gummy is gaining momentum with every passing day. They are particularly used for enhancing the apparent beauty such as beautiful hair, healthy nails, and clear skin etc. For this purpose, beauty gummy encases essential ingredients like biotin, keratin, and Omega-3 essence along with pectin or any other vegetable based gelling agent.

    Gummy Supplements

    Gummy Supplements

    Gummy supplements- Picture Courtesy:

    People with phobia of swallowing large size tablets and capsules often look for convenient alternatives to treat their vary illnesses. In this way, now healthcare industry has prioritized accumulating the benefits of nature in form of gummies. These gummies are known as gummy supplements and made by using gelatin free stabilizers.

    Herbal Gummy

    Herbal Gummy

    Herbal gummy supplement- Picture Courtesy: Dieline

    Herbal Gummy is a form of gummy vitamin which is derived from certain herbs and greatly helps in maintaining overall health. To keep them fully protected for all kinds of patients, herbal gummies are prepared by using carrageenan, konjac, and other such plant based emulsifiers. They are beneficial for sleep health, reducing stress, and stabilizing hormonal balance.

    8.Factors To Consider For Making Better Gummy Candy Without Gelatin?

    When making gummy candy without gelatin you need to consider some factors such as:

    Substitute Ratio

    Substitute Ratio

    Ratios idea

    The amount of gelatin substitute which you will be using for preparing gelatin free gummy candy will vary. As each type of ingredient has different specifications, so as the amount to be taken for forming a mixture. For instance, gelatin based gummy require 1:1 swap with mixture but pectin has more firmer texture, so, comparatively little amount will be adequate.

    Making Procedure

    Making Procedure

    Making procedure steps- Picture Courtesy:

    The making procedure for gummy candy without gelatin also vary to considerable extent. For example, if you fail to produce the desired mixture of gummy candy with gelatin, then you can modify it by adding necessary ingredients. However, the same method cannot be carried out when making gummy candy with pectin. So, you need to be aware of it.

    Cooking Temperature

    Cooking Temperature

    Cold & hot temperature indicators- Picture Courtesy:

    Every base ingredient being used for gelatin free gummy candy making require different melting and cooling temperature. Hence, it is important to know the nature of each material and give them cooking time accordingly to avoid under and overcooking.

    Suitable Equipment

    Manufacturing gummy candy without gelatin on industrial level require you to be vigilant enough while selecting the relevant machinery. In essence, go for gummy manufacturing equipment that suits your existing production needs and the machines must be certified by quality standards to be safe for processing food products and for working efficiently.


    Did you learn How To Make Gummy Candy Without Gelatin? Well, we hope so! Making gummy candy without gelatin is a fun, however, it requires your attention as minor irresponsibility and carelessness can ruin your gummy candy mixture. It is because the substitutes available to gelatin are numerous and each have different properties. So, make sure to be well aware of these all. As far as the selection of gummy candy manufacturing equipment is concerned, so, Allpack is offering you both standalone machines as well as production line for it. You can get the best one by visiting our website!

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